Kincardine News 6



A number of newspaper reports pertaining to Kincardineshire folk


Read through these incidents and learn about local history in the context of how it was reported at the time. Are your ancestors mentioned? Time to find out!

The Stonehaven Journal Thursday March 31st 1904

Death of Captain Arthur Stephen (73), son of seafaring man…

The Stonehaven Journal Thursday Aug 29th 1907

Adam - At 159 Sinclair Road, Torry, on the 27th August Mary (Molly), aged 1½yrs, beloved grandaughter of Mrs James Adam.

The Stonehaven Journal Thursday July 9th 1908

Torry Boy’s Narrow Escape From Drowning - A narrow escape from drowning occurred on Friday at the old sewer entrance near Esplanade West, Torry.  A number of children were playing in the open, in the immediate neighbourhood of the entrance, when one of the boys fell into the river.  He was being rapidly carried down by the tide, when Mr Ogilvie, boat hirer, had his attention drawn to the accident.  He immediately put out a boat, and with considerable difficulty was able to rescue the half-drowned lad, who was at once conveyed to a house and stripped of his wet clothes.  As this place is so unprotected and so many children congregate and play there, the wonder is that accidents are not more frequent.  But for the energetic action of Mr Ogilvie, there is every probability that the lad would have drowned.

The Stonehaven Journal Thursday July 30th 1908

John Lees - son of John Lees, fisherman, Cowie, drowned in accident at Hackensack River, NY.

The Stonehaven Journal Thursday Nov 4th 1909

Death of Mr John Lees, fishcurer - The death took place at his residence, 71 Murray Terrace, Aberdeen on Saturday of Mr John Lees, fishcurer.  Mr Lees who was in his 64th year, was born at Cowie, Stonehaven.  Thirty years ago he came to Aberdeen, and started a successful business as a fishcurer, in Clyde Street.  This he carried on until July last, when he retired.  Mr Lees was a member of St Johns Episcopal Church, in which he took an active interest.  Deceased was well known in local fishing circles.

The Stonehaven Journal Thursday Jan 20th 1910

Alexr Christie (Chall) died suddenly at sea.  Aged about 55 and leaves a widow and large family.

The Stonehaven Journal Thursday Apr 13th 1911

Death of James E Christie late of Cowie, killed Congo - father James Christie, cooper, Cowie.

The Stonehaven Journal Thursday June 15th 1911

Nonagenerian - There were laid to rest in Cowie Churchyard on Tuesday the remains of Elspet Taylor, who died in her 90th year.  She was born in Skateraw, and married Robert Taylor, fisherman, Cowie in 1846.  Her husband predeceased her 16 yrs ago, and since then she has resided at Cowie with her two fishermen sons.  She was familiarly known as “Auld Eppie”, and she was a fish seller in Stonehaven.

The Stonehaven Journal Thursday Feb 13th 1913

Torry - Invalid Injured - While Peter Lees (75), retired fishcurer, 34 Menzies Rd, Torry, an invalid, was lighting his pipe in bed on Monday afternoon, the burning match set the bed clothing ablaze.  His wife pulled him from bed, but not before he had received severe injuries about the body.  The fire spread, but on the arrival of the brigade was speedily under control.  Lee’s injuries were attended to by Dr Milne, Torry.