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Do you find lists fascinating? - I Do!

Every now and again I find a list pertaining to local history. I then spend hours trying to find someone or something that I recognise. Sad isn't it? Well, perhaps you too suffer from the same affliction. So go on - have a good browse!

The following lists are from the Aberdeen Directory 1846-47, a real goldmine of lists! Not only does it cover Aberdeen but most of the towns and villages in the north-east. Are your ancestors listed?

County Directory 1846-47

Aberdeen Shipmasters

Alexander Alexander 60 Queen Street
Alexander Alexander, Jun., 1 St Mary Place
Alexander Hugh Mill Street
Alexander John 19 Kidd Lane
Alexander Robert 16 Wellington Street
Allan A 17 Prince Regent Street
Allan Alexander 8 Sugarhouse Lane
Allan David 1 Pork Lane
Allan James 7 Garvock Street
Anderson Andrew 53 St Clements Street
Anderson Charles 10 Canal Terrace
Anderson James 3 Mitchell Place, King Street
Anderson James 26 Constitution Street
Anderson Robert 211 King Street
Bance John 14 Castle Street
Barnet Alexander 8 Hanover Street
Bartlett Robert 18 Commerce Street
Baxter Andrew 7 Garvock Street
Baxter John 67 Commerce Street
Boadin Richard 59 Commerce Street
Borthwick Charles 45 Constitution Street
Booth John 27 York Place
Bowie Alex., 2 Bannermill Street
Brand Andrew Hanover Lane
Brebner William Wales Street
Brown David 18 Commerce Street
Brunton John 29 Wales Street
Brunton John, Jun., 15 Prince Regent Street
Buthly Robert 43 Commerce Street
Campbell William, Sen., Melbourne Street
Campbell William 89 Virginia Street
Campbell William 28 Wellington Street
Cargill John Waterloo Quay
Cargill William 25 Quay
Cay Alexander 6 St Clement Street
Chalmers George Hanover Lane
Chivas William 7 Canal Street
Christopher Mark 19 Prince Regent Street
Clark James 47 Park Street
Collie George 47 Frederick Street
Cook Samuel St Clement Street
Craig David 7 Garvock Street
Crane Andrew 31 Wales Street
Cromar James L 54 Quay
Daniel William 8 Carmelite Street
Davidson George 10 St Clement Street
Dempster John 7 Hanover Street
Dinnison John 6 Canal Terrace
Donald James 53 Commerce Street
Donald Robert 4 St Clement Street
Duncan Robert 31 Queen Street
Dunlop James F Hanover Lane
Dunn John 13 Commerce Street
Dunningham Thomas Concert Court, Broad Street
Elliot James 62 Gordon Street
Esson Charles 25 Whitehouse Street
Falconer Alex., 61 Commerce Street
Falconer John St Clement Street
Flann Joseph Bannermill Street
Fletcher William 67 Commerce Street
Ganson Herman 59 Virginia Street
Gibb James 38 Park Street
Goldie John Wellington Road
Granger Robert 45 Wellington Street
Grant James 58 Shiprow
Greig James B Constitution Street
Guthrie Andrew Commerce Street
Henderson James 10 St Clement Street
Henderson John Park Street
Howling Edward 115 York Street
Howling Thomas 54 Quay
Husband David 13 Commerce Street
Hutchison James Springbank Terrace
Hutchison John Bannermill Street
Kerr Robert Victoria Place
Law George 53 Virginia Street
Leask Alexander Bannermill Street
Leask Alex., Jun., Bannermill Street
Leisk Robert 3 Shore Brae
Leisk Thomas 3 Shore Brae
Leslie James 38 St Clement Street
Leslie John 20 Prince Regent Street
Leslie John Waterloo Quay
Levie Alexander 81 Virginia Street
Levie Alexander 57 Quay
Levie William 6 Garvock Street
Linklater James 59 Commerce Street
Longmuir John Holburn Street
Low Charles Ferryhill
Lyon John 63 Quay
McDonald George 30 Marischal Street
McGregor John 20 James Street
McGregor William 13 Prince Regent Street
McKechnie Allan 53 Commerce Street
McKenzie John 11 Longacre
McPherson Alex., 13 Sugarhouse Lane
McPherson John 54 Quay
Main David 22 Marywell Street
Main John 43 Commerce Street
Maitland William Waterloo Quay
Mann John 6 Hanover Street
Marsh James Maybank
Martin Charles 12 Yeats Lane
Martin John Constitution Street
Masson Alex., 23 Virginia Street
Mearns Daniel 2 Yeats Lane
Merchant Isaac 6 Baltic Street
Milne James 12 Marywell Street
Milne Robert Hanover Street
Mitchell John 6 Constitution Street
Mitchell William 46 Regent Quay
Morgan John 8 Yeat's Lane
Munro James 9 Bon-Accord Lane
Nicol John 23 Prince Regent Street
Paterson John 49 Commerce Street
Penny William Polmuir
Petty David 22 Virginia Street
Philip John Wales Street
Phillips William 30 Virginia Street
Phillips William 20 Castle Street
Pole Lawrence 8 Marywell Street
Reid James 21 Prince Regent Street
Reid John 6 Links Street
Reid William 109 York Street
Rennie George 159 Crown Street
Ritchie Andrew 89 Virginia Street
Ritchie Thomas 3 Church Street
Roberts John Holburn Street
Robertson Benjamin 28 Constitution Street
Robertson John 47 Wellington Street
Ross James Hanover Street
Runcy Charles Willowpark
Sangster Robert 22 Princes Street
Sim James 47 Frederick Street
Skene William Justice Lane
Smart John Princes Street
Smith Alexander 3 James Street
Smith John Shore Brae
Smith John 51 Virginia Street
Souter Robert 4 Baltic Street
Stephen Alexander 23 James Street
Stephen Alexander Pottery, Footdee
Stephen William Orchard Cottage
Stewart John 13 Commerce Street
Stuart Charles 29 Hutcheon Street
Strachan Alexander Bannermill Street
Strachan John 25 Princes Street
Summers W., 10 Sugarhouse Lane
Sutherland James 63 Park Street
Talbot David 61 Quay
Talbot David, Jun., 61 Park Street
Talbot William 126 King Street
Taylor Alexander 62 Virginia Street
Thomson John Cruden's Court
Tulloch James St Clement Street
Turner Robert 25 Marischal Street
Walker Duncan 32 St Clement Street
Walker John 4 St Clement Street
Wallace Daniel 20 Commerce Street
Watson Alexander Sugarhouse Lane
Watt George 61 Commerce Street
Webster Robert 7 Canal Terrace
Whyte John 29 James Street
Willet Joseph J., Mortimer's Court
Wishert Daniel 6 Constitution Street
Young William 4 Affleck Street
Youngson Robert 46 Regent Quay


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