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Do you find lists fascinating? - I Do!

Every now and again I find a list pertaining to local history. I then spend hours trying to find someone or something that I recognise. Sad isn't it? Well, perhaps you too suffer from the same affliction. So go on - have a good browse!

The following lists are from the Aberdeen Directory 1846-47, a real goldmine of lists! Not only does it cover Aberdeen but most of the towns and villages in the north-east. Are your ancestors listed?

County Directory 1846-47

Stonehaven - Charles Michie, Postmaster

Allan, George merchant Allan, James merchant
Allardice, Robert Barclay of Ury Anderson, James corn merchant
Barry, James flesher Beattie, James blacksmith
Beattie, John bookseller Brebner, Alexander surgeon
Brown, Alexander writer Burnes, John builder
Chapman, Robert merchant Christian, James W.S.
Christian, Peter chief magistrate Clark, Alex., printer & stationer
Collison, Alexander watchmaker Duff, Robert of Fetteresso
Duncan, John writer Durham, William builder
Durward, James grocer & spirit dealer Edward, Andrew bookbinder & stationer
Elrick, Mrs commercial inn Falconer, John writer
Forbes, Alexander merchant tailor Forbes, General of Dunnottar
Forbes, John merchant Forbes, David merchant tailor
Forbes, William merchant tailor Fotheringham, William grocer
Fraser, William builder Gibb, Andrew cabinetmaker
Glegg, Alexander harp manufacturer Glegg, Robert ironmonger
Gordon, Alexander of Newhall Grant, John star inn
Greig, David shipowner Greig, David watchmaker
Greig, James Stoneware merchant Grieg, John builder
Gruar, John builder Hepburn, Robert R of Rickarton
Hunter, George shoemaker Hunter, David merchant
Hutcheson, Rev John Episcopal Church Innes, Alexander of Cowie
Jack, George general merchant Johnstone, Mrs Ann Street
Kinnear, Alexander wine merchant Kinnear, A W banker
Knight, Mrs new inn Knox, James saddler
Law, David cattle dealer Law, David ironmonger
Macbain, Alexander cattle dealer Macbain, William cattle dealer
Mackie, George innkeeper Mackie, Wm grocer & spirit dealer
McPherson, J bookseller Marshall, William draper
Martin, Dr M.D. Mathieson, James merchant
Mathieson, James merchant Melvin, John cart & plough wright
Melvin, James blacksmith Melvin, William Mill inn
Monro, Charles of Berryhill Monro, Graham C writer
Monro, Thomas general merchant Morrison, James D.D. of Elsick
Mowat, William innkeeper Murray, Sir Wm Keith of Dunnottar
Murray, James builder Napier, Arthur builder
Napier, George merchant Napier, James corn merchant
Napier, Thomas corn merchant Officer, Alexander merchant
Paul, Alexander leather merchant Paul, George blacksmith
Philip, Rev George Free Church Ramsay, Archibald druggist
Ramsay, Hugh merchant Robertson, Alexander blacksmith
Robertson, C G Sheriff-substitute Robertson, Peter merchant
Robertson, William merchant Ross, James grocer & spirit dealer
Ross, Robert saddler Roger, William watchmaker
Scott, James writer Shepherd, David merchant tailor
Silver, Rev Alexander Manse of Dunnottar Silver, James of Netherley
Sim, Rev Robert schoolmaster, Dunnottar Smart, Alexander writer
Smith, Thomas general merchant Stephen, Alexander manufacturer
Stewart, John shoemaker Stewart, William Sheriff-clerk
Tawse, Robert grocer Thomson, Rev Geo., Manse of Fetteresso
Thomson, William shipowner Thomson, William manufacturer
Thomson, William of Quoties Tindal, George writer
Tindal, James Procurator-fiscal Todd, Rev David Secession Church
Torry, Robert flesher Troup, William cabinetmaker
Valentine, James merchant Walker, James flesher
Watt, Rev John Parish Church Wood, James druggist
Wood, John cabinetmaker Wyllie, Francis general merchant
Young, James builder Yule, Robert merchant



County Directory 1846-47

Newburgh - Alexander Crevie, Postmaster

Black, Robert merchant Blackhall, John shipmaster
Burgess, David shipmaster Christie, John shipmaster
Connon, Gilbert carrier Crombie, George shipmaster
Crevie, John shipmaster Dawson, David tailor
Easton, Alexander blacksmith Gibson, John shipmaster
Gillespie, Alexander overseer, Ythan fishing Glashan, Thomas surgeon
Gordon, Peter shipmaster Gray, Adam merchant
Gray, William merchant Hatt, John principal coast-officer
Henderson, James shipmaster Hendry, James shoemaker
Jamieson, George shipmaster Mitchell, Alexander merchant
Merchant, Thomas merchant Perry, William merchant
Reid, James innkeeper Rennie, George shoremaster
Ross, Alexander wright Sangster, Alexander carrier
Sinclair, Alexander shipmaster Smith, Alexander carrier
Spalding, Thomas shipmaster Stephen, James schoolmaster
Thomson, Charles tailor Walker, Alexander innkeeper & baker


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