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Bits that Don't fit anywhere else!


Every researcher and family historian has them. You know, all the odd bits and pieces that don't fit your work and have no specific category! Well I too have the same problem, so rather than hide them away I thought I would share some of them with you. So here goes...

Lynda Jackson has been researching her ancestors which includes the Nicoll family of Cauldcots Farm, Fettercairn. She's sent me some photos which she'd like identified. Along with these she has a picture of a rather splendid house - may or may not be in the Fettercairn area. Can you identify it?

If you can help in any way please get in touch!


The Nicoll Family of Cauldcots Farm, Fettercairn


Mystery House - Can you Identify It?

Mystery Solved!  This is Inchgarth House, Cults, Aberdeen. My thanks to Gavin Baird for contacting me with the answer.


Photo of the Banchory Home Guard taken in the early 1940's. My thanks to Tom Lennie for this one. Incidentally, his father is the officer in the middle of the front row.


The Aberdeen Journal, Apr 29, 1897

Births - Milne - At 59 Bonnymuir Place, Aberdeen, on the 28th inst., the wife of Robert Milne, builder, of a son.

Bishop - At 115 Gerrard Street, Aberdeen, on the 25th inst., the wife of Robert Bishop, of triplets - two daughters and a son. All doing well.

Farquhar - At West Park, Clifton Road, Woodside, on the 28th inst., the wife of Alexander Farquhar, commercial traveller of a daughter.

M'Connach - At 28 Union Row, Aberdeen, on the 27th inst., the wife of John M'Connach, Aberdeen City Police, of a daughter.

Aiken - At 5 Springbank Terrace, Aberdeen, on the 28th inst., the wife of W R Aiken, shipmaster, of a daughter.

Marriages - Duthie-Hunter - At 173 King Street, Aberdeen, on the 27th inst., by the Rev. Dr Robson, assisted by the Rev. W M Wilson, Alexander Duthie (Duthie Brothers) to Mary, second daughter of James Hunter, shipbuilder, Aberdeen.

M'Pherson-Fenton - At Windyhills, Ellon, on the 28th inst., by Rev. J S Loutit, Foveran, Frederick Charles M'Pherson, chemist, Newburgh, to Chrissie, sixth daughter of Joseph Fenton, Windyhills.

Marshall-Mennie - At Montreal, on the 25th April, by the Rev. Dr M'Williams, James Marshall, eldest son of the late Baillie Marshall, Edinburgh, to Bessie, daughter of the late Rev. John Mennie, Methlick, Aberdeenshire.

Deaths - M'Bain - At 35 Hamilton Place, Aberdeen, on the 28th inst., Frances Robertson, dearly beloved wife of John M'Bain, High School for Girls, Aberdeen.

Rae - At 65 Menzies Road, Torry, on the 27th inst., Eveline Gordon, infant daughter of James Rae, patternmaker - deeply regretted.

Harvey - At 105 Summer Street, Aberdeen, on the 28th inst., Andrew Harvey, late shoemaker, in the 93rd year of his age.

Littlejohn - At Aberdeen, on the 28th inst., Margaret Jane Urquhart, widow of the late William Littlejohn, manager of the Town and County Bank, Aberdeen.

Brechin - At 20 Craigie Street, Aberdeen, on the 28th inst., William Brechin, grocer, aged 29 years.

Bruce - At 22 Market Square, Oldmeldrum, on the 27th inst., Margaret H Milne, wife of George Bruce, watchmaker, aged 43 years.

M'Ivor - At Fernbank, West Cults, on the 28th inst., Elizabeth Sarah Sayer, wife of Wm. M'Ivor, aged 59 years.

Mundie - At Harehill Farm, Oldmachar, on the 28th inst., George Mundie, late of Belhelvie, aged 74 years.

Ferguson - At New Deer, on the 27th inst., Alexander Ferguson, baker.

Wilson - At West Park Street, Huntly, on the 27th inst., George Wilson, M.D., in his 86th year. Funeral to New Cemetery on Friday 30th inst.

Gordon - At 39 Balmellie Street, Turriff, on the 25th inst., Mary Proctor, beloved wife of John Gordon, shoemaker.

Park - at Bridge Street, Strichen, on the 27th inst., Mary Greig, relict of the late Forbes Park, Wettingshill, New Deer, aged 87 years.

Paul - At 4 Montague Street, Edinburgh, on 25th Inst., after a brief illness, James Tindall Paul, 22 years, only son of John Paul, millwright (Barry, Henry & Co., Limited, Aberdeen).

Keith - At Aldershot, on the 23rd April, of scarlet fever and pneumonia, James, younger son of George Keith, 31 North Albert Street, Aberdeen, aged 22 years.

