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Bits that Don't fit anywhere else!

Every researcher and family historian has them. You know, all the odd bits and pieces that don't fit your work and have no specific category! Well I too have the same problem, so rather than hide them away I thought I would share some of them with you. So here goes...


Sept 16th 1810

On his passage from Guadaloupe to England, at sea, on board the Watt of Liverpool, Lieutenant John Low, of the 63d regiment of foot, eldest son of John Low of Hilton, Stonehaven, in the 21st year of his age; a young man of amiable manners.

Scots Magazine, Dec 1810

  An event occurred in this year (1854) which attracted a good deal of attention - the murder of Ann Harvey of Cults. Poor Annie Harvey, who had only reached her twenty-second year, was a worker at Peterculter paper mills. She was found cruelly murdered - there could be no doubt of the manner of death - on the roadside of Cults, on Sunday morning, 7th May. She was known to be keeping company with a field labourer, Francie Forbes, and, there being much local feeling about the case, he was tried at Edinburgh - charged with the crime. The verdict - "Not Proven" - created much indignation.

Reporting Reminiscences by Wm Carnie, 1902


Notable Men and Women of Aberdeenshire

Milne, Colin, LLD (Rev): Botanist. Born at Aberdeen, 1744, son of Alexander Milne, merchant, he was educated there, under the care of his uncle Dr Campbell, of Marischal College. Becoming tutor to Lord Algernon Percy, son of the Duke of Northumberland, he took orders in the Church of England, and became Rector of North Chapel, Essex. He also obtained the lectureship of Deptford. He was an LLD of Marischal College, in 1771, and was also DD and FLS. His Botanical Dictionary appeared in 1770; his Institutes of Botany in 1770-2. He also published several sermons. He died in 1815.

Milne, John, MD: Philanthropist. Born in Gilcomston, Aberdeen, 1775, he was educated at King's College (MD, 1803), and in 1793 became surgeon's mate of the East Indiaman, Carnatic, of which he was afterwards surgeon. He quitted naval service in 1798, and became surgeon to the East India Company, Bombay, where he rose to be President of the Medical Board, and took an active part in all fitted to develop the prosperity of our Indian Empire. He founded a medical bursary at Aberdeen. He bequeathed a sum of £47,500, known as the Milne Bequest, for the purpose of improving the salaries of the most deserving parish schoolmasters in Aberdeenshire, and remunerating them for teaching children whose parents were too poor to pay fees. Died 1841, Bombay.

Milne, John: Minor Poet. Born at Aberdeen, 25th December 1791, he enlisted in early life, and served as a soldier. On retiring from the army, he was for a time a shoemaker, and thereafter a postman. He published, in 1831, "The Widow and her Son," and in 1845 "Twelve Essays, with Occasional Illustrations in Verse." He died, 1865.

Scottish Notes & Queries, January 1898


I picked up this rent book some years ago from a second-hand shop. It features a Mr Alex Duncan, living with Mrs Wilson, 44 Gilcomston Park, Aberdeen in 1894. Perhaps you know one of these people. In any case it's a fascinating glimpse at the diet and costs of those days so long ago!


Stonehaven Lads

Third from the left is Alexander Leiper of Stonehaven. Looks like they're off to the swimming!  Can you put a name to any of the other rather dashing young lads?  If you can then get in touch!

Many thanks to Jos Leiper for permission to use the above photo


Miscellaneous Occurrences in Aberdeen

1749  In the Raik fishing of Dee, 1500 salmon caught in one tide.

1752  William Wast, sailor, in Seaton of Auchmedden, executed and hung in chains, at the Gallowhills, for murdering his wife. At the same time and place, Christian Frane was executed, for murdering her bastard child, and burning the body.

1756  A house in the Huxter-row burnt to the ground, by an accidental fire.

1757  A Spermacete whale cast on shore on the sands of Belhelvie, and claimed by the magistrates, who brought the blubber to town, and exported it to London.

1776  Alexander Morison, wright, executed and hung in chains, at the Gallowhills, on the 6th of November, for the murder of his wife. He was the last malefactor executed at that place.

