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Directory for the City of Aberdeen and its Vicinity 1854-55


Aden, Charles Farmer Hilton house
Anderson, George Blacksmith, Grandholm h, 3 Mary Place, Don Street
Bailie, George Keeper of the keys of the Don subscription fire-engine 21 Don Street
Bain, George Farmer Mains of Hilton
Barker, J & Sons Manufacturers Gordon's Mills
Barron, Wm Boot and Shoemaker, 4 Queen Street h, 104 Hadden Street
Barron, Thomas Painter, 18 Wellington Street h, 107 Hadden Street
Beattie, Andrew Leather dealer, boot and shoemaker, 142 Hadden Street, h, 140 Hadden Street
Beverly, A Blacksmith Backhill of Hilton
Black, Wm Carter 147 Barron Street
Boddie, Adam Teacher, Woodside School h, 1 Tanfield Walk
Bower, Robert MD, librarian, King's College h, Tanfield House
Bowie, William Feuar 8 Canal Street
Brand, Chas Railway Contractor 14 Don Terrace
Broomhead, John Officer of Inland Revenue h, Lower Middlefield House
Booth, Mrs Midwife 36 Wellington Street
Brown, David Blacksmith 9 Hadden Street
Brown, George Of Tanfield Bairnehall
Caird, William Mason 11 Grandholm Street
Catto, James Farmer Lower Cotton
Catto, William Farmer Persley
Chisholm, Alex. F Watchmaker 114 Hadden Street
Clark, Alexander Farmer Hayfield
Cooper, George Letter Carrier 117 Hadden Street
Corken, James Feuar 1 Don Street
Curtis, T A (Leys Masson and Co) Grandholm Cottage
Cowie, Wm Grocer 134 Hadden Street
Cowie, Miss Dressmaker & Milliner 134 Hadden Street
Crombie, Peter Jeweller Carnation Cottage
Cruickshank, James Grocer 115 Hadden Street
Diack, James Cowfeeder Gaelic Lane
Donald, Andrew Stabler 10 Wellington Street
Donald, John Merchant 15 Hadden Street
Duguid, Alexander Carter 48 Canal Terrace
Dunn, William Fisher Cruives of Don
Durward, Andrew Merchant 109 Hadden Street
Ferrier, A & Co Manufacturers, 5 Hadden Street h 7 Hadden Street
Fettes, David Boot and Shoemaker 223 Barron Street
Finwick, Miss Dressmaker and Milliner 121 Hadden Street
Fisher, John Grocer and Spirit Dealer 31 Wellington Street
Forbes, Rev. Robert Free Church Manse  
Fullerton, John Johnston and Fullerton 40 School Lane
Gibson, Miss Dressmaker 131 Hadden Street
Gilchrist, Isaac MD, Surgeon Ardenville, Queen Street
Glass, Alexander General Merchant and Circulating Library 69 and 71 Hadden Street
Glass, Mrs John Feuar h. 121 Hadden Street
Gordon, C   68 Hadden Street
Gordon, Barron & Co Cotton Spinners, Manufacturers, and Bleachers Woodside Works
Gordon, Miss Lodgings 12 Wellington Street
Grant, Alex., Gardener Grandholm Cottage
Grant, Captain John   Woodside
Grant, George Cashier, Grandholm h, 13 Don Terrace
Grant, Patrick Gardner 235 Barron Street
Grant, Miss Dressmaker 130 Hadden Street
Gray, William Grocer and Clothier 2, h, 4 Hadden Street
Greig, William Carter 17 Hadden Street
Gunn, John Contractor 7 Barron Street
Gunn, John, jun., Agent (J & P Cameron, Aberdeen) h. 7 Barron Street
Hadden, Alex., (Leys, Masson & Co.) Grandholm Lodge
Hall, Miss Teacher 50 Canal Terrace
Harper, Alexander Overseer Woodside Lodge
Harvey, James Fountville Tanfield
Hector, Thomas Grocer 153, h. 155 Hadden Street
Henderson, John Druggist 138, h. 120 Hadden Street
Henderson, Matthew Farmer Smithfield
Henderson, William Farmer Hilton Bank
Henderson, Miss Teacher 120 Hadden Street
Hepburn, Garden Tailor 116 Hadden Street
Hewitt, William Carter 12 Bairnshall Lane
Hobbs, David Precentor 10 Summer Street
Ironside, James Vintner 301 Barron Street
Jack, William Grocer 47 Barron Street
Johnston & Fullerton Builders & Timber Merchants 20 Hadden Street
Johnston, William (of Johnston and Fullerton) h. 18 Hadden Street
Joss, James (Aberdeen Railway) 217 Barron Street
Kelman, Miss Teacher 127 Hadden Street