Deaths of Local Seamen - The following deaths of seamen, including those lost on the State of Georgia, were reported to the Registrar General of Shipping during March:-

Alex. Allison (23), steward, 74 George Street, Aberdeen; Arthur Bohnstengel (19), A.B., native of Stettin, but lately residing in Aberdeen; David Bowman (25), third mate, Montrose; James Cafary (45), fireman, Broad Street, Aberdeen; Chas. Christie (27), trimmer, Summer Street, Aberdeen; John M'Cormack (23), fireman, Newburgh, Aberdeen; George Craib (48), fireman, Links Street, Aberdeen; W M Davidson (26), fourth engineer, 144 Wellington Road, Aberdeen; Alexander Duncan (26), second engineer, Victoria Road, Torry; Alex. Geddes (27), fireman, Pitmuxton, Aberdeen; John D Guthrie (53), first mate, 54 Stanley Street, Aberdeen; John Hacket (43), fireman, 50 Longacre, Aberdeen; John Henderson (22), fireman, Newburgh; James Kelly (46) boatswain, Newburgh; Peter Kelly (18), A.B., Newburgh; James Leys (35), cook, Mid Stocket Road, Aberdeen; John M'Donald (41), A.B., native of Inverness, 5 Rennie's Wynd, Aberdeen; David M'Lean (24), third engineer, Peterhead; Thomas Morrison (42), first engineer, 49 Commerce Street, Aberdeen; George Robertson (19), trimmer, 49 Cotton Street, Aberdeen; George Rae (25), A.B. 19 Chronicle Lane, Aberdeen; Frank Slater (22) fireman, St Clements Street, Aberdeen; John Stewart (53), master, Summerfield Terrace, Aberdeen; Wm Stewart (23), A.B., 19 Summerfield Terrace, Aberdeen; George H Watt (27), messroom steward, 41 Holburn Road, Aberdeen; Richard T Weedon (24), donkeyman, 14 Castle Street, Aberdeen; Wm Wilson (51), second mate, 30 Marischal Street, Aberdeen; Alexander Wood (22), trimmer, Newburgh; and Frederick Wood (18), A.B., Newburgh (all of State of Georgia, missing since 28th December last); Alexander Findlay (30), mate on board the Racer, of Banff, Cullen, killed by being struck with iron horse for fore-sheet, knocking him across the deck to starboard side, where he struck the rail, breaking his neck; Wm. Lyall (23), A.B., 29 Gellymill Street, Macduff, supposed drowned while serving on steamer Linlithgow, of Glasgow, which was abandoned; John Mason (54), A.B., 12 James Street, Aberdeen, died of cancer in Greenock Hospital; Geo. A. Mennie (24), third mate, Aberdeen, supposed drowned while serving on steamer Linlithgow, of Glasgow; John Smith Morrison (34), second mate, Aberdeen, died of malarial fever at Sourabaya Bar; Wm. Watt (29), fisherman, Crovie, Banffshire, drowned off the Northern Flower, of Banff, in the Minch.


The Aberdeen Journal, Feb 4, 1846

Births - At Torry Farm on the 3d inst., Mrs Batten, of a daughter.

At Eastland, Maryculter, on the 20th ult., the Lady of the Rev. R. B. Boswell, Chaplain on the Bengal Presidency, of a son.

At the Manse of Kirkinabreck, on the 26th ult., Mrs Muir, of a son.

Deaths - at No. 26, Bon-Accord Terrace, on Thursday, the 22d ult., Mrs Wilson Nicolson of Glenbervie, aged seventy-nine, youngest daughter of the late Sir William Nicolson of Glenberve, Bart. and relict of the Rev. James Wilson, Minister of Farnell, Forfarshire.

At Hydrabad, Scinde, Janet, the beloved wife of Conductor W. Bothwell, Ordnance Department, and late of the Corporation of Bakers, city of Aberdeen, departed this life, 12 Nov 1845, deeply regretted.

At Upper Inver, on the morning of the 24th ult, Jane Mavor, wife of John Grant, late Innkeeper at Monymusk.

At Fisherfoord, parish of Auchterless, on the 28th ult., Nathaniel Boothe, aged 92 years.

At Huntly, on the 21st ultimo, Miss Margaret Simpson, in her ninety-first year.

At Assynt, parish of Alness, Ross-shire, on the 9th ult., and in the 22d year of his age, Mr William Garden, A.M., youngest son of Mr James Garden, Farmer.

At the Manse of Craigie, on the 13th ult., the Rev. Dr Stirling, for forty years Minister of Craigie.

We understand the Mr William Fraser, Surgeon, Drum's Lane, has received the thanks of the Royal Scottish Society of Arts, Edinburgh, for a paper, communicating the results of some experiments on Electro and Galvano-Culture, made by him in 1840.