1785  In the course of the winter, there was much rioting in the town, occasioned by attempts to prevent the servants and apprentices of the artificers from making their processions through the town on the anniversary of their elections, according to ancient custom. Several of them were committed to jail, for disobeying the orders of the chief magistrate; but they were liberated on bail, after the mob demolished the town-house windows.

1789  The genuine dysenteria broke out among the fishers of Futtie, and raged with considerable virulence. The persons infected were removed to the battery which was fitted up as a temporary hospital for their reception; money being raised by subscription for supporting them.

Annals of Aberdeen by William Kennedy, 1818


Did you know the world-famous escape artist Harry Houdini visited Aberdeen? Well here's the proof - this photo shows him visiting the grave of John Anderson, 'Wizard of the North' at St Nicholas churchyard in Aberdeen City Centre.

Houdini performed one of his greatest escapes in Aberdeen harbour on 1 July 1909. A large crowd gathered to see him chained, handcuffed and thrown into the sea!

Houdini who was born in the same year as John Anderson's death, and revered Anderson  as one of his inspirations and in 1909 arranged for the upkeep of the gravesite which had fallen into disrepair.

I'm pleased to report that this gravestone still exists - though the background housing (and washing!) are long since gone - replaced by the edge of St Nicholas shopping Centre.


Many thanks to John T Chiarella of NYC for permission to use the photo and supplying the background detail to this fascinating story!


The family grave of Alexander Burnett listing his wife Isabel Coull and son Alexander. Alexander Burnett served with the Northern Lighthouse Service for 30 years as a lighthouse keeper and during that time was stationed at a total of 10 different lights along the east coast of Scotland. His son, Joseph Coull Burnett, eventually settled in the Canadian Prairies. The stone is located at Rossie Island Cemetery, Montrose.


Many thanks to David Coull Burnett the son of Joseph Coull Burnett for this photo and the background story relating to it.


Dunnottar Public School, Stonehaven
Dunnottar Public School photo circa 1907-11. Third from right, front row of boys with crossed legs is Alexander Adam. Do you recognise anyone else in this photo?  If so, please get in touch!


Have a look at this fascinating school exercise from Alexander Adam of Dunnottar Public School, Stonehaven, dating from August 1913. Many of you will remember the same exercise - yes, its the dreaded 'What I did on my Holidays' essay!  Most of these get consigned to the bin so seeing one that is nearly 100 years old is a real treat. And such an interesting story!

Many thanks to Alexander (Adam) Macdonald (grandson of the above) for the chance to show you these splendid family heirlooms.



An entry from the Scotsman newspaper of 18 January 1847 relating the sad death of Joshua Middleton while attending the church service in the Methodist Chapel of Stonehaven.

My thanks to Ian Hudson for this interesting snippet. If you are related to Joshua Middleton or know more about this story I'd love to hear from you!


Aberdeen Journal 21 Feb 1885

Births – At Rosie Cottage, Hutcheon Street West, Aberdeen, on the 19th inst., the wife of T P Taylor, commercial traveller, of a daughter.

At Mile-End, Aberdeen, on the 19th inst., the wife of Robert Ogg, of a son.

At 169 Crown Street, Aberdeen, on the 18th inst., the wife of Wm Findlay, shipmaster, of a daughter.

At 172 Crown Street, Aberdeen, on the 18th inst., the wife of Charles Airth, of a son.

At 7 Bon-Accord Terrace, on the 18th inst., the wife of Robert Sheret, merchant, of a daughter.

At 3 Osborne Place, Aberdeen, on the 17th instant, the wife of W T Fyfe, M.A., teacher, of a son.

At 41 Queen Street, Aberdeen, on the 12th inst., the wife of Alex. Hall Masson, of a son.

At the Bank House, Torphins, on the 13th inst., the wife of James M’Laggan, of a daughter.

At New Byth, on the 12th inst., the wife of J P Baxter, Merchant, of a daughter.

