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Bits that Don't fit anywhere else!


Every researcher and family historian has them. You know, all the odd bits and pieces that don't fit your work and have no specific category! Well I too have the same problem, so rather than hide them away I thought I would share some of them with you. So here goes...

Dianne Hendrix of Florida, USA has sent me a large number of photos as she would like to have the individuals identified. Dianne believes most of them are part of her family with names that include Mitchell, Rankin, Nicol and Robertson. If you can help in any way please get in touch!  For the rest of us this is a chance to enjoy some beautiful formal photographs from a number of Scottish studios. Thanks for sharing Dianne and let's hope someone out there can reward you with answers!


Aberdeen Studio Photos



Stonehaven Studio Photos



The Mitchell Brothers, Stonehaven

Alice Mary Mitchell?


Arbroath Studio Photos

Arbroath or Aberdeen?



Glasgow Studio Photos


Miscellaneous Studio Photos











Unknown Studio Photos


Robert Burns' Nieces

Local Adverts!
(Extracted from the Aberdeen Post Office Directory 1881-82)


The Origin of Cabel's Lane,
(just off Menzies Road), Torry

Peter Cabel was a carter who had four sons: James, Henry, David and Mitchell. They started the family business in what is now known as Cabel's Lane, Torry.

Henry & Jim Cabel

They continued the carting contractor and coal business at Cabel's Lane for many years with stables for the horses also located at that address.

In 1922 Henry died and around 1924/25 David & Mitchell emigrated to Canada.

The carting business continued under the direction of the remaining brother Jim and his 4 sons Peter, Jim jr., Alex & Henry.

Alex left home and emigrated  to Canada leaving Jim and his remaining 3 sons to carry on the business.

From 1925 the firm James Cabel & Sons (Peter, Jim jr & Henry) were carting contractors with stables at South Esplanade East, (Pier Head) Old Torry.

In time the horses gave way to lorries which makes these photos so much more interesting.

My thanks to Peter's daughter Jessie for sharing these wonderful images and the family history behind them.


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If you are related to any of the above or can provide further information I'd love to hear from you!  Contact me here