Kincardine News 4



A number of newspaper reports pertaining to Kincardineshire folk


Read through these incidents and learn about local history in the context of how it was reported at the time. Are your ancestors mentioned? Time to find out!

The Stonehaven Journal Thursday Sept 22nd 1881

Fisherman Injured - Yesterday while a number of fishermen were engaged making their boats snug for the winter at Cowie, one of them, William Lemon, residing at Shorehead, got his leg knocked out of joint through the boat falling upon him before he had time to clear himself.  He was taken home in a 'bus where he was attended by Dr Skene.

The Stonehaven Journal Thursday Apr 20th 1882

Body Cast Ashore - The body of George Adam, one of the crew of the boat Sweet Home, which was lost about three months ago, was washed ashore about a mile south of Catterline on Thursday last.

The Stonehaven Journal Thursday Mar 25th 1886

New Boat - Another large boat has been added to the fishing fleet, having arrived here from Montrose on Saturday night where it was built by Messrs.  Scott, boatbuilders.  It is a fine looking craft named Sir George Balfour and is 57 feet in length 17 feet beam and 9 feet deep.  The fittings are designed to meet modern requirements and their is sleeping accommodation provided both fore and aft for the crew.  The rig is similar to that of the boats in use here.  It is carvel built and is the first boat of that build that has come to the port.  Mr Joseph Christie, Jack's Buildings is the owner.

The Stonehaven Journal Thursday Sept 6th 1886

Alexander Wood (24) Marishall Street, Stonehaven drowned on Saturday in Aberdeen harbour from Union (of Stonehaven, C412).  Body taken to house of relative in Torry before being conveyed to Stonehaven.

The Stonehaven Journal Thursday Dec 1st 1887

James Main, 59 High Street, recommended for prosecution for failing to educate children.

The Stonehaven Journal Thursday July 19th 1888

The boat Ellen Emmina Innes caught two bottle nosed whales.  P Christie fishcurer, bought them.

The Stonehaven Journal Thursday Feb 7th 1889

Sale of Property - The property at Shorehead consisting of fishcuring premises (occupied by Baillie Knowles) and dwelling house were exposed to sale on Saturday in the Town Hall Buildings.  Bidding opened at 250 and after a spirited competition Baillie Knowles became the purchaser at the price of 332.

The Stonehaven Journal Thursday Mar 21st 1889

Fatal Accident to a Young Seaman - Alexander Wood Jnr.  Apprentice seaman on board the Harrington, of Glasgow lost his life at Northfleet on Friday by falling from the rigging of that vessel.  Deceased was 17 years of age and had been two years on board the Queen Mab.  He is a son of Captain Alexander Wood formerly of Stonehaven but now residing in Glasgow.  Much sympathy is expressed for the unfortunate lad's parents.

The Stonehaven Journal Thursday Jul 18th 1889

Accident at the Harbour - While the crew of the fishing boat Amethyst were engaged on Monday drawing up the mast for the purpose of getting it wedged into its place, the ring at the top of the mast gave way and along with a block fell on the head of one of the men named John Robertson residing in New Street.  He was picked up insensible and carried into the house of Mr James Christie at the Shorehead where he was attended by Drs Anderson and Edmond.  Robertson sustained very serious injuries and his condition is considered critical.