Marriages – At 7 Balmoral Place, Aberdeen, on the 19th inst., by the Rev. Duncan Campbell, M.A., Captain Hugh Pritchard, Glasgow, to Margaret Jane, second daughter of Robert Gordon, Esq, and widow of Captain James Smith Ferries, Forres, Morayshire.

At Bath Hotel, Aberdeen, on the 18th inst., by the Rev. W D Scott, B.D., South Parish, George Forbes, Aberdeen, to Lizzie, youngest daughter of Robert Lawson, late blacksmith, Cluny.

At the Waverley Hotel, Aberdeen, on the 18th curt., by the Rev. W M Wilson, North Parish Church, Elizabeth L Campbell, to George Chalmers, Esq., farmer, Laverockbracs, Old Machar.

At Drum Cottage, Drumoak, on the 16th instant, by the Rev. Charles Mackie, M.A., Robert Forsyth, to Helen Isabella, only surviving daughter of Alexander Fraser, retired merchant.

At Cothill, Fintray, on the 13th inst., by the Rev. Wm. Ogilvie, Thomas L Warrack, farmer, Logie, to Dorothea A Knight, second daughter of Peter Knight, farmer.

Deaths – At 18 Links Street, Aberdeen, on the 14th inst., Mary Ann Clark, aged 15 years, daughter of Alexander Clark, carpenter.

At Aberdeen on the 17th inst., William Murray, tailor, aged 72.

At 4 Upper Denburn, Aberdeen, on the 16th instant, Elizabeth Sangster, sick nurse, aged 69 years.

At 2 Gray’s Buildings, Rosemount, Aberdeen, on the 17th inst., Elizabeth Isabella (Dolly), aged 8 years and 11 months, second and youngest daughter of John Wilson, chief engineer s.s. Nellie of Whitby.

At 14 Canal Road, Aberdeen, on the 16th inst., Isabella Begg, the beloved wife of James Skinner, aged 64 years.

At 11 Margaret Street, Aberdeen, on the 13th inst., at 4pm., John Donald, infant son of Wm. Milne.

At Aberdeen, on the 13th inst., John Duffus, late bookseller, aged 48.

At 82 Causewayend, Aberdeen, on 15th instant, Mrs Robert M’Intosh, midwife.

At 14 Holburn Street, Aberdeen, on the 15th inst., Ann Marquis, wife of the late William Duguid, iron merchant, aged 81.

Suddenly, at 7 Crooked Lane, Aberdeen, on the morning of the 18th inst., Robert Charles, son of Robert Leith, photographer, aged 15 months.

At Berryden Gardens, on the 17th inst., Christina Stephen, wife of David Middleton, gardener – deeply regretted.

At 127 Hadden Street, Woodside, on the 16th inst., Anne Booth, wife of Matthew Henderson, flesher, aged 80 years.

At 48 Victoria Road, Torry, on the 15th inst., Mary Hynam, the beloved wife of James Battersby, aged 45.

At the Schoolhouse, Banchory-Devenick, on the 15th inst., Mary, daughter of  the late William Gray, farmer, Broadmuir, Cruden.

At 17 Commerce Street, Fraserburgh, on the 18th inst., the wife of Alexander Malcolm, rope and sailmaker.

At 28 Broad Street, Peterhead, on the 17th inst., George, son of Mr Robert Robertson, solicitor, aged two years and ten months.

At Old Mar Lodge, Braemar, on the 17th inst., George Christie, overseer to the Earl of Fyfe, K.T., aged 52 years.

At Woodbine Cottage, Kemnay, on the 19th inst., Isabel Downie, the beloved wife of John Walker, late farmer, Ardneldy, Monymusk, in her 68th year.

At Post-Office, Inverurie, on the 18th inst., Dorothea Lamont, relict of the late William Johnstone, Brandsbutt, aged 95years.

At Logie-Durno, Pitcaple, suddenly, on the morning of the 14th inst., Benjamin, infant son of Mr John Duncan, farmer, aged 3½ months.

At loangerrie, Drumblade, on the 18th inst., after a long and painful illness, Jane Bremner, the beloved wife of James Cormack, aged 67.

At Broad Street, Fraserburgh, on the 14th inst., James, aged 14 years, second son of Robert Burnett, chemist.

