Kincardine News 5



A number of newspaper reports pertaining to Kincardineshire folk


Read through these incidents and learn about local history in the context of how it was reported at the time. Are your ancestors mentioned? Time to find out!

The Stonehaven Journal Thursday Sept 26th 1889

Launch of Stonehaven Boat 'Village Maid' from boatyard of Mr Comer at Cove.  Launched by Mrs Coutts and Miss Helen Symon of Cove Hotel.  Skipper - Mr George Lees.

The Stonehaven Journal Thursday Nov 14th 1889

Disturbance at Skateraw - John Craig, labourer and John Leiper, fisherman, were charged with creating a disturbance at Skateraw on the 3rd November and with using violent language to Andrew Christie.  Both pleaded guilty.  Craig was fined 10s or seven days imprisonment while Leiper who had been previously convicted was ordered to pay £1 or undergo ten days imprisonment.

The Stonehaven Journal Thursday May 8th 1890

Andrew Christie - under 4, son of Alexander Christie, Thomson’s Close, falls in harbour and breaks leg.

The Stonehaven Journal Thursday June 19th 1890

James Christie (Nicholas) of New Street, Stonehaven accused while under the influence of striking his sister-in---law Jessie Main or Christie in the garden of the dwelling house in New Street.  Wife of Alexander Christie, fisherman.  Fined 10s or imprisoned for 7 days.

The Stonehaven Journal Thursday Feb 18th 1892

Fisherman Drowned - On Thursday morning about 5 o'clock while the fishing boat Scottish Thistle (357A, James Wood, Skipper) was about a mile from the harbour, a young seaman named Moses Wood was observed to fall overboard from the bow of the boat.  Though the sea was calm, a slight breeze quickly carried the unfortunate man disappeared under the water, the weight of his seaboots dragging him down.  Wood who was aged 24, was unmarried, and resided with his parents in Stonehaven.  He had two brothers on board the boat when the accident occurred.  The crew marked the spot with a buoy, and several boats afterwards went with grapnels, and on Sunday afternoon was recovered by a boat in which was his two brothers in the neighbourhood of the Bowdens, not far from where he was lost.

The Stonehaven Journal Thursday May 7th 1896

John Christie (19) son of A Christie, Fisherman, High Street, Old Town, drowned off boat Stephens (A464) belonging to A Stephens, Skipper.

The Stonehaven Journal Thursday Oct 15th 1896

Isabella Adams (4) - serious accident - daughter of William Adams, Fisherman, Albert Lane, Old Town.

The Stonehaven Journal Thursday Nov 26th 1896

Torry - New Episcopal Church - A new Episcopal Church, of which the Rev W Disney Innes of Cowie is to have charge, will shortly be erected at Torry, the cost being something like £4000.

The Stonehaven Journal Thursday Jan 21st 1897

Death of Elizabeth Mitchell (58) wife of John Lees, Shipmaster, 15 Menzies Road, Torry.

The Stonehaven Journal Thursday July 19th 1900

Taylor - At 12 Margaret Street, Aberdeen on the 17th inst after a lingering illness borne with Christian patience, William Pithie Taylor, beloved husband of Jane Lees and oldest son of Donald Taylor, Fishcurer, Stonehaven - deeply regretted.

The Stonehaven Journal Thursday July 31st 1902

Accident to Fishing Boat - On Monday morning when the Stonehaven fishing fleet were about 3 miles off on their way to the fishing grounds, the wind fell, and they were unable to proceed.  A trawler offered to tow some of them out to sea, when by mistake she ran into the Sir George Balfour (A84) G. Christie (‘Peeny’), Skipper.  Several planks amidships were stove in, and the boat, which is one of the largest belonging to the port, made water rapidly.  By the aid of hand and steam pumps however, she was kept afloat while the trawler towed her into port, where she will undergo repairs.