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Bits that Don't fit anywhere else!


Every researcher and family historian has them. You know, all the odd bits and pieces that don't fit your work and have no specific category! Well I too have the same problem, so rather than hide them away I thought I would share some of them with you. So here goes...


Memorial Stone at Dunnottar Churchyard, Kincardineshire

Many Friends to the Memory of
Shoemaker, Stonehaven,
Who died 6th February, 1867,
Aged 77

He was esteemed for his
Native and Peculiar Humour,
Fruitful Powers of Description,
Homely Fellowship,
and his
Simple, Unassuming Disposition


Memorial Stone - A beautiful Memorial Stone has been erected in Dunnottar Churchyard to the memory of the late Mr George Smith, shoemaker, The stone was subscribed for by numerous friends of the deceased, and is the workmanship of Mr Alexander Webster, in the employment of Messrs Burness and Murray. It is a freestone slab of Mr Webster's design, on the top of it are the shoemakers arms, while underneath these, surrounded by a cord, is an oval panel in bass-relief, which bears the inscription.

Mr Webster must be congratulated on the taste he has displayed on this tribute of friendship. Our Church-yards are not overstocked with "tributes" of a like character; and it is well that we can look on this graceful record with not a little gratification, as being both a work of art and a testimony that the friends of the late George Smith could justly estimate his genius.

The Stonehaven Journal, Nov 14, 1867

Sadly I think this stone no longer exists at Dunnottar - but if you know differently get in touch!

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Church Consecrations

Kincardineshire Church

Date of Consecration
Strachan 16 July 1242
Nigg 30 July 1242
Arbuthnott 30 July 1242
Kinneff 5 August 1242
St Cyrus 7 August 1242
Marykirk 9 August 1242
Fordoun 17 October 1244
Laurencekirk 19 October 1244
Fetteresso 25 May 1246
Dunnottar 15 May 1276
Chapel of Cowie 22 May 1276

Scottish Notes & Queries, January 1899

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Mystery Photos

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This photo fell out of a second-hand book in an Aberdeen shop I visited recently. By the look of the lads' clothing it probably dates from the 1930's. He looks about 16-18 years old. Is it you or an ancestor of yours?

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Another photo that fell out of a book I recently purchased. This is getting to be a habit! Is this young chap in a vegetable patch you or an ancestor of yours?

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Yes, you've guessed it. This photo fell out of a book at a recent sale. Perhaps you're the chubby-faced youth featured in this photo?


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Epitaph & Inscriptions in St Nicholas Church & Churchyard

On the right side of the doorway there is a mural monument on the wall, in the form of a sail stretched across an anchor, to the memory of one whose extensive benevolence is worthy of remembrance....

In Memory of John Cushnie, Shipmaster in Aberdeen who died 4th May 1801 aged 72 years. To the honesty and plainness of a Seaman Mr Cushnie united a generous and benevolent Heart. For many years with a narrow income he yet found the means to employ a portion of it in the exercise of Charity: a more affluent fortune occasioned no other change in his original habits than an extension of his liberality: Modest, reserved, and unostentatious, his charities were only made known by those who were the objects of them. Having bestowed in his lifetime large sums in relieving the distresses of the Poor, particularly during the calamitous season of 1799 and 1800, he has left to posterity the example of EXTENSIVE BENEVOLENCE. For having neither family nor near relation, he bequeathed the greater part of his fortune among the various Charitable Institutions in this City and neighbourhood as follows:-


The Society of Shipmasters of Aberdeen for their Poor 500
Said Society for the necessitous Poor and decayed White Fishers of Footdee 200
The Master of the Guild Brethren's Hospital of Aberdeen 500
The Managers of the Infirmary of Aberdeen 300
Said Managers for the Lunatic Hospital 500
Said Managers for the Dispensaries, 200 each 400
The Managers of the Poor's Hospital 500
Said Managers for the Coal Fund 400
Said Managers for the Sunday Schools 400
The Master of the Trades Hospital 200
The Narrowind Society 300
The Shiprow Society 200
The Society of Workmen or Porters, plying on the Quay 100
The Magistrates of Old Aberdeen, for the Poor of that Town 200
The Master of Kirk Work of Aberdeen 200
The Master of Mr Thain's Schools 200
The Managers of the Public Kitchen 100
And to his Exectutors, in trust for the Managers of any Fund to be established in Aberdeen for the support of decayed Women Servants 200

Scottish Notes and Queries, Sept 1887


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Ploughing Match - The Portlethen Ploughing Association held their annual match on the 31st Dec 1867, on the farm of Cookstone, occupied by Mr Walker, Portlethen. The weather was most propitious, and 36 ploughs entered the lists. The judges were - Messrs Taylor, Jellybrands; Milne, Altens of Nigg; and Walker, Westside, Maryculter - who, after a careful examination, awarded the prizes as follows:-

1, and Silver Medal, Wm. Ross, servant, Greenholm; 2, Wm. Smith, overseer, Balquharn; 3, James Lemard, Craighead; 4, W. Leiper, Moss-side, Ardo; 5, John Blackhills, Findon; 7, David Collie, Eskywell; 8, Joseph Thomson, servant, Bishopton; 9, William Stewart, servant, Maitland's Croft, Findon; 10, James Carnegie, servant, Findon Farm; 11, John Strachan, servant, Greenhouse; 12, G Scorgie, Haremoss; 13, J, Stewart, Mains of Badentoy; 14, Robert Paterson, servant, Hillside, Banchory; 15, Robert Milne, Blackhill, Cairnrobin; 16, John Stewart, Mains of Badentoy; 17, Robert Hunter, servant, Marywell.

A very keen competition took place for groomed horses and harness, in both of which there was a fine display. The prizes were decided in the following order:-

1, Jas Lemard, Craighead; 2, Robert Milne, Cairnrobin; 3, Wm Ross, Greenholme; 4, Alex. Finnie, Balquharn; 5, Robert Hunter, Marywell; 6, John Strachan, Greeholme.

Extra prizes were awarded to Wm. Ross for best mould furrow, to Wm. Smith for best feiring, to John Strachan for performing his work in the least time, and to James Stewart as the youngest ploughman. the prize list was much increased by the annual donations:- viz., District Proprietors, the Amateur Ploughing Association, and other friends. The members and judges dined together after the labours of the day, when a very happy evening was spent - Mr Walker, Portlethen, in the chair.

Stonehaven Journal, 9 Jan 1868


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Description of Cowie, Stonehaven & Dunnottar Castle in a letter
from Bishop of Meath to his sister

Montrose, August 6th, 1760

Dear Sister, - On the 5th I left this most agreeable place Aberdeen alone, which I had not been for above seven weeks. In about two English Miles I came to the Bridge over the Dee, and after I had ascended the hill for about a mile, I had a fine road through a very stony country for about three miles, and saw the remains of a small Druid temple, and a mile further two more near each other, the stones are about four feet high.

I passed by a Kern and came in twelve miles to Stonehive, a small well built town of about 150 families; I remarked in the way hither first red granite of Small red grains and afterwards larger, and a sort of firestone in uneven veins running like Cipolino: The small rivers fall in near the Town in this bay, and there is a pier into which a ship of 100 Ton can be brought: If in bad weather they miss Peterhead which is the most convenient harbour in this part of Scotland, they are brought in here, of which the pilots make considerable profit: They have a Salmon fishery and catch Sea fish, Especially at Cowie, which they lay on places paved with stone in order to dry them without Salt:  They knit stockings, and have some linnen manufacture. There is an English Chapel and a Congregation of about 300 Persons in and near the town, for it was the Estate of the Earl of Marischal. Barclay, a Quaker, descendant of him who writ the famous Apology, lives near this place.

On the Sea cliff about a mile from the town is the singular Castle of Dunnotter which belonged to the Marischal family:  It is built on a detatched rock of large pebbles cemented together; the Sea does not come to the West side of it; but it might easily be sunk so as to make it a wet fossee at low water. The ascent is very steep up to the part where the Wall is low enough to be battered to any purpose from a level on the opposite ground:  On each side of the Entrance is an arched room together with some other rooms from which there is an ascent up to the square tower, which is the oldest part; within this is a head of rock extending to the South, on which in the last Civil War they had a battery opposite to that of Cromwel's on the other hill, which we saw with two Embrasures; To the East of this is another building of two rooms on a floor; and beyond that a Room with a large Chimney which extends the whole breadth of it, this is called the Mint and might be also a forge. And in the middle of the court there is an Entire house as if designed for a part of the family:  but the grand and most Modern building is a half H consisting of a brewhouse, bakehouse, Kitchen with a Chimney, likewise the whole breath of it: above is a grand room, a Drawing room & another room from which to the South there is a gallery which extends for about 100 feet in length and 18 broad, over one of the doors to a voult in this inscription - ..... Andrew Barklay. The castle did belong to the Crawford family who Exchanged it with the Earl Marischal for a Seat in Fife.

Tours in Scotland 1747, 1750, 1760, by Richard Pocoke
Bishop of Meath


Aberdeen Journal 30 Sept, 1840

Birth At Don Cottage, on the 27th inst., Mrs Patrick Pirie, of a son.

Died, at Aberdeen, on the 24th current, Mr John Duffus, Advocate there, in the 32nd year of his age.

Died, at Aberdeen, on the 14th inst. Mr Donald MTaggart, late of Montrose, aged 71 years.

Died, on the 18th August last, at No.43, Dee Street, Mrs Mary Garden, widow of the deceased Lewis A Duff, Schoolmaster, Monymusk.

Died, at Easter Balchimmie, Leochel Cushnie, on the 22d inst., after a tedious illness, which she bore with Christian resignation, Janet Forbes, in the 24th year of her age.

Died, at Montrose, on the 10th inst., David, aged nine years; on the 17th, Alexander, aged five years; and on the 20th, William, aged fifteen years, sons of Mr George Robertson, mill-manager, Messrs Richards & Co.s Works. 

 Died, at Calcutta, on 20th June last, aged 32, Mr Farquhar Dallas, Merchant, son of Mr Alex. Dallas, sometime Saddler in Inverness.

On Wednesday afternoon, the brig Walter Hamilton, of this place, laden with lime, in taking the harbour, grounded a little within the breakwater. The vessel in consequence of having made water, took fire. After a good deal of difficulty, the fire was got under, but the injury to the vessel is understood to be considerable.

Belhelvie On the night of the 8th instant, about 12 oclock, a fine brig, from Liverpool, with a cargo of salt and rice, came ashore, in consequence, it is believed, on the thickness of the weather, on the dangerous sands of Belhelvie. Luckily, the accident was observed by the patrol of the Preventative service, and information communicated forthwith to their chief officer. Advice and assistance was immediately afforded; and, through the activity and perserverance of the Coast Guard, and the fisherman of the station, under the direction of Lieut. Tullis, the vessel was lightened of a considerable portion of her cargo, and got off, on the morning of the 11th, without serious damage. Much credit is due to the parties who thus promptly and judiciously tendered their aid; for there cannot be a doubt that, but for their exertions, the vessel would have become a wreck.

At a court, held by the Justices of Peace for Aberdeenshire, on Monday Inst, James Gordon, residing at Ballater, was convicted of trespassing, in pursuit of game, on the hills of Glenernan, belonging to Sir Chas. Forbes, Bart., and fined in the full penalty of two pounds, with costs.

Banff At a Court of Justices held here, on the 19th inst., Alexander Milne, servant to Addison & Stables, Carriers, Keith, was convicted under the Turnpike Act, of driving a cart without the name of the owner painted theron, and was fined in a penalty of ten shillings, with 30 shillings of costs. The court expressed a hope, that the case would be a warning to Milne and others, to take care that the provisions of the act (of which all concerned have been frequently reminded by placards and otherwise) be complied with, otherwise they would feel it their duty to inflict the full penalties.

James Allaster, alias MDonald, an itinerating tinker or bell hanger, was committed to Banff jail, on Friday last, on a charge of assault. The case is under judicial investigation.

Banchory, Sept 9 At a meeting of the committee and members of the Banchory Total Abstinence Society, in the new School-house, the Rev. Charles Ogg, Vice-President of the society, presented to Mr James Henderson, Student, a pair of handsome Wellington Boots, the gift of the tee-total shoemakers residing in the place, as a token of esteem for his character, and acknowledgement of his unwearied labours in the cause.