At Burnside, Echt, on the 13th inst., Mrs Adam, widow of the late James Adam, farmer, Cornhill, Echt, aged 77.

At Post Office, Hatton, Fintray, on the 14th inst., Isabella Mortimer, the beloved wife of Alexander Dalgarno, late of Boyns Mills, Forgue, aged 61.

At Oldtown of Kincraigie, on the 12th inst., Alexander Ross, farmer, aged 82.

At Sunderland, on the 16th February (suddenly), Captain John Osborne of the brig Agricola, of Aberdeen, aged 58 years.

At Pennsylvania, New York, George Davidson, mason, eldest son of Alexander Davidson, aged 57 years.

Peterhead – Police Court – At Peterhead Police Court on Monday – before Baillie Mackintosh – Christina Davidson, a servant, living in the poor’s lodging-house, forfeited bail of 10s for non-appearance in answer to a charge of having, on the 7th inst., assaulted another inmate in the poorhouse named Margaret Cruickshank.

William Watson, boots at the Royal Hotel, was charged with having on the 9th inst., contravened the 17th section of the rules, orders, and regulations of the Police Commissioners by having shaken several rugs in Broad Place. He was convicted on evidence and fined 5s, with the option of 24 hours in jail.

Janet Copland or Milligan, wife of Daniel Milligan, cooper, 14 Union Street, was fined 2s 6d for allowing her chimney to catch fire.

Andrew Buchan and Alex. Fyvie, fishermen, living in Crooked Lane, were charged with having, on the 9th inst., in that house, assaulted Alexander Mearns, shoemaker, and at the same time having committed a breach of the peace. They both admitted the charge, and were each fined 10s, with the alternative of five days in jail.

William Henry, jun., cooper, Constitution Street, and James Youngson, cooper, Windmill Street, were accused of having, on Saturday night, in Backgate, assaulted William Farqharson, cooper, St Peter Street. They pleaded not guilty, but the charge being proved they were each fined 15s. with the alternative of seven days imprisonment.

A woman named Mrs Mackintosh, living in Uphill Lane, pleaded guilty to an assault upon a neighbour, and was fined 7s 6d, the alternative being five days imprisonment.

The Perjury in Stonehaven Sheriff Court – John Caie (18), and Robert Caie (17), both fishermen, residing in Cove, Parish of Nigg, were brought before Sheriff Brown in Stonehaven Sheriff Court on Wednesday on a charge of perjury. The complaint, which was brought under the Summary Jurisdiction Acts of 1864 and 1881, set forth that the accused, being adduced as witnesses to give exculpatory evidence in Stonehaven Sheriff Court, on the 21st January, in connection with a charge against Andrew Caie and George Guyon of malicious mischief and assault, committed in Cove Hotel on the 5th January, die in their examination upon oath, wickedly, knowingly, falsely, and feloniously swear to facts and circumstances which were contrary to truth, and which the accused well knew to be false. Both the parties pleaded not guilty, but after several witnesses had been examined they withdrew the plea, and on the advice of their agent, Mr Gardner, admitted the offence, and the Sheriff passed sentence of 21 days imprisonment.

Births, Marriage & Death Entries


CHRISTIE - At Cameron House, Cameron Street, Stonehaven, on the 21st December, the wife of Andrew Christie, draper, of a son.

McCALLUM - At Glenbervie Lodge, Drumlithie, on the 24th inst., the wife of Wm. McCallum, of a daughter.

WALLACE - At 368 King Street, Aberdeen, on the 21st December, the wife of William A Wallace, of a daughter.


CLERK-MARTIN - At the Station Hotel, Stonehaven, on the 25th inst., by the Rev H E Michie, South U.F. Church, Dugald Clerk, MRCVS, to Amelia Pennicuik, third daughter of the late James Martin, farmer, Farrochie, Stonehaven.

