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Every now and again I find a list pertaining to local history. I then spend hours trying to find someone or something that I recognise. Sad isn't it? Well, perhaps you too suffer from the same affliction. So go on - have a good browse!

With the development of the railways and better roads Stonehaven became a popular holiday destination in the 19th century. Many well-heeled families would spend a week or two at one of the hotels or boarding houses within the town. Regular announcements would be published in the local paper to herald their arrival. Do you recognise anyone?

List of Summer Visitors to Stonehaven - September 1887


Visitors Names

Station Hotel Mrs Wilson and Miss Wilson
Mrs Napier's, Park House Miss Grant, Aberdeen
Mrs Hutcheon's, Strawberrybank Miss Darling and party, Edinburgh
Invercowie Mr Storrie, Aberdeen
Mrs Brand's, Prospect Cottage Dr Edmond and Mrs Edmond, Aberdeen
Mrs Bell's, 18 Barclay Street Mr and Mrs George Murray and family, South Kensington, London
Mrs Sinclair's, Ann Street Mr and Mrs Wright and family, Aberdeen
Mrs Moir's, Barclay Street Mr D R Wilson, London
Miss M'Pherson's, Lauriston Cottages Professor Ditmar, Mrs Ditmar and family, Glasgow
Miss Brown's, 43 Evan Street Mr and Mrs Robert Hector and family, Ceylon
Mrs Duguid's, Rosebrae House Mrs Souttar, Miss Souttar, Miss Marjorie Souttar, Aberdeen; Mrs Mearns; Miss Connan, India; Mr A Souttar, Australia
Mrs Gordon's, Allardice Street Captain and Mrs Gray, Dunblane
Mrs Selbie's, Ivy Bank Mr and Mrs Leroyd, and the Misses Ferguson, Edinburgh; Dr and Mrs Brand, Driffield
Roslyn Terrace Dr and Mrs Watson and Mr W R Kemlo Watson, Govan
Mrs M'Donalds, Memorial Cottages Mr and Miss Young, London
Mrs Greig's, Kerr House Mrs Stephen and the Misses Stephen, Aberdeen; Mrs Robb, New Jersey, USA
Victoria Cottage, Ann Street Mr and Mrs Souttar and family, Clydeburn, Aberdeen
Mrs Torry's Market Buildings Rev Robert Russell and Mrs Russell, Blairgowrie; Mrs William Steel and family, Edinburgh; Mr Annan, USA
Mrs Rioch's, Barclay Street Dr and Mrs Beveridge and family, Edinburgh
Windsor Villa, Robert Street Mr and Mrs Pearl, Miss Pearl, and Miss J M Pearl, Upper Norwood; Mr and Mrs George Brown, Hampton, Wick
Arbuthnott Lodge Mrs Martin and family, St Albans
Seaview Mrs Gibbon and family, Aberdeen
Mrs Sutherland's, Barclay Street Mrs Hutton and the Misses Hutton, Dollar; Miss Hepburn, Newburgh
Kirk Cottage Mr and Mrs Murray and family, Aberdeen
Clifton House Mr D R Falconer and Mr W H Gaster, London
Mrs Charles Forbes', 14 Ann Street Mr Hamilton, Tweedie, Edinburgh
Mrs Stevenson's, Evan Street Mr W Walker, London; Miss and Master Lightfoot, London
Mrs Shinie's, Barclay Street Misses Mackenzie, Clackmannan
Mrs Lees', 4 Allardice Street Miss Walters, London; Miss Nadler, Budapest, Hungary
Mrs Cadenhead's, Maida Vale Mr Charles Lucas, Mrs Charles Lucas, and Miss Norrrie, Kinnoull House, Lower Clapton, London
Mrs Stephen's, 8 David Street Mrs and Miss Monro, Perth
Mrs Lemon's, 34 Market Square Mrs Strathern and Misses Strathern, Woodles, Garelochead
Mrs George Tawse's, Cowie Bank Mr and Mrs William Saunders, Edinburgh
Ocean View Mr and Mrs Miller and family, Mayfield, Perth
Miss Lees', Springbank, Robert Street Mr and Mrs Stratton and family, Auchmill, Aberdeenshire; Miss Alice Esson, Aberdeen
Mrs Scott's, Dunnottar School House Miss Corbin, Southampton
Mrs Thom's, Mill Inn House Mrs Lawrance and family, Ceylon; Master Clyde Lawrance and Miss Annie Lawrance, Aberdeen



Fishermen's Relief Fund - February 1848
To be given to the widows and families of the fishermen in their several districts, namely:-
Place Family Amount (L)
Nigg John Caie, wife and 9 children 4.0.0
Nigg Andrew Robertson, wife and 8 children 4.0.0
Portlethen Joseph Craig's widow and 8 children 10.0.0
Portlethen Al. Craig's widow and 2 children 4.0.0
Downies James Main, wife and 6 children 2.0.0
Downies William Main, wife and 7 children 2.0.0
Stonehaven Robt. Lees' widow and 4 children 8.0.0
Stonehaven J. Steven's widow and 9 children 15.0.0
Stonehaven Robert Mitchell's seven children 10.0.0
Stonehaven Joseph Mitchell's widow 2.0.0
Catterline Widow Freeman, 1 child 1.0.0
Bervie John Walker's widow and 2 children 4.0.0
Gourdon J. Blew's widow and 3 daughters 6.0.0
Gourdon A. Criggie's widow and 5 children 12.0.0
Gourdon Charles Ritchie 1.0.0


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