Melancholy and Fatal Accident On Friday last, while Mr David Morris, Merchant and Farmer, Hopeman, was employed with a horse and cart in leading corn from his fields to the stackyard, the horse became restive, and set off at a furious rate; and as Mr Morris was at the time in the act of getting up on the fore part of the cart, which was empty, the sudden starting of the animal threw him down, and the wheel passing over his head and other parts of his body, he was so severely cut and bruised the he only survived till Tuesday morning. Mr Morris was advanced in years, and has left a wife and family to deplore his melancholy fate. As this is the second fatal accident which has been occasioned by the same animal within only a few months Mr Morris brother-in-law having been killed by him under similar circumstances the sooner he is relieved of the burdens of toils of this world the better.

On Friday last, a fishing boat called the Lark of Grimness, Noble, master, with no person on board, but her sides stove in. It is supposed that this is one of the boats which were driven from their moorings in Orkney during the gale of the 9th inst.

Woman Amissing A year ago, Janet Ross, or Webster, belonging to Whitehills, wandered from her home, and every possible inquiry has been made respecting her; but no trace of her has yet been obtained. She was many years mentally deranged, and frequently went from home. It is conjectured that she is wandering about in some solitary part of the country; and, if that is the case, it is probable that the county police may find her out, and send her to the place of her nativity.

Aberdeen Journal 6 July, 1899

Trinity Cemetery Case - Too Many Coffins in a Grave

On a warrant obtained on behalf of Ellen G. Lawson, domestic servant, near Banff, the lair No. 603, class b, section H, in Trinity Cemetery, was opened yesterday in the presence of Mr Troup, of Messrs Edmonds and Ledingham, advocates, the agents of the Seven Incorporated Trades, who conjointly own the cemetery. There was a good representation of the Convener Court, Messrs A and W Robertson, solicitors, along with two witnesses, attended on behalf of Miss Lawson, the owner of the lair; and her father, Mr William Lawson, 13 Stafford Street, Aberdeen, was also present. The first interment was in 1883, when the 15 year old sister of the lairowner was buried. The grave was not then bought, but a small stone heart was put on it. In 1890 (the predecessor of the present cemetery superintendent) absconded, and, accordingly, Miss Lawson went to Mr Duthie in 1891, and told him that the stone heart was missing. Of course, as the lair had not then been bought, she was not entitled to have the stone on the grave. Miss Lawson bought the grave, and the stone heart having been found, it has remained on the grave ever since. The next interment was that of two children in August, 1893. Since the Nellfield revelations, however, through the information of Charles Clarke, a gravedigger, who had formerly been employed at the cemetery, suspicions were aroused that another coffin - that of an adult - would be found. Had such an interment been entered in the books there would have been no irregularity; but as there was no such entry, if Clarke's statement proved to be well-founded, it pointed to the fact that the former cemetery superintendent had made the interment - which was quite within his rights - but had pocketed the proceeds - which was not.

Punctually at 12 o'clock, operations were begun by Scorgie, one of the Nellfield gravediggers, under the superintendence of Mr Duthie, superintendent. Clarke, the informant, was also present, and amongst other things, stated that at the interment of the two children, he drew attantion to the fact that there was another adult underneath. At a depth of a little over 3ft., the coffins of the two children were raised, and the names read. At 4ft 4in., however, another coffin was struck, and on the name-plate being cleaned, the inscription "William Harrow, aged 49" as read. This, of course, bore out Clarke's statement, but it should be stated that no blame attaches to Mr Duthie, the present cemetery superintendent, and the members of the Convener Court present entirely exonerated him from any knowledge or complicity in the matter. This was fully borne out by Clarke, who, in answer to member of the Convener Court, declared that no irregularity had occurred in Mr Duthie's time.

The coffin was hoisted out, and digging operations resumed. Presently another coffin lid was struck, and another coffin lifted out, which was found to be another extra one. Immediately below, the spade sent fourth a dull sound, which proclaimed another coffin, and the question now arose - Was this the coffin of Miss Lawson's sister, interred in 1883. This was at a depth of 5ft 2in. The application of water failed to disclose the name, only two letters being decipherable. The plate was detached, and handed up for inspection. The letters "A W" were made out by Mr Lawson, who declared himself quite satisfied that the coffin in the bottom of the grave was that of his daughter, Margaret Smith Lawson, 15 years. With the concurrence of all parties present, it was then agreed to put the two children's coffins down first, then two or three feet of earth, and lastly the two extra coffins. Mr Troup will apply for a sherrif's warrant to have the latter removed elsewhere.

After the grave had been refilled, Messrs A. and W Robertson made overtures for a settlement as to damages for interference with the grave, but no arrangement was come to.

Aberdeen Journal 30 June, 1900

Births - M'Adam - At 6 Holland Street, Aberdeen on the 28th inst., Mrs James M'Adam, of a son.

Macdonald - At 14 Brighton Place, Abedeen on the 28th inst., the wife of J C Macdonald, first officer, ss, "Clan Chisholm," of a son.

Milne - At Bona Vista, Stonehaven, on the 29th inst., the wife of James Milne, of a son

Marriages - Begg-Cowie - At the Grand Hotel, Aberdeen, on the 29th inst., by Rev. R H Fisher, B.D., Aberdeen, James Begg, M.A. Public School, Dollar, to Lizzie, daughter of W E Cowie, 45 Skene Terrace, Aberdeen

Deaths - Beddie - At Banks, Strichen, on the 27th inst., Alexander Beddie, aged 75 years. Funeral on Saturday, 30th inst., at 12 noon.

Cameron - At Aberdeen on the 29th inst., Alex. J. W. Cameron, Collector of Customes, aged 52 years - deeply regretted.

Cumming - At Pora, Brazil, on 4th June, 1900, of yellow fever. Thomas Donaldson Cumming, M.B., C.M., aged 27, youngest surviving son of Robert S Cumming, 8 Ferryhill Place, Aberdeen.

Kilgour - At Marybank Cottage, Bankhead, on the 29th inst., Mary Leslie Allan, wife of Peter Kilgour, deeply regretted. Funeral on Tuesday, 3rd July, at two o'clock, to Newhills Churchyard.

Mowat - At the Bush, Peterculter, on the 29th inst., Ann Cowie Reid, widow of David Mowat, manufacturer, Aberdeen, aged 69 years. Funeral on Tuesday, 3rd July, at 1 pm. to Allenvale Cemetery.

Paris - At 19 Cranford Road, Aberdeen, on the 29th inst., after a long and painful illness, born with Christian patience, Allison Martin, beloved wife of James Paris.

Salmond - At 460 Union Street, Aberdeen, on the 28th inst., Robert Salmond, of the late firm of K and J Salmond, Aberdeen. Funeral on Monday, 2nd July, at 2 pm to Allenvale Cemetery.

Taylor - At 10 Orchard Street, Aberdeen, on the 28th inst., John Taylor (Chivas Bros.) aged 71 years. Funeral on Monday, 2nd July, at Three o'clock pm. to St Peter's Cemetery.

Watt - Suddenly, at 70 Great Northern Road, Aberdeen, on the 28th inst., Donald Watt, infant son of William Watt, butcher, aged 5 months.

Aberdeen Journal 11 April, 1881

An Outrageous Piper - At the Aberdeen Sheriff Court on Saturday - before Sheriff Thomson - George Cameron, piper, having no fixed place of abode, was charged with having on 8th April assaultedc his wife on the public road leading to Huntly, and at the same time committed a breach of the peace. He pleaded guilty, stating that he was drunk at the time, and was sent to prison for twenty-one days.

Child Sent to the Industrial School - At the Aberdeen sheriff Court on Saturday, a petition was presented to have a girl, aged twelve, named Elizabeth Mackie Anderson, sent to an Industrial School. The girl had been found begging in the street, and from the statement of Mr Gall, School Board officer, it appeared she had never been at school. Sheriff Thomson ordered her to be sent to the Skene Square Industrial School, and remarked that it seemed to him also important to have the law brought to bear on the father, who was present in Court.

Farmer Found Dead Near Kirriemuir - The body of Mr James Bennett, farmer, Nether Balgay, was found near the river Quharity on Saturday Morning. The deceased left his home in November last in his every day attire, and although search parties endeavoured to trace his whereabouts, and rewards were offered to encourage them, their efforts proved unavailing. On Saturday, John Milne, shepherd, Wester Pearsie, found the body on the Haughs of Pearsie, now cleared of snow, and there seems no doubt that it had been in the river Quharity, and been left where it was found by the overflow during the spate which followed the late storm. Deceased was about 40 years of age, and unmarried.

Accident at a Building Yard - About half-past six o'clock on Saturday morning a somewhat serious accident happened to a workman in the shipbuilding yard of Messrs Hall, Russell, & Co., Footdee. It appears that Francis Roger, labourer, residing in Drum's Lane, was standing on a staging at the side of a vessel in course of construction, directing the hoisting of a large iron plate weighing 14 cwt., when the hoisting appliance gave way, and the plate alighted on the stage. The violent concussion caused Roger to fall to the ground, a distance of 16 feet. When examined, the unfortunate man was found to have sustained serious injuries on his right side and arm. He was conveyed home in a cab, and attended by Dr M'Quihban.

Aberdeen Police Court - At this Court on Saturday - Baillie Hunter on the bench - Francis M'Donagh was fined 5s, with the option of six hours' imprisonment, for having been drunk and incapable on Friday in Castle Street.

Wm M'Kenzie, labourer, was brought up in custody, charged with having contravened the Trespass Act by lodging on the previous night on the stair of a house in Guestrow without the permission of its occupant, Elspet Ellis. He pleaded guilty, and was fined 2s 6d, with the alternative of two hours' imprisonment.

Alexander Diack, mason, residing in Skene Square, was charged with having used profane, obscene, and indecent language in Gilcomston Steps. Accused pleaded not guilty, but was convicted on the evidence of two policemen, and fined 10s 6d, with the alternative of five days imprisonment.

Ann Scott or Gellan, Peacock's Close, pleaded guilty to having created a disturbance on Friday, in the vicinity of Castle Street, and was fined 20s with the option of ten days' imprisonment.

Patrick Welsh, labourer, residing in Castle Street, was charged on remand with having committed a breach of the peace, on Thursday, in the house of Alexander Watson, seaman, East North Street. The complaint further stated that accused had on the same occasion broken a door in the said dwelling-house.

Deaths - At Clayhills, Aberdeen, on the 7th inst., Jane Thomson Moffat, oldest daughter of John Thomson, Auctioneer, aged 39 years.

At 16 Jute Street, Aberdeen, on the 8th inst., Alexander Charles Scott, aged 10 months, son of Alexander Scott, Police Constable, Aberdeen.

At Moss-Side of Allathan, New Deer, on the 7th inst., Jane Leslie, widow of the late George Bruce, farmer, aged 76 years.

Aberdeen Journal 2 February, 1883

Crimond - Fatal Accident - On Saturday week, Mr Wm. Barclay, farmer, Crimongorth, while engaged in putting up a trevis or partition between his horses, unfortunately received such a severe kick from one of them in the region of the abdomen, that after lingering until Monday night he died from the effects.

Death from Burning - A man named James Green, 37 years of age, residing with an uncle, a crofter in the Howemoor Glen of Newmill, Keith, was left on Friday week, reading a book at the fireside, while the other members of the family had been out amongst the cattle. When some of them came in again, the poor man was found lying with his head and left shoulder in the fire and terribly burned. He was immediately put to bed, and medical skill sent for, and Dr George was early in attendance; but the poor man only survived about three hours. He had been subject to fits for eight years, and of course it must have been in one of these that he fell into the fire, and brought his life to so fearful an end.

Stonehaven - Suicide - Shortly after eight o'clock, on Tuesday morning, last week, a gentleman walking on the beach observed the body of a man lying a little way into the water. He immediately gave the alarm, and two men came to his assistance, and dragging the body out, when it was identified as being that of William Hadden, a shoemaker in the town. Deceased had at one time been the inmate of a lunatic asylum, and for a short time back had shown symptoms of returning insanity. A careful watch was kept over him by friends, but on the morning he had managed to elude their vigilance, and was found about half-an-hour afterwards as above stated. Though he must have been only a short time in the water, life to all appearance was extinct. Hadden has left a widow and young child.

Case of Drowning at Wraes, Kennethmont - On Monday week, a young boy, named Alexander Stewart, aged 12 years, was sent by his mother, who resides at Brankston, Insch, to fetch a parcel from Wardhouse Station. The boy not making any appearance after the shades of night had fallen, and his parents knowing he had been subject to fits, fears were entertained of his safety, and a search was at once made for him all through the night, but without the least success. Conscious that something serious had occurred, the serch was kept up in the dim dawn of the following morning, and at last the dead body of the missing child was found in the empty lade which runs from the thrashing-mill at the farm of Wraes, about 350 yards from the water-wheel. The boy is supposed to have taken the nearest way home, by way of Wraes, and to have fallen into the mill lade and been drowned.