SMITH-FALCONER - At the Grand Hotel, Aberdeen, on 21st December, by the Rev Dr Coats, Brechin Cathedral, Alexander Smith, only son of the late James Smith, Findowrie, and Mrs Smith, Rose Cottage, Brechin, to Mina, eldest daughter of the late William Falconer, Cairnton, Fordoun, and Mrs Falconer, Rosslyn Bank, 239 Great Western Road, Aberdeen

ROSS-SHERET - At Alexander's Cafe, Stonehaven, on the 21st December, by the Rev D G Barron, MA, James Ross, to Isabella Sheret, sixth daughter of the late John Sheret, Nether Baulk, Fetteresso, and Mrs Sheret, 77 Barclay Street, Stonehaven.
(Note - this entry may be incorrect and may actually refer to the marriage of George Sheret to Margaret Anderson, same day, same place - thanks to Margaret Fowler nee Sheret for highlighting this.)



MILNE - At Bridgefield, Stonehaven, on the 25th inst., Ann Clunas, wife of the late John Milne, Aerated Water Manufacturer.

SUTHERLAND - At 5 Cameron Street, on the 21st December, Thomas Sutherland, Boot-fitter, aged 61 years.

FORBES - At Bombay on the 19th inst., Ian Forbes of Klang (Federated Malay States), elder and only surviving son of the late Colonel George Forbes, 2nd Battalion Seaforth Highlanders, and grandson of the late John Forbes of Haddo.

NICOL - At Greenheads, Muchalls, on the 21st December, Catherine Watt, widow of the late David Nicol, farmer, late of West Monduff.

SMITH - At Kinclunie, Durris, on the 22nd December, Christina Brebner, beloved wife of David Smith, aged 67 years.

SMITH - At Kinclunie, Fordoun, on the 22nd December, Bella Cook, beloved wife of George Smith, and youngest daughter of John Simpson, Arbroath.

RAE - At 80 High Street, Laurencekirk, on the 21st Inst., aged 75 years, William Rae, late of Meiklehall, Fettercairn.

Stonehaven Journal, Dec 27, 1906


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Gordons as Shipmasters

Alexander Gordon Commanded the Rubie of Aberdeen, 1749-1751
Alexander Gordon Shipmaster, Aberdeen; married Margaret, daughter of William Gordon, senior, merchant, Schoolhill, Aberdeen (who died 1733), son of Robert Gordon, in Botany (Aberdeen Commissariat)
James Gordon Shipmaster, Fraserburgh, will proved December 27, 1732
John Gordon Was master of the Brigantine, Pacquet (120 tons), "old English built," which belonged to the Old Shipping Company of Aberdeen, from 1749 to 1761. In October of the latter year, George Duncan appears as the captain
Thomas Gordon Master of the ship Margaret of Aberdeen, was given  a Mediterranean pass, February 28, 1693 (State Papers, "Domestic"). He may have been the father of Admiral Thomas Gordon, Governor of Cronstadt, whose father is said to have been an Aberdeen Skipper
Thomas Gordon Commanded the Helena, which was wrecked off Bervie, January 14, 1752. All the crew were saved except Gordon, who "got a stroke n the head while giving orders on deck, and was carried to his cabin, where he died" (Aberdeen Journal, January 28, 1752). He seems to be the Thomas Gordon, shipmaster, Aberdeen, who died in January 1752, and whose will was confirmed July 9, 1752. He was the the cousin of a John Gordon, writer in Banff
Walter Gordon Shipmaster in Aberdeen. Will proved January 4, 1757
William Gordon Commanded the 60 ton sloop, Princess Caroline, of Aberdeen, in 1748. She had been built for the Government. William Gordon commanded the St Andrews of Aberdeen, 1749
The Blessing, the Unity, and the Resolution were all commanded by Gordon in 1749

The Good Intent, commanded by Gordon of and from Aberdeen to London, captured off Flamborough Head by a French privateer and carried to Dunkirk (Aberdeen Journal, September 26, 1758

Scottish Notes and Queries, Dec 1905


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Aberdeen Man's Tragic Death - Run Down by Train in America

Details have just come to hand of the death by accident in America of James Grant, stonecutter, whose wife and family of two children live at 63 Charlotte Street, Aberdeen. Mr Grant, who went to Central Vermont about five years ago, was run down by a shifting train on June 4, and had his left leg cut off, and his left arm badly mangled. An operation followed, but the loss of blood, and the shock, combined with serious injuries that were inflicted, resulted in death. Mr Grant was born in Aberdeen, where he resided up to five years ago, when he went to America, and located in Barre. After being away for a year he returned to Aberdeen and stayed at home for a year, but went back to Barre, where he had stayed ever since. Four brothers and two sisters are resident in Aberdeen. A brother-in-law of Mr Grant was also resident in Barre.