Kempt, Irvine   50 Hadden Street
Kempt, John Gas Overseer h. Lower Middlefield
Kerr, Miss Teacher 152 Hadden Street
Laing, Rev. James B. (Cotton Chapel) h. 105 Hadden Street
Lawson, Alexander   Boat-House
Lawson, Joseph Grocer, tea and spirit dealer 85 Barron Street
Leslie, William Vintner Gordon's Mills
Leys, Masson & Co., Manufacturers Grandholm
M'Donald, David Boot and Shoemaker 26 Hadden Street
M'Donald, Jas Grocer and Spirit Dealer 76 Barron Street
M'Donald, Robert Apothecary and Postmaster 67, h. 65 Hadden Street
M'Intosh, Donald Contractor 67 Canal Terrace
M'Kechnie, Mrs Niel   Canal Terrace
M'Kenzie, Mrs Midwife 70 Hadden Street
M'Kenzie, Miss Teacher, Porthill School 70 Hadden Street
M'Lennan, John Toll-Keeper Kittybrewster
M'Pherson, Miss Corn Extractor Honey Cottage, 61 Canal Terrace
Matthews, Mrs Grocer, Tea and Spirit Dealer 28, h. 26 Don Street
Melvin, John Mason 9 Hadden Street
Milne, John Grocer, Tea and Spirit Dealer Hayton
Milne, Miss   Millbank, 40 Canal Terrace
Munro, George Shoemaker 121 Barron Street
Murray, Robert Clothier 143, h. 145 Hadden Street
Murray, William Flesher 149, h. 147 Hadden Street
Nicol, William Wright 90, h. 92 Hadden Street
Philip, John Overseer Grandholm, h. Mains of Grandholm
Ploughman, Ann Merchant 49 Hadden Street
Poole, Richard M.D., F.R.C.P.E., Private Asylum Middlefield House
Reid, John Grocer, Tea and Spirit Dealer 21 Hadden Street
Rennie, Robert Grocer 1 Barron Street
Riach, Mrs Grocer, Tea and Spirit Dealer 6, h. 8 Hadden Street
Richardson, William Rural Police 104 Hadden Street
Riddel, James   Kittybrewster Tavern
Robb, James Boot & Shoemaker 151 Barron Street
Robertson, William Farmer Rose Hill
Robertson, William Grocer 52 Barron Street
Robertson, Mrs W Grocer and Clothier 169, h. 171 Barron Street
Robson, James Feuar Hayton
Rose, William Grocer, Tea and Spirit Dealer 4 Barron Street
Ross, Charles Grocer, Tea, Wine, and Spirit Merchant 137 Hadden Street
Ross, Donald Leather Dealer, Boot and Shoemaker 127 Barron Street
Ross, Keneth Feuar 26 Gaelic Lane
Scott, David Slater 10 School Lane
Scott, Francis Feuar 19 Gaelic Lane
Scott, John Farmer Hayton Road, Gordon's Mills
Scott, William Farmer Don Terrace
Scroggie, John Wright 28 Hadden Street
Seton, Alex.,   150 Hadden Street
Sherret, James Grocer 181 Barron Street
Schivas, John Contractor 239 Barron Street
Skinner, George Flesher h. 1 Hadden Street
Skinner, James Flesher 48, h. 43 Hadden Street
Sullivan, Bartholomew Paper-Mould and Dandy-Roll Maker Wellington Place
Smith, Charles Mason 1 Don Street
Smith, John Gardener Bairnshall
Stevenson, James Grocer Gordon's Mills
Stephen, Chas., Clothier and Grocer 85 Hadden Street
Stiven, Mrs Baker and Confectioner 100, h. 98 Hadden Street
Sutherland, Hugh, Manager Grandholm Works, h. Grandholm
Stewart, Hugh Beadle, Established Church h. 8 King Street
Stewart, John Comb Manufacturer Cotton Lodge
Taylor, James Farmer and Grocer 145, h. 147 Barron Street
Taylor, John Merchant 231 Barron Street
Taylor, William Gardener 15 Wellington Street
Taylor, James, jun., Farmer Middlefield
Taylor, John Grocer, Tea, and Spirit Dealer 215, h. 217 Barron Street
Troup, Mrs   Newseat, Wellington Street
Urquhart, Miss Dressmaker 122 Hadden Street
Walker, George Tailor 59 Barron Street
Walker, Miss Baker 36 & 38 Barron Street
Watson, George Engineer Grandholm Works, h. Persley
Watt, John Plumber Grandholm Works, h. 54 Hadden Street
Wight, John Baker 46, h. 44 Hadden Street
Williamson, Alex.,   Granitehill
Young, James Carter 18 Wellington Street
Youngson, Peter, sen., Bleacher Gordon's Mills
Youngson, Peter, jun., Manager Gordon's Mills


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