Militia 6



Kincardineshire Volunteers


Listings of those who volunteered to join the militia between the years 1798 to 1816...

No1 or Captain Nicoll's Company

From the quarterly pay lists from 25 June to 24 December 1803 we get the following composition of the corps.

Captain - William Nicoll, commission dated 17 September
Lieutenants - Peter Christian, commission dated 17 September; James Humphrey, commission dated 17 September
Ensign - Alexander Park, commission dated 20 December
Sergeant-Major - James Jack
Sergeants on permanent pay - James Taylor
Sergeants - James Collie, Alexander Low
Corporals - Wm Melvill, James Barclay
Drummer on permanent pay - Andrew Burns
Drummer, ordinary - George Main


Alexander Anderson George Anderson
John Anderson George Balfour
William Beattie William Brebner
James Brown James Bruce (1)
James Bruce (2) John Bruce
William Burnett John Calder
William Carnegie Kirkpatrick Collie
Michael Cowie Robert Crab
John Downie James Donald
Francis Downie Alexander Duncan
James Duncan John Edward
David Fairweather John Forrest
John Gibb (1) John Gibb (2)
John Gilbert James Glegg
John Gray John Growar(?)
William Guthrie John Kennedy
George Knowles David Lamb
Robert Law George Lee
John Lee John M'Robert
John Melvil Alexander Middleton
William Milne James Moir
James Moncur James Mowat
William Murray (1) William Murray (2)
Alexander Neilson Alexander Nicolson
John Officer Alexander Park1
James Pirie James Reid
James Reith Archibald Ross
John Russell John Scott2
John Shand John Shinnie
John Smart Charles Smith
Alexander Stephenson Alexander Stott
David Strachan Euan Tindal
James Tindal (1) James Tindal (2)
Robert Tindal David Torrie
Alexander Troup George Troup
John Walker John Wilson
William Wyllie Alexander Young
James Young Peter Strachan
James Affleck James Milne3
James Robertson William Welsch
Robert Collie John Steel

Further Notes on Above

1Promoted to Ensign, 2Enlisted in Militia, 3Went into Army of Reserve.

Interesting Fact

As well as their obvious duties in the defence of the Kingdom the Militia also assisted in civil matters such as escorting duties, quarantine duties and assisting with public whippings!