Melancholy Accident at Peterculter - On Saturday afternoon, while a boy, about 8 years old, named David Webster Watt, son of George Watt, mill-worker, Peterculter, was amusing himself skating on the dam at Culter Works, the ice broke, and he sank under it. The occurrence was seen by a number of children who gave the alarm, and in a short time a large crowd was collected around the dam, including the father of the drowning boy, who at once rushed on the ice to endeavour to rescue his son, but the ice giving way beneath him, he too sank, and before effectual means of rescue could be obtained, both father and son were drowned. The bodies were only recovered after a boat was procured and launched on the ice, about three quarter of an hour after the sad occurrence. The water at the spot where they sank was from 6 to 7 feet deep. Dr W. Lyon, Waukmill, was present when the bodies were recovered, but all endeavours to resuscitate them were fruitless. Much sympathy is felt in the neighbourhood for the widow and young family who have sustained so sorrowful a bereavement.

Accident at Lawmill, Strathdon - On the morning of Saturday last, the sawmiller got a part of two of his fingers cut off and a third one severely lacerated by allowing his hand to come in contact with the saw. A messenger was immediately despatched for Dr Robb to dress the hand.

Cruden - It is with much regret, the we record the death of Mr John Johnstone, of Moreseat, whose name appeared in our obituary last week. Mr Johnstone's death, occurring as it did after little more than an eight days' illness, has cast a gloom not only over the whole parish, but many other places where he was known and respected as a gentleman of sterling worth and consistent Christian character. His loss will be widely felt indeed. He was emphatically the poor man's friend, and many will feel the want of his sagacious advice and unostentatious aid. Mr Johnstone was an office-bearer in the Free Church here, in the prosperity of which he took a most lively and active interest, and in the courts of which his wise and shrewd counsels and quiet acts of generosity will be specifically missed. We have seldom seen such a manifestation of unaffected and universal sorrow as when the sad tidings of Mr Johnstone's death spread over the district - a striking proof of the high estimation in which he was held by the community. Much sympathy is felt for the widow and four young children, and for his justly-esteemed father, who within a few years has witnessed the removal by death of four beloved member of his family. The funeral, which was a very large one, took place on Tuesday.

Aberdeen Journal 6 January, 1875

Births - At 28 Silver Street, on 31st Dec., the wife of G Smith, Esq., of St Vincent, W.I., of a daughter.

At 17, Woolmanhill, on New-Year's Day, the wife of Mr G R Taylor, of a daughter.

Marriages - At 167 Skene Street West, on the 1st inst., by the Rev. Alexander Spence, D.D., Free St Clement's, Alexander Brown, clothier, to Jeannie, youngest daughter of the late James Shinnie, coachmaker.

At 91 King Street, Aberdeen, on the 30th ult., by the Rev. William Stopani, William Reid, M.A., Mathematical Master, High School, Glasgow, to Isabella, eldest daughter of the late Alexander Gordon, Quill Manufacturer, Aberdeen.

At Wester Beltie, on the 1st inst., by the Rev. Dr Cook, E.C., Kincardine O'Neil, Sergeant James Law, 39th Company, Royal Engineers, certified teacher of the Science and Art Department, School of Military Engineering, Chatham, to Christina, eldest daughter of Mr A Duncan, farmer there.

At Mansefield, Fetteresso, on the 1st inst., by the Rev. John Watt, M.A., minister of the parish, John Duguid, M.A., schoolmaster, Public School, Fetteresso, to Jane, second daughter of the late James Napier, Mills of Allardice, and widow of the late David Milne Stephen, solicitor, Stonehaven.

Deaths - At Ferryhill House, on the 31st ult., Helen Anna, widow of the late Wm. Fisher, Esq.

At 132 West North Street, Aberdeen, suddenly, on the 30th ult., Thomas Ewen, Esq., Advocate.

At 4 Caledonian Place, Aberdeen, on the 1st Jan., Margaret Strachan, relict of James Donald, formerly in Walton, Newhills, aged 77 years.

At 8 Commerce Street, Aberdeen, suddenly, on the 3rd inst., Ann Yule, wife of James Catto, Upper Glen, Dyce, aged 33 years.

At 225 King Street, Aberdeen, on the 1st inst., Janet Glass, widow of Alexander Pratt, Millwright, Aberdeen, aged sixty-eight years.

At 8 Little Belmont Street, on the 5th curt., James Clark, aged 87 years.

At 44 North Broadford, on the 25th ult., Thomas Fotheringham, Overseer, Broadford Works, aged 51 years.

At Aberdeen, at his father's residence, on the 1st inst., Mr David Baillie, aged 29 years, of Messrs T. B. Hall & Co., grain and manure merchants, Newcastle-on-Tyne.

At Birkhall, on the 24th ult., Catherine Yeoman, aged 36, eldest daughter of William Yeoman, Wood Forester, Birkhall.

At Bogs of Laithers, Turriff, on the 2nd inst., Jane Cruickshank, the beloved wife of Mr William Dawson, Home Farm, Gordon Castle, Fochabers.

At Kirk Street, Oldmeldrum, on 16th Dec., William Ramsay, Painter.

At Woodend of Straloch, on the 4th inst., Johanna Amy, youngest daughter of John Cassie, Farmer there.

At 39 Merchant Street, Peterhead, on the 5th inst., Mr George Catto, merchant.

At Stonehaven, on the 28th ult., Ann, relict of David Hunter, Carpenter, Aberdeen, aged 50.

At Seymore, Canada West, in November last, John Pirie, Farmer, aged 52, formerly of Old Deer, Aberdeenshire.

At Sierra Leone, on the 27th November, William Webster, chief officer of the African mail s.s. "Soudan" aged 38, son of the late John G Webster, of Aberdeen.

At sea, on the 30th November, of fever, William Forsyth, second officer of the British and African Company's steamer "Bonny," eldest son of the late William Forsyth, mail guard, Aberdeen.

Woman Found Dead - About eight o'clock on Friday morning, a woman, named Elizabeth Sim, 48 years of age, residing in Farquhar's Court, Upperkirkgate, was found lying on the floor of her dwelling dead. She, along with some others, had been spending the night in a house in Berry Lane, and, returning home about three o'clock, had lain down on the floor.

Loss of a Schooner at Fraserburgh - Between three and four o'clock on Sunday afternoon, during a heavy gale from west-south-west, a schooner, deeply laden, under press of canvas, supposed to be about 100 tons register, was observed to founder about four miles off Kinnaird Head. The vessel had white-painted ports. She was in the act of wearing when she was struck by a squall, which caused her to lurch to the starboard and upset. She suddenly disappeared with all hands. Several other vessels were in the offing at the time.

Disturbance at Railway Station - Before Sheriff Comrie Thomson, on Thursday, Alex. Thomson, mason, pleaded guilty to creating a row at Kintore Railway Station on Wednesday last. He struck and shoved a farm servant named Ogston, and would not desist although repeatedly warned by the stationmaster. A fine of 2 was imposed.

Theft of Railway Tickets - At the Police Court on Thursday, William Mackenzie, a tailor, a young lad of about 14 years (said to belong to Dundee), who has been working at the quays during the past few weeks, pleaded guilty to stealing a number of railway tickets from the Caledonian ticket-office, Joint Station, Aberdeen. He was sentenced to ten days' imprisonment, and five years in the Oldmill Reformatory.

Boy Sent to the Reformatory - Before Sheriff Comrie Thomson on Thursday, George Finlay (13), from the parish of New Deer, was charged with falsehood, fraud, and wilful imposition, in so far as that he had gone to the shop of Alexander Milne, merchant, and represented that John Strachan had sent him to get a pair of leather leggins, and that Strachan would pay for them. Findlay admitted having cheated the merchant and having stated that his uncle, a crofter in the neighbourhood, would pay for them. A letter was read from his mother stating that the boy was quite beyond her control, and she would be glad if he could be sent to the Reformatory. The Sheriff thought it would be the best plan, and accordingly sent him ten days to prison, thereafter to be detained five years in the Oldmill Reformatory.

Aberdeen Journal 6 January, 1900

Births - Shivas - At 15 Belmont Road, Aberdeen, on the 5th, January, the wife of Wm. Shivas, of a daughter

Marriages - Brown-Reid - At Northern Hotel, Kittybrewster, on 2nd January, by the Rev. A J Chrystall, Free Church, Bucksburn, George Brown, compositor, to Leah Wallace, second daughter of James Reid, Ivorie Cottage, Bankhead

Edward-Murray - At the Club Hotel, Aberdeen, on the 4th inst., by the Rev. Robert Slessor, M.A., Trinity Established Church, John Edward, stevedore, Aberdeen, to Lizzie, eldest daughter of James Murray, 73 Westburn Road, Aberdeen.

Deaths - Burr - At Cairnlee, Cults, on the 5th inst., Mary, widow of John Burr, Inverurie, and daughter of the late Alexander Hosie, Middleton of Balquhine, aged 76 years.

Frost - At 88 King Street, Aberdeen, on the Eve of the Epiphany (January 5th), Robert Frost, aged 83.

Jackson - Killed in action at the Tugela, December 15th, Alex. R Jackson, Imperial Light Horse, second son of the late Alex. Jackson, M.D., Edinburgh, and of Mrs Jackson, 108 Baronscourt Road, West Kensington, and grandson of the late James Shand, surgeon, Turriff.

M'Pherson - at Fernbank, Methlick, on 2nd inst., after a short illness, Annie Isabella M'Pherson, teacher, Methlick, aged 21 years, eldest daughter of John M'Pherson, traffic agent, N.B.R., 140 Land Street, Keith.

Mitchell - At 721 Great Northern Road, Woodside, on the 4th inst., Margaret Martin, aged 59 years, beloved wife of William Mitchell - deeply mourned.

Death of An Old Episcopalian - The death occurred yesterday morning at his residence, 88 King Street, of Mr Robert Frost, probably the oldest Episcopalian in Aberdeen, Mr Frost, who had reached the ripe age of 83, came of one of the oldest Episcopalian families in Aberdeen, his ancestors being the Frosts whose names stand first in the Episcopal register of St John's of nearly 200 years ago. After beginning life as a shoemaker, he commenced business as a newsagent many years ago in King Street, in which thoroughfare he has been practically all his life. Mr Frost was a very intelligent man, and this, combined with his kindly disposition, made his acquaintances prize his friendship. He was a devoted member of St Andrew's Episcopal Church. Mrs Frost deceased him, but he is survived by a son, who is an artist's engraver in London, and two daughters, one of whom is married to Rev. J. H. Shepherd, Muthill, Perthshire, while the other has been conducting the business in King Street for some time.

Miss Hutcheon, Aberdeen, was yesterday appointed an assistant teacher in Clepington School, Dundee.

Mr Proctor, Invercauld Arms Hotel, gave a Christmas box to each of the porter and clerks at the Ballater Railway Station.

Fire in Aberdeen - By a fire which broke out yesterday morning in the shop of Mr John Knowles Milne, stationer and printer, Windmill Brae, damage to the extent of about 30 was done. The fire was discovered by Mr Francis Christie Chalmers, grocer, 16 Great Western Road, who was passing at the time, and he, along with some others, at once took steps to have the flames extinguished, which they die by means of pailfuls of water. The fire had originated by a can of roller composition overboiling on a gas stove, whre it had been placed a short time previously by Mr Milne. Damage was done to a quantity of printing paper on a shelf, to a table near the stove, to boxes containing machine rollers, to a wooden partition between the front and back shops, and to several panes of glass. The shop and shop fittings are insured. The property belongs to Mr J W Reid, auctioneer and valuator, 41 Forest Road.

William Smith, Advocate, Canada House, Aberdeen, having been appointed Curator Bonis to Mrs Ann Berry or Sinclair, Widow, lately residing at 50 Don Street, Old Aberdeen, now an inmate of the Royal Lunatic Asylum, Aberdeen, requests that all claims against her be lodged by the 185h inst., with him, to whom all debts due to her should be pain within the same period.

All person having claims against the late John Stewart Frazer, Tea Planter, who resided at No. 45 Stanley Street, Aberdeen, are requested to lodge them with the Subscribers within Ten Days from this date, to whom also those indebted to the deceased will please make payments within the like period. Gray and Kellas, Solicitors, 35a Union Street, Aberdeen.

Aberdeen Journal 5 April, 1892

Deaths - Suddenly, at 13 Waverley Place, Aberdeen, on the 31st ult., Alexander Nicolson, baker, aged 55 years.

At Morningfield Hospital, Aberdeen, on the 30th ult., Mary M'Ivor, widow of William Sangster, Seaman, Aberdeen.