The Stonehaven Journal, 20 June 1912


The Aberdeen Journal, November 28, 1898


Mitchell - At Portlethen, on November 27th, the wife of P. Mitchell, M.D., of a daughter.

Macintosh - At 276 Hardgate, Aberdeen, on the 25th inst., the wife of James MacIntosh, of a daughter.


On the 25th November at the Presbyterian Church, Regent Square, London, by the Rev. Principal J. Oswald Dykes, D.D., Roland Peter Legg, youngest son of Robert Legg, Esq., Eastwell House, Douglas Road, N., to Margaret Watson Farquhar, only daughter of the late Nathaniel Farquhar, advocate, Aberdeen and niece of Dr and Mrs A Reid, 29 Canonbury Park North, N.


Jackson - At Rose Cottage, Kintore, on 25th inst., George Jackson, aged 63 years.

Paterson - At Albert Road, Oldmeldrum, on the 25th inst., Mary Paterson, aged 91.

Skene - at 24 Main Street, Turriff, on the 26th inst., Alexander Skene, shoemaker, aged 65 years.

Rae, At Mounthooly, Pitsligo, on the 24th inst., John Nicol Rae, aged 75 years.

Young - Suddenly, at Braeside Cottage, Cults, on the 25th inst., James Young (Late of Aboyne), aged 68 years.

Glennie - At 8 Ferryhill Terrace, Aberdeen, on the 24th November, Mary McIntosh, wife of Alexander Glennie, aged 54 years.

Esson - At the Royal Infirmary, Aberdeen, on the 25th inst., Peter L Esson, aged 24 years (Corporal P. L. Esson, A.V.R.E.). Funeral on Tuesday, 29th inst., from Hillhead, Cults, to Banchory-Devenick Churchyard.

Ewen - At 64 Summer Street, Aberdeen, on the 25th inst., Robert Lamb, son of Robert and Helen Ewen, aged 4½ months - deeply mourned.

Shewan - At 8 Maberly Street, Aberdeen, on the 25th inst., Robert Shewan, aged 55. Funeral on Tuesday, 29th inst., at 10 a.m., to Strachan Churchyard, Banchory.

An obituary notice announces the death of Mr Peter L Esson, son of Mr Joseph Esson, Hillhead, Cults, which occurred at the Royal Infirmary on Saturday. An enthusiastic volunteer, Mr Esson attained the rank of corporal in the Aberdeen Ambulance Corps of A.V.R.E. (F Company) and had passed the examination for sergeant. As a cricketer, he was well known and very popular, having filled several offices in the Cults Cricket Club, with which he was connected since its formation. His death at the early age of 24 will be much regretted. For some weeks back Mr Esson suffered from an abscess, and it was through this that he ultimately succumbed. The funeral takes place tomorrow at Banchory-Devenick Churchyard.

The Disappearance of an Auchindoir Teacher - Body found on Aberdeen Beach

The body of Miss Maggie M Stephen (27), school teacher, Lumsden Public School, who left Old Manse, Auchindoir, on 4th inst., and had not since been seen, was found yesterday morning on Aberdeen Beach, about half-way between the Battery and the Bathing Station. The discovery was made by Andrew Walker, Pocra Quay; and John Meres, Findlay's Buildings, Footdee; two fishermen who were searching for bait. they at once informed the police, and the body was conveyed to the mortuary, where it was identified by the relatives of the deceased. The remains were somewhat decomposed, and had evidently been in the water for some time. In the pocket of deceased's dress was found the return half of a railway ticket - Kittybrewster to Gartly. Miss Stephen, before leaving Auchindoir, had complained of suffering from sleeplessness, and it is believed that she had a recurrence of an illness by which she was seized a few years ago as the result of over-study. When she left Auchindoir Miss Stephen stated that she intended going to Aberdeen to consult a doctor. Nothing is known as to how she had got into the water, and in the melancholy circumstances much sympathy is felt with her relatives.


