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26 Feb 1799 -  Attendees at a General Meeting of those Inhabitants of Aberdeen Possessing Homes Rated at 5 Sterling of Yearly Rent following an Act of Parliament to Improve Roads and Avenues within the City
Ref: Annals of Aberdeen,  Vol I  by William Kennedy, 1818



Theophilus Ogilvie Esq
James Bishop Merchant
George Petrie Merchant
John Jamieson Merchant
John Ross Baker
John Gill Merchant
John Clark Flax-dresser
Robert Balmanno Auctioneer
Adam Singer Merchant
Baillie Littlejohn Merchant
John Dingwall Esq
Adam Wilson Merchant
Baillie Garden  
Garden & Innes  
George Angus Watchmaker
William Rait Merchant
Alexander Booth Merchant
William Dingwall Fordyce Advocate
Robert Gibb Merchant
George Roger Goldsmith
John Paull Merchant
John Robertson Glazier
Thomas Black Merchant
Charles Walker Merchant
Dr Henderson  
Alexander Brown Bookseller
James Staats Forbes Merchant
James Coutts Shoemaker
William Dalmahoy Shoemaker
Andrew Hall Flesher
James Anderson Perfumer
Andrew Hay Merchant
William Gray Hairdresser
Donald McDonald Tailor
Thomas Burnett Advocate
Baillie Duguid  
Andrew Jopp Advocate
Alexander Scott Upholsterer
John Low Advocate
John Gartly Watchmaker
Alexander Marr Vintner
William Gordon Vintner
William Cowie Saddler
Stephen Masson Merchant
Robert Smith Merchant
Alexander Shirrefs Advocate
Alexander Smith jun Merchant
George Still Merchant
William Leslie Merchant
George Sim Merchant
David Webster Weaver
Charles Lunan Watchmaker
Alexander Forbes Stabler
William Wright Stabler
Patrick Henderson Clerk
Mr Martin of Nellfield  
John Watson Advocate
Fraser and Mole Merchants
John Alexander Shoemaker
Robert Troup Merchant
Adam Watt Baker
Provost Leys  
Robert Gibbon Merchant
William Johnston  
James Webster Merchant
Marianus Massie Hosier
Alexander Robertson Merchant
James Thomson Cashier
John Ewen Merchant
George Courage Ale-Seller
James Melvin Merchant
Mr Carnegie Town Clerk
Walter Syme Esq
Alexander Brebner Esq
James Nielson Merchant
Patrick Scott Mason
William Forbes Merchant
Robert Bruce Shipmaster
Samuel Gordon Mason
Arthur Gibbon Shipmaster
David Walker Shipmaster
George Tower Merchant
George Hogarth Merchant
William Copland Advocate
Thomas Bannerman Merchant
James Hadden Merchant
William Still jnr Cooper
Robert Grant  
James Matthews Shoemaker
George Daniel Merchant
John Mitchell Merchant
Joseph Alexander Glover
William Stirling Advocate
Thomas Duncan Advocate
Lewis Nicol Hairdresser
George Symmers Merchant
George Thomson Merchant
John Low Tailor
John Bruce and Son Merchants
Alexander Ross, youngest Merchant
James Bartlet Merchant
James Thomson, jnr Merchant
George Smith Glazier
John Barron Watchmaker
William Simpson Merchant
Dr Dauney  
James Leslie Auctioneer
Baillie Adam  
Henry Brodie Shoemaker
George Taylor Shoemaker
William Matthews Shoemaker
Alexander Tytler Shoemaker
John Fraser Shoemaker
Robert Spring Baker
William Mackie Wright
Peter Farquharson Advocate
Baillie Ritchie  
Mr Gordon of Premnay  
Dr Skene  
James Ferguson Manufacturer
George Duncan Wright
Baillie Shepherd  
Provost More  
Baillie Murray  
John Donald Hosier
Baillie Farquharson  
Moses Tough Painter
James Milne Merchant
Arthur Farquhar Shoemaker
Charles Farquharson Auctioneer
William Dawson Tailor
James Mellis Merchant
Convener James Clark Tailor
Samuel Chalmers Merchant
Joseph Simpson Merchant
George Craig Shoemaker
Chalmers and Stuart Merchants
George Wright Merchant
William Anderson Gardener
John Gordon of Craig  
James Milne Porthill Factory
Ebenezer Murray Merchant
Provost Abercrombie  
James Smith Flax-Dresser
Patrick Simpson Hosier
Alexander Dingwall, jun. Merchant
William Lumsden Merchant
William Roger Glazier
Mr Brand Bank
Hugh Imlay Shoemaker
John Wallace Baker
David McAllan Shoemaker
John Garvock Staymaker
Charles Bannerman Advocate
William Still Cooper
William Jamieson Advocate
Alexander Mearns Hosier
Charles McHardie Merchant
William Johnston Merchant
John Falconer Cooper
Alexander Barron Baker
John Smith, youngest Merchant
David Morice Advocate
Baillie Burnett  
John Strachan Upholsterer
Hary Lumsden Advocate
Gavin Hadden Merchant
Robert Walker Manufacturer
John Henderson of Caskieben  
John Wilson Hosier
Thomas McCombie Merchant
Joseph Berry Weaver
Andrew Simpson Merchant
William Gibbon, jun Merchant
Thomas Napier Land-Surveyor