At 42 Thomson Street, Aberdeen, on the 31st March, Robert Morton, aged 32 years, traveller to Lawson, Turnbull, & Co.

At 65 Rosemount Viaduct, Aberdeen, on the 31st ult., Margaret Cockburn, widow of the late James Arkle, aged 66 years.

On the 31st ult., at her daughter's (Mrs Taylor's) house, 37 Spa Street, Margaret Mackie or Ross, in the 86th year.

At 95 George Street, Aberdeen on the 31st ult., George Rae, horseshoer, aged 55 years.

At 75 Chapel Street, Aberdeen, on the 31st ult., Elspet Clark, relict of James Findlay, Pettymuck, Udny, aged 85 years.

At Gourdieburn, Belhelvie, on the 31st ult., George Thomson, farmer, aged 59 years.

At Auchlee, Portlethen, on the 31st March, Mary Robertson, widow of the late George Watt, late of Blaikiewell, Maryculter, aged 84 years.

At New York on the 31st ult., John Fraser Work, eldest son of Robert Garland Work, shipmaster, Cardiff, late of Aberdeen, aged 21 years.

Fire at Woodside - Shortly before four o'clock yesterday morning, Sergeant Garrow observed that fire had broken out in a stable in Gaelic Lane, Woodside, belonging to Geo. Walton, carter. The sergeant at once telephoned to the Central Police Office, and the fire brigade were called out. Ere it was possible, however to cover the great distance from the central fire station to Woodside the flames had obtained a firm hold of the building, which was burned down before they were extinguished. Fortunately there were no horses in the stalls at the time, but a quantity of straw and a few sets of harness were destroyed. The stable was a wooden erection about 30 feet long and 18 wide. It is not know by what means the fire originated.

Funeral of Mr George Yule, - At Stonehaven - Yesterday the remains of Mr George Yule (Manchester and Calcutta) were interred in Dunnottar Churchyard. Mr Yule was a native of Stonehaven, and served his apprenticeship with his father as a draper in the town. He left for Manchester when a young man, and his perseverance and business aptitude soon gained him a position as an Indian merchant. Most of his life was spent in Calcutta, where he was appointed a sheriff, and also held the position of president of the Calcutta Chamber of Commerce. As sheriff he was entitled to a pension, and this and his own private resources were spent in promoting education among the natives. In 1888 he was elected president of the Indian National Congress, and delivered an able speech on the occasion. The deceased made no fewer than 24 voyages to and from India, his last arrival in this country being in February, when he was in ill-health. He grew gradually worse, and died in London on Saturday in his 63rd year.

Aberdeen Journal 2 July, 1894

Births - At 265 Union Grove, on the 29th ult., the wife of C F Palmer, of a daughter.

Marriages - At the Grand Hotel, Aberdeen, on the 30th ult., by the Rev. W M Clow, B.D., William D M'Lean, Hanover Street Public School, to Emilie, daughter of James M'Leod, Esq., Kentville, Nova Scotia.

At the Bon-Accord Hotel, Aberdeen, on the 29th ult., by the Rev. Mr Allan, Bankhead Parish Church, David P Thom, marine engineer, 121 Barron Street, Woodside, to Kate R Kemp, second daughter of John Kemp, 86 Auchmill.

At 324 King Street, Aberdeen, on the 29th ult., by the Rev. F R Barry, Free North Church, Alexander Sinclair, stonecutter, to Nellie, elder daughter of James Duncan.

At the Palace Hotel, Aberdeen, on the 28th ult., by the Rev. Dr Mitford Mitchell (one of Her Majesty's Chaplains for Scotland), assisted by the Rev. A J Chrystall, F.C., Buxburn, John Ironside, wine merchant, Aberdeen, to Christian Murray, second daughter of the late William Mitchell, engineer, Aberdeen.

Deaths - Suddenly at 23 Beaconsfield Place, Aberdeen, on the 30th ult., Alexander Porter, commercial traveller.

At 288 Holburn Street, on the 30th ult., Caroline Masson, relict of the late John Nicol, Aberdeen.

At Scindia Villa, Woodside, on the 1st inst., Mary Dunbar, wife of John Shand, engineer.

At 4 Burns Road, Aberdeen, on 1st inst., Annie, eldest daughter of William Hadden, late of Dunecht, aged 26.

At Whiteknowes, Corse, on the 30th ult., Charles Craib, farmer, inspector of poor, and clerk of the School Board of Leochel-Cushnie.

At Gardens Cottage, Oldmeldrum, on the 29th ult., Robert Bothwell, bathman, Glen Garioch Distillery, aged 71 years.

At Delab, Monymusk, on the 28th ult., John Frost, farmer, in his 68th year.

Sad Fatality at the Baths - Adolphus J Besson (18), son of George Besson, 17 Jasmine Terrace, died under somewhat melancholy circumstances in Aberdeen Public Baths, Constitution Street, on Saturday afternoon. The lad had been bathing in the pond, and after he came out, and on his way to his dressing box spoke to a companion, who observed nothing wrong with him. A minute or two later a bather opened the door of Beeson's box, mistaking it for his own, and he was horrified to find Beeson lying on the floor in an unconscious state. Medical aid was at once summoned, and Dr J M'Kenzie Munro, assistant to Dr Robertson, was speedily in attendance, Dr Robertson quickly following. Meantime every effort had been made to restore animantion, but the medical men pronounced life to be extinct. Death was due to apoplexy. Deceased was an apprentice joiner with Messrs Hall, Russell, & Co.

An Aberdeen Divorce Case - Proof was led on Saturday before Lord Stormonth Darling in an undefended action of divorce by Mrs Mary Rothnie or Macpherson, Claremont Street, Aberdeen, against her husband, David Macpherson. Pursuer said she was married to defender in 1885. He was at that time a gentleman's valet and afterwards a waiter in Aberdeen. In 1888 he went as a steward on a London boat, and in December sailed with the Australasian. It was understood when he left that she was to go out to him, but she had not funds, and he never sent any. She had two children to support. He wrote asking her to write him at the Post-Office, Melbourne. She wrote, but got no answer, and had not heard from him since 1889. She was at present stewardess on a boat between  Leith and Aberdeen. The captain of the Australasian spoke to defender leaving the ship at Melbourne, and said he saw him a year afterwards, and gave him his wife's address. Decree of divorce was granted.

 Laurencekirk - The members of B Company 5th V.B.G.H. held the last of their monthly competitions on Saturday. Conditions - seven shots at 200 and 500 yards. Scores:- Class A - Corpl. Dunbar, 55 pts; Sergeant J Scott, 53; Private P Anderson, 53; Colour-Sergeant M'Ewan, 51; Private Gibb, 49. Class B - Private Robertson, 36; Private Dallas, 33.

Aberdeen Journal 1 August, 1888

Births - At 18 Watson Street, Aberdeen, on the 31st ult., Mrs Robert Ledingham, of a son.

Deaths - At 5 St Clement's Place, Aberdeen, on the 30th ult., after a long and painful illlness, James M'Kenzie, aged 16 years, eldest son of James M'Kenzie, boilermaker.

Fatal Accident at Blair Athole - Yesterday, Donald Fraser, pointman at Blair Athole, a native of Inverness, was accidentally killed by a goods train while shunting operations were going on. Deceased leaves a wife and family.

Death of a Ross-shire Minister - The death is announced of the Rev. Mr M'Kinnon, Free Church minister, Nigg, Ross-shire, formerly of Edinburgh. Mr M'Kinnon succumbed to an attack of inflammation of the lungs. In Edinburgh he was assistant to the Rev. Dr M'Lachlan.

Elgin - Smart Apprehension - On Monday forenoon Mr Matthew, superintendent of the Elgin Burgh Police, received a telegram from Mr Haig, chief constable, Banffshire, intimating that a fisherman named Hugh Mackay, hailing from Sutherlandshire, who had stolen about 30s and a pair of seaman's boots, &c., in Banff, had left Elgin per the early morning train en route for Sutherlandshire. Before the telegram reached Mr Matthew the train had arrived at Elgin, but the police having gone to the Highland Station, found luggage answering the description. When Mackay came to claim it he was apprehended and lodged in prison. He was in the course of the day handed over to the Banffshire Police and conveyed to Banff, where he was tried and sentenced to 21 days imprisonment.

Rothes - Carriage Accident - While Mr Mackenzie, of the Phough Hotel, Elgin, was driving a commercial traveller from Elgin to Rothes  yesterday afternoon, the trace slipped out and the horse bolted. Mackenzie was thrown out and hurt about the head and legs. The traveller jumped from the conveyance and escaped without injury. The horse ran through the town, and was captured by Mr John Fraser, ostler at the Grant Arms Hotel.

Dufftown - Child Drowned - A little girl named Isabella M'Donald Innes, aged 1 years, was accidentally drowned in the Auchindoun mill lade, Dufftown, on Friday. It appears she followed some ducks to the water, fell in, and there being a strong current at the time she was carried down about 600 yards, and was found hanging by the rack of the mill. Dr Innes was called, and found life to be extinct. Much sympathy is felt for the mother in her sad bereavement, her husband being at present in America.

Methlick - Prizes for Cottage Gardening - The judges have now awarded the prizes offered by the Highland and Agricultural Association in this district for the best kept cottages and best kept and cropped cottage gardens. The following are the prize takers:- For Cottages - 1 William Hutcheon, Tangland; 2 Arthur Forbes, Tangland. Gardens - 1 Hugh Smith, Thornroan; 2 Arthur Forbes.

Aberdeen Journal 17 February, 1882

Births - At Invererne Road, Forres, on the 11th inst., the wife of Donald Fraser Mackintosh, engine driver, of a daughter.

At 238 High Street, Elgin, on the 9th inst., the wife of William Inch, engineer, of a son.

At Nairn, on the 14th inst., the wife of Captain Charles Inglis, of a son.

At the Free Manse, Cults, on the 15th inst., the wife of the Rev. R. W. Barbour, of a son.

At 2 Pearse Street, Brechin, on the 15th inst., the wife of Rev. Thomas L Ritchie, East Free Church, Brechin, of a son.

Marriages - At New Elgin, on the 11th inst., by the Rev R Macpherson, Mr William Munro, contractor, to Margaret, daughter of Donald Grant, contractor.

At Bognisourle, Strichen, on the 15th inst., by the Rev Charles Stewart, Strichen, Thomas Ormiston Forbes, Horse-hirer, Auchinblae, to Lizzie Jane, daughter of Mr James Cranna, commercial traveller, Sydney.

Deaths - At Nicol Place, Forres, on the 7th inst., Donald Munroe, late farmer Wardend, in his eighty-first year.

At Gray's Hospital, Elgin, on the 14th inst., Thomas Smith, Chelsea pensioner, aged 61 years.

At Gray's Hospital, Elgin, George Bird, from Alves, aged 50.

At Abbey Street, Elgin, on the 15th inst., Mrs Margaret Murray or Harold, widow of the late James Harold, farmer, Easter Unthnbank, Duffus.

At 6 Hanover Street, Aberdeen, on the 16th inst., Robert Campbell, infant son of Robert Weyms, flesher, aged two months.

At 6 Charlotte Street South, Aberdeen, on the 16th inst., Ann Harvey, the beloved wife of William Henderson, aged 41 years.

The Collision at Peterhead - Mr John Henderson, Aberdeen, who was somewhat severely injured by the colliding of the passenger train with the goods train near Peterhead Station on Wednesday, is not progressing favourably, having been worse yesterday. Dr Will, Aberdeen, the railway company's medical officer, visited Peterhead, and examined the injured passenger. George Milne, contractor, North Street, Peterhead, is slowly recovering.

School Board Prosecution - In the Aberdeen Sheriff Court yesterday - before Sheriff Comrie Thomson, Mary Mackenzie or Cumming, 39 Spital, was charged at the instance of the School Board of Old Machar, under the Education (Scotland) Act, with neglecting the education of her children, Alexander (12), James (10), William (9), and Adam (7). The prosecution was conducted by Mr Hugh M'Lennan, advocate, clerk to the Board, accused said Alexander had passed Standard II; he was three standards behind. None of the others had passed any standard. Alexander had made 68 out of 122 attendances; James 5 out of the same number; William 57, and Adam 57. She had been called on 19 times. She had been 3 times before the School Board, and was before the Court on 20th June, 1881 and the case continued till October, when the attendance became regular to the end of the session. It then became irregular again. She had 5s from the Parochial Board and the education of the children was paid for. The Sheriff said it was with great difficulty that he abstained form sending the accused to prison. She was not like a woman working for her living and away all day, with no one to look after the children. She was not probably now working, although she had been receiving relief from the parish, but she was perfectly able to look after her children. Accused - I be your pardon. The Sheriff, continuing - And she had been shown a great deal of forbearance, for it was a remarkable fact that in the few months she had probation last year the children went to school with perfect regularity. She must pay 10s, with 10s of expenses, with the alternative of seven days imprisonment, if the penalty was not paid within seven days. 

