Militia 2



Kincardineshire Volunteers


Listings of those who volunteered to join the militia between the years 1798 to 1816...

The First (or Commandant's) Company
The first pay sheet being for the period 25 July to 24 August 1798.

Major - R W Duff
Captain - James Thomson
Lieutenant - G Milne
Second Lieutenant or Ensign - J Low
Sergeant on permanent pay - J Firrie
Sergeants not on permanent pay - James Troup, David Troup
Corporals - Robert Bridgeford, William Carnegie, Robert Murray
Drummers - James Nicol, William Forbes


George Anderson David Beattie, sen
David Beattie, jun James Balneaves
David Bruce Francis Burgess
Thomas Burnett Robert Caird
John Calder David Campbell
James Campbell George Charles
Alexander Clerk William Cran
William Donald David Donaldson
James Duncan Duncan Forbes
Arthur Glegg James Hay
John Hay James Humphrey
George Hunter William Kemp
William McBain George Main
Andrew Melvin William Melvin
James Milne John Milne
James Moir James Murray
Robert Murray Matthew Rae
William Scott James Smith
Peter Smith William Stot
William Strachan William Thomson
Alexander Tough William Walker
Alexander Will George Wood
Alexander Wyllie  

Further Notes on Above

Lieutenant G Milne was killed by a fall from his horse.

Major Duff drew 14s 1d per day's exercise. Captain Thomson 9s 5d, Lieutenant Milne 4s 4d, Ensign Low 3s 5d, Sergeant Pirie 1s 6d for each day of the month, the sergeants not on permanent pay, drummers, and privates 1s per day's exercise, and that the total pay of the company for the month was 33 17s 1d.

Interesting Fact

Before a man could become an officer he had to have a yearly income of not less than 50 from land within the county or rents of land worth 1000.

Sons of such as had those worldly possessions, and those who had had previous military experience, were exempted from this qualification