Hortus Club
Ref: Aberdeen Journal July 3, 1850
This popular Club held its second show, on Wednesday last, in the Royal Hotel Hall. Awards were made as follows:

Four Ranunculuses

1, Robert Murray, Castle Street; 2, Alexander Anderson, Gerrard Street; 3, James Aitken, jun., Gilcomston Cottage. Robert Murray, Castle Street, merit
Four Anemones 1, Alexander Anderson, Gerrard Street; 2, John Brown, Bonnymuir
Four Pinks 1, John Webster, Constitution Street; 2, John M'Pherson, West North Street
Three Irises (Fibrous) 1, George Lyell, 123, Union Street; 2, William Bisset, Mealmarket Street
Two Calceolarias 1, James Berry, Dee Place; 2 and 3, Alexander Anderson, Gerrard Street
Four Geraniums (in pots) 1, Alexander Anderson, Gerrard Street; 2, Robert Robertson, Causewayend
Three Fuschias 1, Alexander Anderson, Gerrard Street, 2, John Drummond, Union Street
Six Stocks (in Spikes) 1, John Drummond, Union Street
Six Pansies 1, George Gray, Dee Place; 2, George Duncan, Dee Place. George Gray, merit
Two Rockets 1, James Berry, Dee Place; 2 and 3, George Lyell, 123, Union Street
Three Mimuluses 1 and 2, Robert Beattie, Jack's Brae; 3, James Wallace, Adelphi
Four Perennial Flowers 1, William Law, Park Street; 2, William Bisset, Mealmarket Lane; 3, John Drummond, Union Street
Two Balsams 1 and 2, George Gray, Dee Place
Three Greenhouse Plants John Webster, Constitution Street
Flower Device James Aiken, jun., Gilcomston Cottage
Bouquet George Lyell, 123, Union Street
Twenty-five Pods Pease 1, Arthur Lewis, Bridge of Dee; 2, William Bisset, Mealmarket Lane
Thirty Gooseberries 1, Alexander Murray, West North Street; 2, William Law, Park Street; 3, Alexander Murray
Four Turnips 1, Arthur Lewis, Bridge of Dee; 2, William Bisset, Mealmarket Lane
Six Carrots 1, William Bisset, Mealmarket Lane; 2, Arthur Lewis, Bridge of Dee; 3, William Bisset
Three Cabbages 1, John Brown, Bonnymuir; 2, John M'Pherson, West North Street; 3, John Brown, Bonnymuir
Twelve Potatoes George Lyell, 123, Union Street
Twelve Onions (autumn sown) John Drummond, Union Street
Basket of Radish & Lettuce 1, William Bisset, Mealmarket Lane; 2, George Reid, Skene Square
Twelve Onions (spring sown) 1, John Gellan, King Street; 2, William Bisset, Mealmarket Lane; 2, George Reid, Skene Square
Two Stalks of Rhubarb 1, 2, and 3, Isaac Machray, Torry Farm