Aberdeen Journal 16 November, 1898

Births - Allan - At 3 Fraser Street, Aberdeen, on the 13th last, the wife of William Allan, mason, of a son.

Bennett - At 6 Queen's Terrace, Aberdeen, on the 10th inst., the wife of J C Bennett, advocate in Aberdeen, of a daughter.

Brown - At 15 Claremont Street, Aberdeen, on 9th inst., the wife of R C Brown, of a daughter

Findlay - At 59 Desswood Place, Aberdeen, on the 8th inst., Mrs R A Findlay, of a daughter

Fordyce - At 23 Great Western Place, Aberdeen, on the 6th inst., the wife of James Fordyce, tailor, of a daughter

Galt - At 96 Walker Road, Torry, on the 10th inst., the wife of John Galt, police constable, of a daughter

Henry - At 59 Menzies Road, Torry, Aberdeen, on the 7th inst., the wife of W Henry, G.N.S.R., of a son.

Reilley - At Pearl Cottage, Great Northern Road, Aberdeen, on the 9th inst., the wife of Nicholas Reilley, granite merchant, of a son.

Stewart - At Bridge View, Aboyne, on 12th inst., the wife of Henry Stewart, of a daughter.

Walker - At Prospect Cottage, Banff, on 9th inst., Mrs W J B Walker, of a son.

Marriages - Allan-Merson - At the Victoria Hall, Skene Terrace, Aberdeen, on the 11th inst., by the Rev. A D Donaldson, David Allan to Jeannie, youngest daughter of John Merson, seaman.

Anderson-Morrison - At Kintore Arms Hotel, Inverurie, on the 9th inst., by the Rev. James Smith, St George's-in-the West, Aberdeen, David Anderson, china merchant, Aberdeen, to Jeanie Ann, second daughter of George Morrison, Mosehead, Durno, Pitcaple.

Clarke-Gammie - At Cafe Royal, Aberdeen, on the 9th inst., by Rev. William Ross, George M Clarke, draper and postmaster, Cullen, to Phenie, third daughter of the late William L Gammie, merchant, Cullen.

Geater-Yeats - At Trades Council Buildings, Aberdeen, on 11th inst., by the Rev. William Brebner, minister of Gilcomston Parish, John Geater to Evelyn Bothwell, Elder daughter of Andrew Yeats, 4 Summerhill Terrace.

Gray-Grub - A the Royal Hotel, Aberdeen, on the 11th inst., by the Rev. D G Fairley, St Paul's U.P. Church, George Gray, warehouseman (Kilgour and Walker, Limited), to Aggie, fourth surviving daughter of the late Alexander Grub, baker, Aberdeen.

Silver Wedding - M'Leod-Brown - At Bon-Accord Street, Aberdeen, on the 14th November, 1873, by the late Rev. George Macdonald, Free St Columba, John M'Leod, cooper, Helmsdale, to Isabella, only daughter of Andrew Brown, St Andrews, Fifeshire. Present Address - 50 Victoria Road, Torry.

Deaths - Adams - At 269 George Street, Aberdeen, on 10th inst., Ann Dinnie, beloved wife of William D Adams, insurance agent, aged 59 years.

Alexander - At 39 View Terrace, Aberdeen, on the 8th inst., Aggie ("Nessie"), aged 12 months, only daughter of Adam and Aggie Alexander - sadly missed.

Baxter - At 14 Marywell Street, Aberdeen, on the 13th current, Elizabeth Esson, widow of the late Francis Baxter, aged 73 years.

Black - At Livingstonia Cottage, Bucksburn, on the 13th inst., Isabella Grant, widow of the late Alex. Black, Rayne, aged 82 years.

Bonner - At Stuartfield, on the 11th inst., Andrew Bonner, blacksmith, aged 86 years.

Boyne - At 17 Charlotte Place, Aberdeen, on the 6th inst., John, the dearly beloved twin son of William and Maggie Boyne, aged 10months - deeply regretted.

Booth - At 23 Watson Street, Aberdeen, on the 6th inst., Sarah Pirie, widow of Robert Booth, aged 68 years.

Bruce - At 88 Commerce Street, Fraserburgh, on 7th inst., William Bruce, fishcurer, in the 87th year of his age.

Bruce - At 12 Clarence Road, Gunnersbury, Chiswick, London, on the 6th inst., James Bruce, a native of Newmachar, aged 94 years.

Calder - At Heugh Head, Kincardine O'Neil, on 14th inst., William Calder, aged 58 years.

Cameron - At his residence, 7 St Catherine Street, Banff, on the 10th inst., Findlay Cameron, late of Inland Revenue, aged 68.

Craigmyle - At 48 Salisbury Terrace, Aberdeen, on the 7th inst., John Reid Levack Craigmyle, twin son of R Craigmyle, aged 1 year and 11 months.

Crombie - At 65 Duthie Terrace, Aberdeen, on the 11th.

Doig - At 52 Constitution Street, Aberdeen, on the 13th inst., James Doig, late army pay department aged 71 years.

Ewing - At 44 Gerrard Street, Aberdeen, on the 11th inst., Catherine Murray, widow of the late Alexander Ewing, machineman, aged 28 years.

Forsyth - Suddenly, at 51 York Street, Aberdeen, on the 13th inst., Alexander L Forsyth, wood merchant, Bon-Accord Saw Mills, aged 37 years.

Gordon - At Slackdale, Turriff, the residences of her mother, on the 9th inst., Agnes Isabella Chapman, wife of William Fowlie Gordon, Broomhills, Fraserburgh, and fourth daughter of the late John Chapman, Bonnytownhill, Aberlour.

Grant - Suddenly, at 14 Craigie Street, Aberdeen, on the 13th inst., "Littey Billy," eldest son of William and Magdalene Grant, aged 4 years and 6 months.

Hall - William Hall, Hall Field, Newhills, died here, Monday, 14th inst.

Humble - At Gowanlee, Broomhill Road, Aberdeen, on the 9th inst., Helen Agnes, youngest daughter of John Humble

Inglis - At 48 Commerce Street, Aberdeen, on the 8th inst., Alexander Spence Mackay, youngest son of John Inglis, aged 1 year and 9 months

Johnston - At the City Hospital, Aberdeen, on the 5th inst., Adam, dearly loved son of Adam and Maggie Johnston.

Laird - At 78 Broomhill Road, Aberdeen, on the 10th inst., Little Bella, beloved child of William and Elsie Laird, aged 17 months - sadly missed.

Lawson - At Ordhead, Cluny, on the 6th inst., Charles Lawson, merchant, aged 90 years.

Low - At 8 Back Street, Peterhead, on 14th inst., Benjamin Low, aged 62, long in the employ of Wm. Mackenzie, publisher, Aberdeen.

M'Kenzie - At 21 Nellfield Place, Aberdeen, on the 8th inst., Kenneth, eldest son of Kenneth M'Kenzie, stonecutter, aged 19 years - deeply regretted.

Mair - At Ellenville, Woodside, on the 13th inst., Jane Rae, widow of the late George Mair, Haudagain, aged 68 years.

Middleton - At 3 Urquhart Street, Aberdeen, on the 9th inst., Margaret Matthew, the beloved wife of Robert Middleton, ironmoulder, aged 41 years.

Milne - At 610 George Street, Aberdeen, on the 9th inst., May Dow, widow of Alexander Milne, market gardener, Burnside, Stocket, in her 83rd year.

Nicol - At 32 Commerce Street, Aberdeen on 12th inst., Greig Nicol, aged 20 years, youngest son of James Nicol, Aberdeen Storage Company.

Paterson - At Belnacraig, Glenbucket, on 8th inst., George Paterson, aged 64.

Reid - At Bonnethill, Keith, the residences of her father, on the 10th inst., Sarah Geddes, wife of Robert Reid, 93 Huntly Street, Aberdeen - deeply regretted.

Rioch - Suddenly, at 7 Barclay Street, Stonehaven, on the 5th inst., Jane Ross, widow of the late James Rioch, joiner.

Robertson - Suddenly, at 55 Gallowgate, Aberdeen, on the 14th inst., Elizabeth Robertson, youngest daughter of the late Thomas Robertson, Meethill, Peterhead, aged 76 years.

Spring - At Elsick, on the 7th inst., Alexander Spring, aged 48 years.

Thomson - At 33 Clarence Street, Aberdeen, on the 11th inst., after a long illness, George Thomson, late foreman, Aberdeen Breakwater

Walker - At Albion Cottage, Kemnay, on the 11th inst., Jane Smith, widow of the late John Walker, Grant Arms Hotel, Monymusk - sadly missed.

Warner - At 297 Holburn Street, Aberdeen, on the 11th inst., Margaret Robertson, widow of the late Thomas Warner, London.

Watson - At 109 High Street, Old Aberdeen, on the 12th inst., Ann Pirie, widow of the late James Watson, salmon fisher, Bridge of Don, aged 73.

Watson - At 27 Osborne Place, Aberdeen, on the 12th inst., Maggie, second daughter of the late A G Watson, merchant, Aberdeen, aged 15 years.

Wilken - At 9 Diamond Street, Aberdeen, on the 12th inst., Robert Abernethy Franklin Wilken, teacher of music, aged 22.

Young - At Cloisterseat, Udny, on the 13th inst., Ann Mary Howie, aged 26 years, wife of James Young, jun.

 Gallant Rescue at Aberdeen Harbour - A gallant rescue was effected at Aberdeen Harbour late on Sunday Night. It appears that Mr Robert Walker, fishcurer, from his house at Pocra Pier, heard cries for help coming from the channel, and, on going out, saw a man struggling in the water. Along with John Morrice, fisherman, he at once manned a boat, and after some difficulty, owing to the extreme darkness of the night, got hold of, and rescued the man, who was taken to the captain pilot's house, and there brought round. He gave his name as Gregor Cameron (50), saddler, 2 Frederick Street, and said that he had fallen in at Point Law while chasing his hat, which had blown off. Had the help come a minute later in all probability Cameron would have been drowned, as a strong current was running seaward.

 Disappearance of a Young Lady - Considerable anxiety is being felt regarding the whereabouts of Miss Maggie M Stephen, teacher, Lumsden Public School. The young lady had been feeling somewhat ill, and on Friday, 4th inst., seeing the work of the school for the week was over, she told Mrs Grant, of the Old Manse, with whom she resided, that she intended going to Aberdeen to consult a doctor. On the evening of that day, she accordingly left Lumsden for the railway station at Gartly, being accompanied part of the way by two lady friends. At Gartly, where she was recognised, she booked for Aberdeen, but from that time she has not been heard of. Whether she actually entered the train is not definitely known; but, if she did, the probability is that she left it before reaching the city. Every effort has been made to discover trace of her, but, so far, without success; and, as more than a week has now elapsed since she disappeared, her relatives and friends are naturally filled with anxiety and no little apprehension. There is a possibility that Miss Stephen may have wondered from Gartly or some other station between that place and Aberdeen into the a part of the country where she is unknown, and that, although she may be in safe keeping, she may be unable, on account of her illness, to give information as to her identity. Miss Stephen is a young lady of about medium height, with reddish hair, and dark brown eyes. She wore a black skirt and silk blouse of the same colour, a long green coat, and a plain black felt hat. She had also a dark brown muff, and carried an old-fashioned gold watch and chain. Information which may lead to the discovery of the young lady's whereabouts will be gladly received by her brother, Mr Stephen, restaurateur, King Street, Aberdeen.

Accidental Poisoning - An extraordinary case of accidental poisoning happened at Fraserburgh shortly after five o'clock on Monday morning. John M'Intosh, aged 27, a pedlar, residing in School Street, had for a day or two previously been suffering acute pain from a gumboil. He went to a druggist on Saturday, and purchased two doses of laudanum, saying it was for a horse. These doses, it appears, he had taken himself, but still feeling unwell, on Sunday he sent a messenger for a further quantity of the opiate. After having taken this, he fell asleep. Showing no signs of awakening after a lengthened period of sleep, those in the house became alarmed, and a messenger was despatched for Dr Beddie. The doctor speedily arrived, and for five hours applied restoratives, but despite all his skill and efforts, M'Intosh never rallied, and expired at the hour mentioned above.

Aberdeen Journal 7 September, 1886

Births - At 23 Castle Street, Aberdeen, on the 5th inst., the wife of William M'Leod, of a daughter.

