Militia 7



Kincardineshire Volunteers - Bervie's Loyal Offer


Listings of those who volunteered to join the militia between the years 1798 to 1816...

In 1803 the men of the Royal and loyal burgh of Bervie signed a petition offering their services for the purpose of raising a company of Volunteers.  Dated 12 April 1803, the signatories to the petition were, 

Hercules Anderson John Anderson
James Andrew James Burness
Henry Burness (1) Henry Burness (2)
Alexander Brown Robert Christie
Andrew Collson M Croll, chaplain
David Douglas John Fetteresso
William Glegg William Graham, Sen
Will Gray David Gun
Donald Gun Alexander Guthrie
Thomas Guthrie Thomas Gordon
Andrew Henderson Edward Henderson
Thomas Hogg William Hogg
Alexander Howie John Hutcheon
Robert Lamb Andrew Legg
John Legg Alexander Ley
David Lindsay Alexander Linton
James Linton, Jnr John Logan
Hugh Logan James Mackay
Alexander McCarthur John McPherson
George Millne Robert Milne
William Mitchell John Moar
John Moleson Hugh Moir
James Mowat John Nelson
Robert Philip Joseph Robert
James Robertson James Ross
William Smith, sergeant Andrew Stephen
John Stephen William Stephen
Joseph Stewart William Burness Taylor
Walter Thom James Walker
William Walker James Watson
John Watson Alexander Will
Alexander Wyllie Andrew Wyllie
James Wynnass

on the next day, the 12th April, the following names were added,

John Beedie, Jnr John Beedie, Snr
Alexander Black Charles Carnegie
John Christie, parish schoolmaster John Davidson (1)
John Davidson (2) John Duthie
Peter Grieve Alexander Henderson
William Lindsay William Lindsay, Snr
David Lyall William McCallan
William Moncur John Sang
David Sheret James Will
John Williamson Joseph Yeoman


Further Notes on Above

The above enrolment, says the petiton , "includes every man in Bervie capable of bearing arms, with the exception of two or three whose business would prevent them from attending duty."

Recommended officers,

Commandant - Mr Walter Thom
First Lieutenant - Mr Joseph Stewart
Second Lieutenant - Mr Alexander Wyllie

Interesting Fact

Pay rates per day for the  Mearnshire Volunteers

Major  14s 1d
Captain  9s 5d
Lieutenant  4s 4d
Ensign  3s 5d
Sergeant (1) 1s 6žd
Sergeant (2) 1s 0d
Corporals  1s 0d
Drummer 1s 0d
Private 1s 0d