Extra Prizes

Three Roses Alexander Murray, West North Street
Basket of Greenhouse Plants Alexander Anderson, Gerrard Street
Basket of Calceolarias James Berry, Dee Place
Six Verbenas James Aiken, jun., Gilcomston Cottage
Giant Stock William Clark, Pitfodels
Six Seedling Pansies William Bisset, Mealmarket Lane
Six Stalks Rhubarb Charles Dawson, Broad Street


The Angus and Mearns Directory for 1846
Stonehaven Shipping
Vessels Masters Built Ton Owners or Agents
Farmer Murray 1828 42 James Christie
Hawk Adam 1839 64 George Jack
Jeanie Lees 1839 72 David Greig
Jemima Lees 1841 55 William Thomson
Mary Ritchie 1842 19 John Forbes
Providence Milne 1821 41 William Thomson
Roses Milne 1839 54 William Thomson
Sarah Lees 1828 32 David Greig
Tyne Nicolson 1834 65 Thomas Smith
Union Craigie 1838 70 Thomas Smith
Western Rover Affleck 1835 19 Thomas Smith



Orderly Room Notes
From the Magazine 'The Tiger & Spinx' July 1931 (the magazine of the Gordon Highlanders)

Forsyth Forsyth, On April 10th, 1931, at Alexandria, Egypt, to the wife of 7811433 Sergt. J. Forsyth ("A") - a son (Alan Lyon)
Morrison On April 10th, 1931, at Keith, to the wife of 2869038 Pte. J. Morrison ("A") - a son (James)
  The undermentioned children of NCO's and men concerned were baptised at Ballykinlar on April 25th, 1931, by Rev. C. Orr, officiating Chaplain to the Forces:-
Reid Son (Alexander) and daughter (Mary) of 2869603 Sergt. A. Reid ("HQ")
Monaghan Son (Thomas William) of 7338676 Sergt. T. Monaghan (O.R.C.) ("HQ")
Dawson Son (Derick Davidson) of 2865101 Pte. W. Dawson, D.C.M ("HQ")
Courage Daughter (Edna) of 2869551 C.Q.M.S. J. Courage ("B")
Owen Sons (Arthur William and Robert Gordon) and daughter (Elizabeth Joyce)of 2866104 Pte. A. Owen ("B")
Leel Sons (James Jack, Gerald Davidson, George Munro and John Gordon) and daughter (Ann Murray) of 2868660 C.Q.M.S. J.Leel ("D")
Jamieson Daughter (Rose Catherine) of 2871098 Sergt. J. Jamieson ("D")


List of Aberdeen  Medical Graduates
Although unofficial, the following, it is understood, is in the main a complete list of the gentlemen who have passed their final examinations in medicine at Marischal College (Aberdeen Journal, 1st April 1892)

James Mowatt Auchnagatt
Hugh Mowat Banff
William Moir Forgue
D.D. Macintosh Aberdeen
John Leitch, M.A. Arderseir
Alexander Lamont Ellon
R.E. Kerr, M.A.  
J.R. Keith M.A. Bridge of Allan
Peter R. Ingram Towie
E.M. Griffiths North Wales
J. W. Grant Watten
Alexander Grant  
A.G. Gall Melbourne
T.H. Galbraith  
Alexander Fraser Inverness
Alexander Forbes Leochel-Cushnie
Duncan Finlayson Tain
W.J.S. Ewan  
W.R. Duguid, M.A. Buckie
Andrew Davidson Forres
N.B. Darabseth Bombay
A.B. Delgatty Auchinblae
W.J. Carmichael  
Thomas Fraser  
Andrew Baxter Aberdeen
W.M. Innes  
G.K. Gifford Shetland
Robert Young South Australia
A. Wilsden Northumberland
James Wallace M.A.  
W.L. De Vos Ceylon
William Trethowan Ceylon
A.W. Thomson  
R.R. Sutter  
Charles Selbie Pitcaple
George Savage  
James Ross M.A.  
T.W. Ogilvie  
W.A.G. Russell M.A.  
William Ross  
W.R. Pirie M.A. Aberdeen
J.C. Pardoe  

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