At Pitmedden, Dyce, on the 6th inst., the wife of the Rev. Andrew Doak, Free Trinity Church, Aberdeen, of a daughter.

At 72 Loch Street, Aberdeen, on the 6th inst., the wife of George M'Andrew, of a son.

Deaths - On the 5th inst., at 3 Albyn Place, Aberdeen, Jane, youngest daughter of the late Adam Cumine, Esq., of Rattray, Aberdeenshire.

At 15 St Mary's Place, Aberdeen, on the 3rd Inst., Margaret Rennie, aged 77 years, relict of Robert Anderson, farmer, Mosstown, Craigellie, Lonmay.

At Adelaide Cottage, 3 Balmoral Terrace, Aberdeen, on the 6th inst., Alfred Philip Bertram, fourth son of J A M'Pherson, chief engineer of s.s. Mercedes, of London, aged one year and two months.

At 36 Catherine Street, Aberdeen, on the 6th inst., Barbara Isabella, youngest daughter of John Rennie, cabinetmaker, aged three years and four months.

At Burnside House, on 6th inst., aged 8 months, James, youngest son of John A Huggan.

At the Manse, Fortrose, Ross-shire, on the 3rd inst., the Rev. Robert O Young, aged 82 years.

Suddenly, at 18 Jute Street, Aberdeen, Jane Ruddiman, dearly beloved wife of William Tough - deeply regretted. Haemorage of the brain. By post-mortem examination.

At 1 Station Road, Inverurie, on the 6th inst., Annabella, infant daughter of E Alexander, agent, Aberdeen Commercial Company, aged 5 weeks.

Criminal Assault at Torry - Yesterday, in Stonehaven Sheriff Court - before Hon. Sheriff Annadale - James Will (32), labourer, St Peter's Place, Spital, Aberdeen, was charged with having indecently assaulted a girl aged 15, at Torry, on the 3rd September. The Sheriff said the assault was of a very aggravated description, and sent Will to prison for 21 days.

Stonehaven - The Wrecked Trawler - The steam trawler Prince Alfred was brought within 100 yards of the harbour entrance on Sunday night, and now lies in 12 feet of water, with her deck dry at low tide. Yesterday a commencement was made to remove the deck fittings, and today steam pumps will be erected on the wreck for the purpose of clearing the water out of the hold and getting the vessel floated.

Peterhead - Arrival of Another Whaler - The barque Perseverance, of Peterhead, Captain A Murray, which left on the 1st July last year, and has been wintering in the Cumberland Gulf, came into Fraserburgh Bay at one o'clock yesterday afternoon. The Perseverance was prevented from arriving at her destination at Peterhead by the prevalence of a strong breeze. She was unable to beat up to Peterhead Harbour last night, but a tug which spoke to her reports that there is an American crew on board, supposed to be a shipwrecked one.

Feuing in Rosemount - An offer was made for a feu in Rosemount by Mr Alexander Mackie, 12 South Mount Street. He offered 7s per foot of frontage for 37 feet, along the Rosemount access at the corner of Baker Street; and 6s for 74 feet of ground immediately to the south of said piece of ground. The offer was remitted to the Improvements Committee, with power to expose the ground at the upset feu-duty.

New Burgesses - Mr William Symon, shipmaster, was admitted a Burgess of Guild, and Mr James Anderson, shoemaker, a Burgess of Trade.

Aberdeen Journal 11 October, 1884

Births - At 26 Thomson Street, Aberdeen on the 4th inst., Mrs John Wayntie of a daughter.

At 6 Claremont Place, Aberdeen, on the 5th inst., the wife of Sergt Major W M Thomson, R.E., of a son.

At 69 George Street, Aberdeen, on the 7th inst., the wife of John Wallace, of a son.

At 2 Prospect Terrace, Aberdeen, on the 6th inst., the wife of A W Craigen, shipmaster, of a daughter.

At 8 Gladstone Place, Aberdeen, on the 9th inst., the wife of George James Riddell, of a daughter.

At 96 Park Street, Aberdeen, on the 9th inst., Mrs T Knowles, of a daughter.

At Royal Hotel, Peterhead, on the 9th inst., the wife of William Smith, of a daughter.

At Muchalls Mill, on the 6th inst., Mrs Gavin, of a son.

At the Commercial Bank House, Pitlochrie, on 3rd inst., the wife of Evan Fraser, of a daughter.

At 8 Clark Street, Brechin, on the 6th inst., Mrs Walter M Ferrier of a daughter.

Marriages - At 24 Argyle Place, Aberdeen, on the 6th inst., by the Rev. A Young, William Davidson, jun., merchant, Dufftown, to Annie, eldest daughter of B L Reid, late farmer, Bodcairn, Oldmeldrum.

At 68 George Street, Aberdeen, on the 3rd inst., by the Rev. Robert M'Leod, Free John Knox's Church, John Dingwall, watchmaker, Ireland, to Annie Anderson, eldest daughter of Alex. Loggie, blacksmith.

At Music Hall Buildings Aberdeen, on the 7th inst, by the Rev. James Iverach, Ferryhill Free Church, James Kemp, storekeeper, Ferryhill Foundry, to Maggie, only daughter of James Smith, gas engineer, Woolwich, Arsenal.

At Admiral Cottage, Canal Road, Aberdeen, on the 3rd inst., by Rev. Robert Macleod, Free John Knox Church, Andrew Davidson, plumber, Queen Street, to Jemima Duncan, only daughter of the late James Duncan, watchmaker.

Deaths - At 132 West North Street, Aberdeen, on the 8th inst., William M'Donald, stone cutter, aged 48 years.

At Boa Vista Place, Spittal, Aberdeen, on the 5th inst., George Davidson, joiner, aged 51 years.

At 26 Hill Street, Aberdeen, on the 5th inst., Jessie Rae Miles, infant daughter of James Bremner, tailor, aged 9 months.

At 7 View Terrace, Aberdeen, on the 6th inst., Elizabeth Dick, wife of James Laing, in the 81st year of her age.

Suddenly, at 21 Baltic Street, Aberdeen, on the 6th inst., George Brechin, youngest son of John Bremner, baker, aged 7 years and 3 months.

At 35 St Andrews Street, Aberdeen, on the 8th current, Mrs Maria M'Pherson or Buckner, widow of the late John Buckner, sometime overseer, Broadford Works, aged 78.

At Paradise Cottages, Kemnay, on the 7th inst., Mary Smith, wife of Peter Clark, blacksmith, aged 48 years.

Suddenly, at 83 Bon-Accord Street, Aberdeen, on the 9th inst., Jane Nicoll, beloved wife of John R Allardyce, merchant.

At 16 Watson Street, Aberdeen, on the 9th inst., William Turner, son of the late Turner Ritchie, saddler, Aberdeen, aged 19 years.

At Trustick, Banchory, on the 9th inst., Ellenora, beloved child of Alexander Low, Ellon, aged one year and two weeks.

At Cothal Mills, on the 8th inst., Annie M'Intosh Smith, daughter of Robert Smith, gardener, aged 6 months.

At Square, Keith, on the 4th inst., Mary Napier, the beloved wife of William Fyfe, coachbuilder, aged 45 years.

Shocking Affair in Aberdeen - On Thursday morning an old man, named James Murray, cabinetmaker, in the employment of Messrs James Allan & Sons, was found lying dead in the cellar of his house in Gordon Street, Aberdeen, under circumstances which leave no ground for doubt that deceased had taken his own life. It appears that Murray, who had been in depressed spirits for some time back, rose in the morning at his accustomed hour, five o'clock, and dressed himself apparently with the intention of proceeding to his work. He did not leave the house, however, but descended the steps of the cellar referred to. This unusual proceeding awakened the suspicions of his grandchild, a young girl, who acts as housekeeper, and she called the assistance of a neighbour, who immediately went round to Messrs Allan's workshops in Dee Street and gave the alarm. John Leslie and John Riddel immediately proceeded to the house, and lighting a candle proceeded into the cellar, when they were horrified to find the dead body of their late fellow-workman lying on its face in a pool of blood. On inspecting the body, they discovered that the head had been all but severed from the body, the throat having been cut from ear to ear. The right hand clutched a razor - the instrument with which deceased had inflicted the fatal wound. Dr Simpson, police surgeon, was called, and after examining the body, which was still warm, formally pronounced life to be extinct. Deceased was a man of 73 years of age, and had been in the employment of Messrs Allan for the long period of 40 years, and being a man of sober and industrious habits, he was never known to be absent from his work, except recently, when he complained of pains in the head, which necessitated his leaving off work. He however, had been at his work on Tuesday of this week, when it was observed that he was in very low spirits, and could hardly be induced to leave the premises at night. Deceased was a widower, and his family of five had all predeceased him. He was greatly respected by his employers and fellow-workmen.

Reckless Use of a Gun - Before Sheriff Wilson, in Aberdeen Sheriff Court on Monday, James Wallace, farmer, Cookstoun, Nethermuir, was brought up on a charge of recklessly discharging firearms to the danger and annoyance of the lieges. It was alleged that on the 15th September, within the kitchen of the dwelling-house at the farm of Cookstoun, occupied by accused and his brother, Francis Wallace, the former discharged a gun loaded with gunpowder, and leaden pellets to the danger and annoyance of the lieges, particularly of Francis Wallace and James Simpson, farm-servant at Cookstoun. Wallace pleaded guilty, and Mr Prosser, who appeared for him, stated that on the occasion when the offence was committed there had been a dancing party at the farm steading, and as the proceedings had been somewhat noisy, accused had called upon the party several times to be a little quieter, but all to no purpose. Thinking he would scare them into quietness he took a gun, and going to the kitchen door discharged the piece at the lamp which was in the window. The whole thing was the result of a momentary impulse, and there was not the slightest intention to harm anybody; and no damage was done except to accused's own property. The Sheriff said this was not only very foolish conduct on the part of the accused, but it was very improper, because nobody had any right to use anything like a gun in a way which, even by the remotest possibility, might do harm to other people. Under the circumstances, however, his lordship thought it would be sufficient to order accused to find caution for 5 to keep the peace for six months, or go to prison for ten days.

Aberdeen Journal 12 September, 1866

Births - At Granton Lodge, on the 6th instant, the wife of James Chalmers, Esq., printer, of a son.

At 2 Ferryhill Place, on the 9th inst., Mrs William Robertson, of a daughter.

At Carnation Cottage, Ann Place, Aberdeen, on the 7th inst., the wife of Mr G P Cruickshank, Druggist, of a son.

At 10 Rose Street, Aberdeen, on the 10th instant, the wife of Dr Watt, of a daughter.

At 1 Gallowgate, on the 10th inst., the wife of Dr Watt, of a daughter.

At 71 Hutcheon Street, on the 6th inst., the wife of James William Hood, Chief Officer of ship "William Duthie," of a daughter.

At the Free Church Manse, New Deer, on the 8th inst., the wife of the Rev Archibald Gardiner, of a daughter.

Marriages - At Ashley Place, on the 5th inst., by the Rev Dr Davidson, of the Free West Church, Mr Malcolm M'Leod, St Machar Place, to Isabella Duncan, second daughter of the late Mr John Duncan, Builder, Aberdeen.

At 142 George Street, Aberdeen, on the 5th inst., by the Rev William L Mitchell, of Free Holburn Church, John Mortimer Esq., Manumbar, Queensland, to Jane, second daughter of Mr Alexander Milne, Water House, Aberdeen.

At 2 Talbot Place, Edinburgh, on the 5th inst., by the Rev James Young, Faringdon, Berks, brother of the bridegroom, assisted by the Rev J H Wilson, Barclay Church, David Young, Esq., MD., to Jeanie, younger daughter of the late Mr D Brown, Clifton Cottage, Banchory-Ternan.

Deaths - At Footdee, Aberdeen, on the 10th inst., Christina Wilson, wife of James Hall, Shipbuilder, aged 59 years.

At 70 Catherine Street, on Saturday the 1st September, Wm Don, aged 67 years, Manager, Broadford Works, Aberdeen.

At King Street Road, Old Aberdeen, on 27th ult., James Greig, Merchant, aged 58 years.

At 78 Skene Square, on the 6th inst., Elizabeth Reid, the beloved wife of William Charles, Baker.

At Carnation Cottage, Ann Place, Aberdeen, on the 7th inst., James, infant son of Mr G P Cruickshank, Druggist.

At 48 Castle Street, on the 5th inst., Eliza, youngest daughter of James Daniel, printer, aged 1 year.

At Inverurie, on the 9th inst., Robert Jackson, late manufacturer, aged 80 years.

