Militia 3



Kincardineshire Volunteers


Listings of those who volunteered to join the militia between the years 1798 to 1816...

The Second (or Captain Robert Barclay's) Company
The first pay sheet being for the period 25 July to 24 August 1798.

Major - R Barclay, absent on leave
Lieutenant - R Jack
Second Lieutenant - Vacant
Sergeant on permanent pay - G Mollison
Sergeants not on permanent pay - James Jack, James Simmers, John Forbes
Corporals - Andrew Craig, Donald Elder, David Lamb
Drummers - Robert Lamb, George Kerr


John Aikin Alex Anderson
George Arkle John Balfour
James Beattie William Bowman
Robert Carnegie John Cattancach
George Christie Thomas Craig
George Cruickshank John Davidson
Alexander Dawson William Deans
William Dallas David Duncan
John Edward William Fiddes
John Forbes Alex Fotheringham
James Fotheringham George Henderson
John Lee John Leighton
Andrew Low John McKay
George Masson James Morrice
John Officer John Petrie
John Proven James Reith
John Ross Hugh Ross
John Russell James Shinnie
Edward Smith Alex. Stephenson
James Stewart Evan Tindal
James Tindal David Torie
Alexander Walker George Walker
William Williamson William Wyllie

Further Notes on Above

Michael Cowie joined on 7th August, in place of one man discharged.

The total paid on account of No 2 Company on its first pay sheet was 24 9s 1d.

In the second pay sheet - August/September - we find that harvest had caused the absence of William Dallas, James Morice, James Reith, William Williamson and William Wyllie.

Interesting Fact

In the 1798 movement army drill sergeants were not provided generally, but local men who showed aptitude in picking up the drill were elected to the position with the permanent pay of their rank. Various perquisites were the portion of those sergeants on permanent pay, the Mearnshire ones having the peculiar privilege of quenching their thirst in beer at the public expense. It is true that the Stonehaven drill sergeants were not obliged to drink the beer to which they were entitled, but could draw money in lieu of it. In the pay sheets one frequently comes across the item - "To beer money to the drill sergeant for the year returned at 2d per diem."