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Kincardineshire Volunteers


Listings of those who volunteered to join the militia between the years 1798 to 1816...

Inverbervie Volunteers
The first pay sheet being for the period 25 December 1798 to 24 December 1799.

Captain - Joseph Stratton
Lieutenants - George Hudson, David Young
Sergeant on permanent pay* - James M'Intosh, Robert M'Vain, David Laurence
Sergeants not on permanent pay - David Laurence (promoted), William Gray, John Hudson, John Christie
Corporals - (during the year 1799) - Joseph Wright, William Youngson, John Coutts, Hugh Loggan, George Milne
Drummers - James Ross (deserted), John Ross, Alexander Bowman
Fifers - Walter Burness, James Goodfellow


James Andrew Robert Anderson
James Bain James Baird
John Beattie John Beddie
David Bisset Alexander Bowman
James Bowman Alexander Brown
James Brown (deserted) Peter Brand
Henry Burness James Burness
John Burness William Burness
Andrew Collison James Collison
Charles Carnegie John Davidson
David Douglas George Falconer (deserted and gone to Militia)
David Gavine (arms taken from him for non-attendance) William Glegg
Thomas Gorden Thomas Guthrie
William Graham John Grahame
David Gray George Harper
Alexander Henderson John Hutchison
Thomas Hogg John Inglis
Alexander Legg Andrew Legg
Alexander Linton James Linton
David Lindsay William Lindsay
David Longmuir David Lyall
George Milne John Milne
Joseph Milne John Moir
William Moncur (balloted to Militia) John Pirie (left the place and gone to country for his health)
Robert Philip Alexander Stephen
James Stephen Charles Stewart
Joseph Stewart William Stewart
Joseph Tod Robert Valentine
Robert Walker John Watson
Andrew Watt Alexander Will
John Williamson Robert Williamson
Andrew Wyllie James Wyness
Peter Young William Youngson

Interesting Fact

In a petition for the formation of the Inverbervie Volunteers it was stated that, "many times without one military man in the county, a coast from the pernicious practice of smuggling formerly carried on, but now luckily done away, well known to our enemies."