At Overtocher, Rayne, on the 31st ult., James M'Leod, for 53 years resident there, aged 86.

At Barnhills, Rothiemay, on the 6th inst., Mr George Randall, late farmer, Inschcorsie, aged 90 years.

At Chalmers' Hospital, Banff, on the 10th inst., Mrs Bannerman, Macduff, aged 62 years.

Died while on a visit at the residence of his brother, Bervie, Kincardine, on the 1st inst., Captain James Linton, of Findhorn, aged 86 years.

 Another Case of Cholera - Yesterday morning, a man named William Greig, a street porter, residing in Sutherland's Close, Shiprow, was ordered to be conveyed to the Cholera Hospital, where he lies suffering from a very severe attack of Asiatic Cholera. He was seized about midnight of Monday. Yesterday forenoon his life was despaired of, but, in the afternoon, he rallied a little, and gave hopes of recovering.

Fatal Accident - On Saturday forenoon, as James Robinson, aged 19 years, an apprentice seaman on board the ship "Amsterdam," of Sunderland (Capt. W P Johnston), lying at Provost Blaikie's Quay, was working on the main yard of the ship, he slipped and fell to the deck, a distance of about 30 feet. He was taken to the Infirmary, where he died in a few minutes after he was taken in.

Fire - On Saturday evening, about seven o'clock, fire broke out in a waste store at Broadford Works. The fire engines, under the superintendence of Mr Duthie, were speedily in attendance, but their services were not required, there being an ample supply of water got from the burn which runs past the works, which, by the exertions of a number of parties in connection with the works, suffice to extinguish the flames.

Sad Accidents at Shetland - Four Lives Lost - Our Lerwick correspondent, writing on Friday, says :- It is our painful duty to report the loss of a fishing boat, with three brothers, named Irvine, on board. The sad event took place on Monday morning last, when the boat was returning from the fishing ground, and the three hands unfortunately perished in view of several other boats which could render no assistance in consequence of the storm. It was blowing a heavy gale at the time, and the boat is said to have struck upon a sunken rock, and immediately swamped. The men belonged to Dunross-ness, and the accident occurred on the west coast. A child, named Phillips, about three years old was drowned at the docks yesterday afternoon, and the body was discovered this morning on the Bressay coast, at the fishing station, at the north entrance of the Sound. The face had been disfigured by the crows. The accident was not perceived by any one, or the poor child might possibly have been rescued.

Aberdeen Journal 3 May, 1899

Births - Bain - At Masonic Lodge, Ballater, on the 27th ult., the wife of Alexander Bain, gardener, of a son.

Cruickshank - At 37 Summerfield Terrace, Aberdeen, on the 25th ult., the wife of John Cruickshank , of a son.

Dunbar-Abbot - On the 28th ult., at 12 Devanha Terrace, Aberdeen, the wife of R Dunbar-Abbott, of a son.

Lessel - At Waterton, Dunecht, on the 30th ult., the wife of R J Lessel, of a daughter (still-born).

Mackie - At 65 Walker Road, Torry, Aberdeen, on the 28th ult., Mrs James Mackie, of a daughter.

Moffitt - at 44 Jasmine Terrace, Aberdeen, on 27th ult., the wife of Sergeant J F Moffitt, R.M.L.I., of a daughter.

Robb - At Beaconsfield Cottage, Port-Elphinstone, on the 27th ult., the wife of James Robb, of a daughter.

Stalker - At Cross Roads, Logie-Coldstone, on the 30th April., the wife of A G Stalker, merchant, of a daughter.

Taylor - At 35 Great Northern Road, Aberdeen, on the 29th ult., the wife of Alex. I Taylor, commercial traveller, of a daughter.

Marriages - Brown - Stuart - At St Mary's Cathedral, Huntly Street, Aberdeen, on the 27th ult., by the Rev James Macgregor, William Forbes Brown, tailor, to Helen Fyfe, daughter of the late James Stuart, tailor, Aberdeen.

Buchan - Skene - At the Palace Hotel, Aberdeen, on the 29th ult., by the Rev W Mackintosh Mackay, assisted by Rev Thomas Davidson, of Tough, Francis Buchan of Tillyfour to Margaret Elizabeth, eldest daughter of P Skene.

Melville - Elfert - At Aberdeen, on 25th ult., by the Rev Dr Stark, Belmont Congregational Church, Alexander Melville, C.E., to Nellie, eldest daughter of Mr O H Elfert, Aberdeen.

Robb - Walker - At 7 Rubislaw Terrace, Aberdeen, on the 26th April, by the Rev R H Fisher, West Parish Church, George Robb (A. A. and Co), Aberdeen, to Jeanie Laing, fifth daughter of the late George Walker, Leslie.

Stevenson - Harthill - At 49 Urquhart Road, Aberdeen, on the 28th ult., by the Rev Mr Brodie, John Knox Parish Church, Alexander Stevenson, gasfitter, to Jane Falconer Harthill, daughter of the late Wm Harthill, tailor, Cullen.

Deaths - Alexander - at 69 Park Street, Aberdeen, on the 1st inst., Daniel Alexander, ship carpenter, aged 55.

Allan - At 63 Desswood Place, Aberdeen, on the 28th ult., Margaret Morison, relict of the late William Allan, cabinetmaker, aged 85 years.

Allan - At 2 Square, Fife-Keith, on 25th April, Agnes Shearer, eldest daughter of George Allan, late teacher, Keith.

Angus - At Aberdeen, on the 28th ult., George Angus, merchant and fishcurer, aged 69.

Birnie - At 175 Crown Street, Aberdeen, on the 29th ult., John Mitchell, only son of John Birnie, police constable, aged 2 years.

Bothwell - At 82 Menzies Road, Aberdeen, on the 24th Margaret Bothwell, eldest daughter of the late Alexander Bothwell, Stonyhill, Keith-hall, aged 56 years.

Cadenhead - At 87 Chapel Street, Aberdeen, on the 27th April, Annie Fimister, only daughter of George S Cadenhead.

Cruickshank - At Garmond, Cuminestown, on Saturday morning, the 29th ult., Ann Smith, widow of the late John Cruickshank, merchant, Garmond, aged 72 years.

Downie - At 2 Craigie Loanings, Aberdeen, on the 28th ult., John, eldest son of the late William Downie, Huntly, aged 58 years.

Duncan - At Westbank, Torphins on Wednesday, the 26th ult., Mrs Ann M'Petrie or Duncan, beloved wife of Alexander Duncan, lately farmer, Wester Beltie, aged 75.

Ewan - At the house of his niece, Mrs F Gray, 22 Bank Street, on the 28th ult., George Ewan, late farmer, Clatt, aged 85 years.

Forbes - At 123 Union Grove, Aberdeen, on the 27th ult., Susan Linton, wife of Alexander Forbes.

Fullerton - at Back Close, Torry, on the 29th April, Jessie Lindsay, beloved wife of Alex. Fullerton, ship carpenter, aged 63 years.

Gavin - at Isobel Cottage, 638 King Street, Aberdeen on the 28th ult., Isobella Shand, wife of John Gavin, potter, aged 43 years.

Gibb - At New Byth, on the 30th April, E Gibb, merchant, aged 68 years.

Hossack - Suddenly, at 27 Crown Street, Aberdeen, on 1st inst., Lizzie J Hossack, aged 37 years.

Hall - At Slumpton Hill, Auchnagatt, on the 1st ult., William Hall, aged 67 years.

Irvine - At 89 Claremont Street, Aberdeen, on the 26th ult., John Irvine, late Burgess of Trade, aged 81 years.

Mackenzie - At Turnishaw Lodge, Ellon, on the 1st May, George, aged 10 years, third son of James Mackenzie, gamekeeper, Ellon Castle.

Marr - At 26 Rose Street, Aberdeen, on the 25th ult., William Marr, late blacksmith, Birkenhills and Strichen, aged 63 years.

Mathieson - At Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, on 17th February, Joseph, only son of Joseph Mathieson, joiner, (late of Aberdeen), and grandson of Mr A Ross, 335 George Street, Aberdeen, aged 17 years and 6 months.

M'Cartney - At 54 Marquis Road, Woodside, on the 28th ult., Jessie Shand, wife of William M'Cartney, aged 60 years.

Meal - At Heath Cottage, Bankhead, on the 27th ult., Rachel Scott, widow of Alexander Meal, aged 79 years.

M'Leod - At 479 George Street, Aberdeen, on the 27th ult., Matthew, youngest son of Matthew M'Leod, cartwright.

Morgan - At Gilly Brands, Fetteresso, on the 26th ult., Mary Morgan, aged 22 years.

Mulloy - At 13 York Street, Aberdeen, on the 29th ult., William Leys, son of Thomas Mulloy, stonecutter, Glasgow, aged 7 months.

Murray - At Faichfolds, King-Edward, on the 27th ult., James Murray, aged 63 years.

Murray - At 49 Loch Street, Aberdeen, on the 27th ult., Barbara Greig, second daughter of Maggie and William Murray, aged 1 year.

Paul - At 25 George Street, Aberdeen on the 27th ult., John Paul, licensed porter, in his 73rd year.

Rae - At Urquhart Road, Oldmeldrum, on 25th April, Alexander Rae, shoemaker, aged 57 years.

Rennie - At 3 Urquhart Road, Aberdeen, on the 24th ult., Jane Ann, third daughter of Thomas Rennie, aged 25 years.

Robertson - At Mosside, Coburty, Aberdour, on the 29th ult., Harriet, fifth daughter of the late William Roberston, farmer, Broomhills, Pitsligo, in her 91st year.

Sangster - At 64 Claremont Street, Aberdeen, on the 29th ult., Alfred, second son of John Sangster, jun. (Great Western Bakery), aged 5 months.

Spalding - On the 1st Inst., in his 59th year, James Spalding, late foreman shipwright with Messrs A Hall & Co., Footdee.

Strachan - At 45 Balmoral Place, Aberdeen, on 29th ult., Mitchell Reid Johnston, wife of Walter S Strachan, aged 25 years.

Wilson - At 31 Cowgate, Oldmeldrum, on the 25th ult., Isabella Wilson, eldest daughter of the late James Wilson, farmer, Howe of Blair, Bourtle, aged 64 years.

Wishart - At Brigellis, Kintore, on the 27th ult., of pneumonia, Isabella Geddes, third daughter of Alexander Wishart.

 The Late Captain Hercules Anderson, Johnshaven - Captain Hercules Anderson died at Cantebury, New Zealand, on Wednesday. The deceased was a son of Mr William Anderson, merchant, Johnshaven, and was for a long period connected with shipping circles. Before steam was generally introduced, Captain Anderson commanded successively the well-known clipper passenger vessels Fleming, Nelson and Canterbury, all of which sailed from the Clyde. For the last sixteen years he had acted as superintendent of the New Zealand Shipping Company, and was held in the highest esteem by a wide circle of friends at home and abroad, all of whom will receive the intelligence of his death with regret. Captain Anderson last visited this country about two years ago during the time of the diamond jubilee. He was married to a lady from St Cyrus, where he resided for a short period, and leaves three sons, one of whom is a doctor in New Zealand, another at present attending the High School in Edinburgh, and the third is following the vocation of his father.

Suicide in Aberdeen - A ghastly discovery was made in one of the Wales Street Slaughter shops on Friday, when it was found that Adam Cumming, aged 26 years, butcher, residing at 21 Jasmine Terrace, had committed suicide by hanging himself. A fellow-workman, who had occasion to go to the back part of the killing shop in question, was horrified to find Cumming suspended by what is known as a "foot rope." His knees were almost touching the ground, as the rack to which the rope had been fastened was only 3 feet from the floor. The body was found about 2.35 pm, and on Dr Robertson arriving on the scene alomost immediately afterwards, he found that life had been extinct for fully half an hour. The deceased is said to have been in low spirits for some time back, but no positive reason can be assigned for the rash and deliberate deed. Cumming was a native of Aberdeen, and had been married for about three years. He was known as a steady, sober young man, and for the last five years had been in the employ of Mr George Wood, butcher and cattle-dealer, Belmont Place. Latterly, however, he was chiefly engaged as killer at the Wales Street slaughterhouse. He went home to dinner as usual on Friday, kissed his wife and infant child, and left the house, there being nothing in his demeanour to indicate that he contemplated the dreadful deed which he committed only about half an hour afterwards.

