Militia 4



Kincardineshire Volunteers


Listings of those who volunteered to join the militia between the years 1798 to 1816...

The Third (or Captain Nicol's) Company
The first pay sheet being for the period 25 July to 24 August 1798.

Captain - William Nicol
Lieutenant - John Burnett
Ensign - Charles Monro
Sergeant on permanent pay - Alexander Kynoch
Sergeants not on permanent pay - James Collie, John Smith
Corporals - James Crow, John Lamb, Robert Smith
Drummers - Alexander Burns, George Main


Alexander Beattie William Beattie
William Booth Alexander Bowman
George Brown John Buchan
Robert Burnes Alexander Burns
James Burnett Alexander Caird
Alexander Christie David Colvin
Andrew Craig John Cruickshank
Richard Dorward John Duncan, sen.
John Duncan. Jun. James Duncan
Alexander Duthie William Forbes
Alexander Gordon John Kerr
William Knight William Lee
Alexander Lees James Lees
Joseph Lees David Low
Donald McBain John Melvin
Charles Middleton John Moir
James Murray John Murray
John Neilson James Park
George Reid Alexander Reith
John Reith Alexander Robertson
Alexander Simpson William Stephenson
James Taylor James Blair
Peter Christian John McIntosh

Further Notes on Above

The total pay of this company for the month was 28 2s 9d.

The harvest of 1798 interfered somewhat with the attendance of Alexander Duthie, James and Joseph Lees, and David Low, for we find "At harvest" marked up against all these men.

Interesting Fact

The average weekly drills were two of six hours each, reduced later to three, the total for the year 1799 having been 105 drills; and it is surprising to find so great a number of the men with the maximum number of drills to their credit.