Kincardine News 2



A number of newspaper reports pertaining to Kincardineshire folk


Read through these incidents and learn about local history in the context of how it was reported at the time. Are your ancestors mentioned? Time to find out!

The Stonehaven Journal Thursday Jan 19th 1865

Robert Taylor of the boat 'Nancy' of Cowie - kept a herring alive for 18 hours!

The Stonehaven Journal Thursday Mar 16th 1865

Criminal Trial - On 11th Instant, John Duncan, captain of the schooner 'Jeanie', was accused of the crime of assault, to the effusion of blood, by having on the 9th instant assaulted James Adam, seaman, to which he pleaded guilty, and received sentence of 10s, or 5 days imprisonment.

The Stonehaven Journal Thursday Jan 18th 1866

William Christie, Skateraw in court for refusal to support illegitimate child.

The Stonehaven Journal Thursday Aug 9th 1866

Death of Two Stonehaven Seamen Abroad - Intelligence reached here on Saturday last, of the death of two unmarried young men, belonging to the Old Town, viz., James Lees and James Forrest.  They were both on board the same vessel, The Starbeam of Aberdeen, and were at Solina (mouth of the Danube).  Their deaths are supposed to have resulted from cholera, but it is not certain.  Both leave aged parents, and the sudden manner in which they have been thus cut off has been a sad stroke on the aged people, for whom much sympathy is felt.  The vessel at date of the advice was under quarantine, and as other two Stonehaven seamen are in it, considerable anxiety is felt for the arrival next month.

The Stonehaven Journal Thursday Dec 3rd 1868

Seaman Drowned - George Stott whose father is a fisherman in the Old Town drowned at Firth of Forth.. on vessel belonging to Aberdeen.  Stott about 23 years old and unmarried.

The Stonehaven Journal Thursday July 14th 1870

Assault - Wm Leiper, whitefisher, and Ann Knowles or Leiper, his wife, were charged, before Sheriff Dove Wilson on Thursday last with an assault committed in the village of Findon.  They pled not guilty but after evidence had been adduced the Sheriff found the char-e proven and sentenced Leiper to pay a fine of 25s or suffer imprisonment for three weeks, and his wife to pay a fine of 10s or be imprisoned for a week.

The Stonehaven Journal Thursday Aug 31st 1871

Capture of a Shark - On Tuesday morning last one of the boats belonging to Cowie, landed a shark which was found entangled in the nets.  The crew experienced considerable difficulty in getting it into the boat, and on being measured the monster was found to be of the following dimensions:- Length, 7feet.  Girth. 4ft 6ins; Breadth of tail, 2ft; Length of jawbone, 1 ft 6in; Pectoral fin, 1 ft 4in.

The Stonehaven Journal Thursday Apr 24th 1873

Fatal Result of Accident - Some time ago a fisherman named Andrew Taylor, residing at Cowie, while engaged gathering bait amongst the rocks there, met with an accident which yesterday resulted fatally.  A stone fell on his left foot inflicting serious injuries.  He was afterwards taken to Aberdeen Infirmary, where he removed from and came home last week, his condition not much improved.  He died of the injuries, as above stated, early yesterday morning.  He leaves a widow and one child to lament his loss, for whom much sympathy is felt.