 The Late Mr Ebenezer Gibb, New Byth - By the death of Mr Ebenezer Gibb, New Byth, which occurred on Sunday, a public-spirited native of Buchan has been removed. Mr Gibb was a leading man of the village of New Byth. A general merchant and druggist, he had an extensive business. He took a deep interest in educational affairs, and was for many years a member of the School Board of New Byth, latterly being appointed chairman of that body. A member of the old Parochial Board, he afterwards had a seat on the Parish Council. Mr Gibb was a devoted office-bearer of the Congregational Church of Millseat, Crudie, in the affairs of which he took a great interest. He had a great love for gardening, and was a frequent prizewinner at the New Byth, Cuminestown, and other local horticultural shows. He was a justice of the peace for Aberdeenshire. A man of superior intelligence, Mr Gibb took a keen interest not only in local but also in Imperial politics, and was an ardent Liberal. Mr Gibb was greatly esteemed, and in the little community in which he held a leading position his place will not be easily filled. Mr Gibb was a brother of Mr Joseph Gibb, the esteemed postmaster of New Byth.

The Late Mrs M'Kendrick - Messrs Simpson Brothers, Cotton Street, have just completed a granite monument to the order of Dr John G M'Kendrick, professor of physiology in Glasgow University, which they are to erect this week at Cowie Churchyard, near Stonehaven, where Mrs M'Kendrick's remains are interred. The monument is handsome, simple, and chaste, designed by Mr J A Souttar, who is a relative. It is of finely-axed Kemnay granite, consisting of one large long slab, with base, cornice, and cope, and will stand along the west wall of the churchyard, occupying the space of four graves. It bears the inscription this it is to the memory of Mrs M'Kendrick, who died a few months ago, and also of Dr Wm. M'Kendrick, the eldest son, who died in South Africa about seven years ago.

Aberdeen Journal 19 April, 1899

Births - Barron - At 18 Castle Street, Aberdeen, on the 13th inst., the wife of William Barron, of a daughter.

Battisby - At 79 Irvine Place, Aberdeen, on the 17th inst., the wife of A M Battisby, of a daughter.

Duncan - At Eastfield Villa, Westburn Road, on the 14th inst., Mrs A R Duncan, of a daughter.

Clyne - At 33 Spa Street, Aberdeen, on the 12th inst., Mrs John Clyne, of a son.

Edelshain - At 320 Great Western Road, Aberdeen, on the 17th inst., the wife of Samuel Edelshain, of a daughter.

Gordon - At 97 Huntly Street, Aberdeen, on the 10th inst., the wife of James Gordon, of a son.

Hervey - At 13 Brighton Place, Aberdeen, on the 15th inst., the wife of James Hervey, of a son.

Laing - At Cults Cottage, on the 13th inst., the wife of William Laing, baker, of a daughter.

Ledingham - At 113 Leslie Terrace, Aberdeen, on the 14th inst., Mrs J D Ledingham, of a daughter.

Mutch - At 4 Maberly Street, Aberdeen, on the 13th inst., the wife of Robert Mutch, plasterer, of a son.

Wilkie - At Bank Buildings, Ballater, on the 16th inst., the wife of David Wilkie, clothier, of a son.

Marriages - Harper - Watson - At Union Hall, Aberdeen, on the 14th inst., by the Rev D G Fairley, St Paul's U.P. Church, William Slorach Harper, slater (Alexander Harper and Sons), to Nellie, daughter of William Watson, 30 Urghart Road.

Riach - Douglas - At Durban, 3rd March, by the Rev Mr Fees, Presbyterian Church, James Riach, eldest son of James Riach, farmer, Ellon, to Jane Ann, eldest daughter of Alexander Douglas, rope maker, Aberdeen.

Thoms - Tocher - At Wester Barrack, New Deer, on the 13th inst., by the Rev Mr Haggart, Methlick Free Church, Mr W A Thoms, Alyth, Perthshire, to Elizabeth, second daughter of the late Mr Tocher.

Weir - Anderson - At the Bon-Accord Hotel, Aberdeen, on the 14th inst., by the Rev G C Milne, Congregational Church, Woodside, Alexander S Weir, chemist, Kemnay, to Maggie, second daughter of James F Anderson, Don Cottage, Woodside, Aberdeen.

Deaths - Birnie - At 11 Castle Terrace, Aberdeen, on 15th inst., George Birnie, aged 54, late harbour employee.

Blacklock - At 62 College Street, Aberdeen, on 12th April, Annie Farquhar, aged 7 years, youngest surviving daughter of Alex. Blacklock.

Blaney - At 146 Union Street, Aberdeen, on the 16th inst., Mary Jack or Taylor, caretaker of offices, widow of the late David Blaney.

Campbell - At Mannofield, Aberdeen, on the 15th inst., George, son of A K Campbell, aged 4 years and 3 months.

Cheyne - Suddenly, at the residence of her son, James Alexander, postman, 24 Balmellie Street, Turriff, on the 15th inst., Ann Hatt, widow of the late William Cheyne, in her 75th year.

Clark - At 71 Skene Square, Aberdeen, on the 13th inst., Margaret Shirreffs, widow of the late Alex. Clark, Kaimhill, Kemnay, aged 98 years.

Connon - At 71 Dunbar Street, Aberdeen, on the 8th inst., Chrissie, youngest daughter of William Connon, postal telegraphs, aged 10 months.

Davidson - At Forfar, on the 15th inst., Georgina Sheed Dennison, wife of John Davidson, late of Old Deer.

Duncan - Died at Aberdeen, on the 13th inst., William Duncan, late of 17 Claremont Place, and upwards of 20 years with the late Messrs Rose of Hazelhead.

Daun - At the Royal Infirmary, Aberdeen, on the 15th April, John Daun, aged 60 years.

Edward - At Crown Cottage, Primrosehill, Aberdeen, (the residence of her son-in-law, Adam Pratt), on the 12th inst., Jane Milne or Edward, aged 77 years.

Fothergill - At 67 Cotton Street, Aberdeen, on the 14th inst., Henry Fothergill, aged 27 years.

Fullerton - At 84 Holburn Street, Aberdeen, on the 13th inst., Alexander Fullerton, sen.

Gavin - At 799 King Street, Aberdeen, on the 13th inst., Thomas Gavin, potter, Seaton Pottery, aged 73 years.

Gordon - At Annochie, Auchnagatt, on the 15th inst., William Gordon, aged 59 years.

Grant - Suddenly, at 83 Rosemount Viaduct, Aberdeen, on the 13th inst., Alexander Grant, fireman, "Aberdeen Journal," aged 70 years.

Hepburn - At Birchwood Cottage, Boyndie, on the 16th inst., George Hepburn, M.A. late Schoolmaster and inspector of poor, in his 90th year.

Kelman - Died at 1 Holland Street, Aberdeen, on the 12th inst., Andrew, son of Andrew Kelman, Friendship Inn, Salford, aged 10 months.

Lawson - At 125 John Street, Aberdeen, on the 16th inst., Helen Duff Davie, aged 64 years, wife of Peter Lawson.

Leith - At Garthdee, Aberdeen, on the 12th inst., Margaret, widow of the late Rear-Admiral John Leith, R.N., and daughter of the late Alexander Forbes, late of Blackford, Aberdeenshire.

Mavor - At y South College Street, Aberdeen, on the 12th inst., Agnes Wattie, widow of the late Robert Mavor, farmer.

M'Donald - At 32 Leadside Road, Aberdeen, on the 15th inst., James M'Donald, mason, late of Kintore, aged 68 years.

M'Kenzie - At Roslin Bank, Clifton Road, Woodside, on the 11th inst., Mary Craig, wife of John M'Kenzie, aged 60.

Meldrum - At 129 Rosemount Place, Aberdeen, on the 12th inst., Christina (Tennie), fourth surviving daughter of Elizabeth and W Meldrum, GNSR., aged 6 years.

Moir - At Tullosview, Nigg, on the 10th inst., Margaret Mitchell, widow of the late Andrew Moir, aged 74.

Morrison - Suddenly, at 27 Gordon Street, Aberdeen, on the 16th inst., Elizabeth M'Gregor, wife of James Morrison, Labourer, aged 43 years.

Mitchell - At Bayview, 430 King Street, Aberdeen, on the 13th inst., Jean Scott, wife of John Mitchell, aged 78 years.

Ogilvie - At 23 Belvidere Street, Aberdeen, on the 11th inst., Elizabeth Grant, widow of the late Baillie John Ogilvie, bookseller in Aberdeen.

Reid - At Blantyre, East Africa, Alexander Reid, engineer, son of the late Alexander Reid, 23 Mount Street, aged 27 years.

Ross - At Viewfield Cottage, Culter, on the 10th inst., Sarah Davidson Edward, beloved wife of William Ross, aged 71 years.

Shivas - At Milton of Dumbreck, Udny, on the 11th inst., Alexander Shivas, late of Longhaven Farm, in his 80th year.

 Stewart - At 659 George Street, Aberdeen, on the 14th inst., Alexander Stewart, aged 69 years.

Watt - At 33 Jasmine Terrace, Aberdeen, on the 12th inst., Elizabeth Low, beloved wife of Archibald Watt, in her 63rd year.

Wiseman - At Royal Infirmary, Aberdeen, on 12th inst., Susan Scrimgeour, beloved wife of Lewis Wiseman, aged 30 years.

Wilson - At Jarrow-on-Tyne, on the 13th April, John Gillan Wilson, engineer, aged 32 years, eldest surviving son of the late John Wilson, engineer, and of Mrs Wilson, 38 Mount Street, Aberdeen.

Wilson - Suddenly, at 17 Spring-Garden, Aberdeen, on the 14th inst., James Tytler Wilson, stonecutter, aged 43 years.

Youngson - Died at Millport, near Glasgow, on the 16th inst., John Youngson, draper, Peterhead.

Quarry Accident at Hill O'Fare - While work was proceeding at Raemoir Quarry, Hill o' Fare, owned by the Hill o' Fare Quarrying Company, on Wednesday morning, the 62 ft. long new pitch pine jib of the 10 ton steam crane, worked from the top of the quarry, snapped about 10 ft. from the socket, and fell. The foreman, James Main, was knocked backwards and stunned and bruised, but fortunately was not knocked over the brink of the quarry. The jib fell to the bottom of the quarry, a distance of about 120 ft., and was smashed to splinters. The workmen at the bottom had a narrow escape owing to the falling jib, but only a few slight bruises were sustained. One of the workmen road to Banchory for medical assistance to the foreman, and Dr M'Hardy, Banchory, and Dr Cran's assistant were soon in attendance. It was found that he had sustained no injuries of a serious character.

Drowning Fatalities At Aberdeen - Bodies Found in Harbour - On Monday morning the dead bodies of two men were found in Aberdeen Harbour. The first one was discovered about half-past four by Alexander Paterson and Alex. Main, Pilots, Footdee, as they were rowing about in the tidal harbour, near Provost Mathew's Quay. The remains were afterwards conveyed to the mortuary at the Central Police Office, and were subsequently identified as those of Alexander Robb, painter (64), who resided at 72 St Andrews Street, Aberdeen. Robb went missing on 4th March, and was last seen alive on the evening of that date in Farmer's Hall Lane. The unfortunate man was married, and leaves a widow and grown-up family.

About half-past five Alexander Guyan and James Fowler, pilots, found the second body floating face upwards in Victoria Dock. It was also removed to the mortuary to await identification. The remains are supposed to be those of Alexander Redmon (30), mate of the schooner Nelly, of Truro, Cornwall, who went amissing on 9th March last, while that vessel was moored at Trinity Quay. The authorities in Truro have been communicated with regard to the discovery.

The Sad Death of a Schoolboy - On Monday, at a Sheriff and Jury Court in Aberdeen - Sheriff Burnet on the bench - Henry Lemon (14), son of James Lemon, blacksmith, 38 Ashvale Place, was charged with having, on 28th March, in Great Western Place, assaulted Julian Pratt Jaffrey (9), son of Mrs Catherine Jaffrey, widow, 17 great Western Road, by beating him with his fists and severely injuring him internally, and killing him. Accused, who was represented by Mr Macgregor Mitchell, solicitor, pleaded not guilty, and the trial is fixed for tomorrow.

Accidental Poisoning in Aberdeen - A serious case of accidental poisoning occurred in Aberdeen late on Sunday evening, when, James Henderson (34), carter, 110 Loch Street, took, by mistake, a tablespoonful of a liniment for external use, instead of his medicine, both of which were of the same colour. Henderson, who had been suffering for the past fortnight from an injury to his side, which he sustained by falling off a lorry, became suddenly ill after taking the liniment, and although several emetics were promptly administered by his wife, he continued to get worse, and became unconscious. Dr Geddie was called in, and, after using the stomach pump, ordered the patient's removal to the Royal Infirmary. Henderson's condition improved greatly in the course of the day, and he is now out of danger.


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