The Aberdeen Journal, October 5, 1895

Births - At 92 Leslie Terrace, Aberdeen, on the 3rd inst., the wife of John M'Kenzie, of a son - still-born.

At 131 Mid-Stocket Road, Aberdeen, on the 4th inst., the wife of George Proctor, of a son.

Deaths - At 3 Margaret Place Ruthrieston, Aberdeen, on the 1st inst., George Reid, shepherd, aged 69 years - deeply regretted.

At 59 Jute Street, Aberdeen, on the 3rd inst., in his 25th year, William Fraser - deeply regretted.

At Berryhill House, Portlethen, on the 4th inst., James Sharp, of 4 West Craibstone Street, Aberdeen, aged 65 years.

At Dipple, Fochabers, on the 4th inst., Helen, wife of John Hunter.

Fatal Accident at Aboyne - Yesterday morning an accident which, unfortunately, had a fatal termination, occurred to David Ewen, 20, labourer, residing at Glentana. It appears he had been engaged at the excavations in connection with the new reservoir which is being built for the water supply of Aboyne, when a bank fell on him and crushed him to death. Medical aid was speedily procured, but it was of no avail.

Death from Exposure near Huntly -  Between seven and eight o'clock on Thursday morning Wm. Gauld (13), herd-boy, residing at Drumbulg, near Huntly, was found dead near a wire fence on a field about 500 yards east of the farm steading of Drumbulg by James Grant, son of James Grant, the farmer. Deceased left his home on Wednesday morning for the purpose of tending a herd of sheep on the field where his body was discovered. Rain was falling, and a bitterly cold wind was blowing when he left. Mrs Bremner, Loanend, observed the young lad passing her door, and gave him a coat. The last time he was seen was about ten o' clock on Wednesday forenoon, by James Grant, jun., to whom he complained the he was wet to the skin and very cold. Dr Wilson, Huntly, who was summoned, gave it his opinion that death was due to exposure.

Prosecutions Under the Education Act - At a Justice of Peace Court held in Aberdeen yesterday - Baillie Murray, Mr John Harper, and Mr William Thomson on the bench - John Lairg, labourer, 139 Gallowgate, was charged with having failed to keep his daughter Margaret, aged 13 years, at school. He pleaded not guilty, and the evidence of Mr Gall, School Board officer, and one of his assistants was to the effect that Laing had been cited three times before the Board in connection with this girl and others of his family. Margaret had recently made 25 attendances out of a possible 142. She was about three years behind with her education. Accused was found guilty, and fined 12s 6d with 12s 6d expenses, with the alternative of seven days' imprisonment. Francis Clayton, carter, Stronach's Close, was charged with having failed to keep his daughter Helen and his son Francis at school. The girl had made 16 attendances out of a possible of 100; while the boy had made 57 attendances out of a possible 106. Clayton was fined in a similar sum as Laing, with the same alternative. Jane Mackenzie Anderson, Yeats Lane, was charged with failing to provide education for her son, aged eleven. She pleaded not guilty, but was convicted on evidence and mulcted in a like penalty as the others.

Theft by an Aberdeen Labourer - Yesterday, at Aberdeen Sheriff Court - before Sheriff Robertson - George Hay, labourer, 21 Chapel Lane, was charged with having, on 1st inst., stolen two shirts from a shop in St Paul Street occupied by James Watson, draper. Accused pleaded not guilty. In the evidence it was brought out that when accused took the shirts to a pawnbroker (Mr Charles Letters) he could not give a satisfactory account of his possession of them. The pawnbroker detained him and sent for the police. The Sheriff remarked that that was a very proper course. As accused had been three time previously convicted, he was sent to prison for twenty-one days.

To be continued!

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