The minister of Bourtrie gratefully acknowledges having received, for the Poor of the Parish, the handsome and seasonable donation of Five Pound, from Mrs Mackenzie of Glack and Thornton.

Accident - On the forenoon of Friday last, as a drayman belonging to the Old Aberdeen Brewery, was about to drive his horse and cart from the premises into the High Street, he perceived another horse yoked to a cart galloping along the street, having taking fright. Thinking his best way of stopping it would be to occupy the road with his own vehicle, he drew it across the street, and stood at his horse's head, a little boy being at his side; but the frightened animal, instead of being checked, endeavoured to dash between him and the foot path, and in so doing so doing knocked him down, and also the lad. They were both seriously bruised, but the man's injuries were most severe. He was immediately removed to his residence in Old Aberdeen where he remains in a precarious condition.

The Wizard of the North - This wonder-working magician commences his extraordinary feats on Monday next, when we are assured he intends to astonish our citizens not a little. The press of the whole empire attests that the Wizard is a most remarkable individual; and we have no doubt but that his performances will be as much appreciated here as every where else. (Note - you can see the grave of the Wizard here)

Body Found - In the end of December, a canvassing book, bearing the name "James Singer," and purporting to contain the names of subscribers obtained by him for the works of a Glasgow publishing house, was found in the harbour, at Waterloo Quay: and apprehensions were entertained of the safety of the owner. Nothing was heard of him until Saturday last, when, between 8 and 9 o'clock in the morning his body was found near Waterloo Quay, close to where his book had been previously discovered, so that there can be no doubt that he must have been in the water since that period.

A melancholy occurrence took place at Allatban, parish of New Deer, on Monday the 19th January last, whereby a very respectable family, (as well as their friends and neighbours,) are plunged into deepest distress. Hugh Mutch, a fine lad, about 18 years of age, youngest son of James Mutch, blacksmith there, while watering a pair of mares, belonging to his father, one of them struck him on the breast, so as to occasion his death on the following day. It was very remarkable, that after receiving the fatal stroke he was able to feed and harness the animals for the plough, but instead of proceeding to the field as he intended, he was obliged to take to his bed. Medical attendance was promptly procured, but human aid was of no avail; and after lingering in great pain for about 30 hours, death came to his relief. "In the midst of life we are in death."


The Aberdeen Journal, Aug 23, 1871

Births - At 47 Springbank Terrace, on the 15th inst., the wife of T L Stack, Esq., late Captain, 11th Regiment, of a daughter.

On the 5th instant, at Aberdeen, the wife of Captain F Rawdon-Macnamara, half-pay 93d Sutherland Highlanders of a daughter.

At 14, Springbank Terrace, on the 17th inst., the wife of Jas M'Cormack, of a son.

At 14 Kingsland Place, on the 18th inst., the wife of James Dale, Teacher, Gordon's Hospital, of a son.

At 6 Nelson Street, on the 21st inst., the wife of Alexander I Philip, of a son.

At Torry Fort, Aberdeen, on the 18th inst., the wife of J C Lyons, Master-Gunner, R.A., of a daughter.

At Manse of Woodside, on the 20th instant, the wife of the Rev. William Murray Keay, of a daughter.

On the 21st inst, at Bovaglie, Crathie, Mrs Gordon, of a daughter.

At Stonehaven, on the 14th inst., the wife of David Milne Stephen, solicitor, of a son.

At 3 Summerfield, Leith, on the 19th inst., the wife of the Rev. John G Niven, of a daughter.

At Armagh, on the 18th inst., the wife of Thomas Best, Esq., of a daughter.

Marriages - On the 15th August, at St Andrew's Chapel, King Street., by the Right Rev. the Bishop of Aberdeen and the Orkneys, Mr James J Mitchell, architect, Edinburgh, to Maria Robertson, only child of the late Daniel Stephens, Currier, Aberdeen.

At 76 Chapel Street, on the 18th inst., by the Rev. Alex. Forbes, M.A., Free Church, Drumblade, uncle of the bride, assisted by the Rev. Wm H Gualter, M.A., Trinity Free Church, Aberdeen, John Clark, coachman, Garthdee House, to Mary, second daughter of Alexander Stuart, late merchant.

At 2 Shore Brae, Aberdeen, on the 15th inst., by the Rev. G. F. I. Philip of St Clement's, Alexander Morrison Mitchell, commercial traveller, Northampton, to Jane, second daughter of the late James Nicol, Bulker, Harbour Office.

Deaths -  At 10 Springbank Terrace, Aberdeen, on the 21st curt., Barbara Walker, relict of W A Ohman, Esq., merchant, London, aged 89 years.

At 65 Park Street, on the 21st inst., Margaret Stephen, wife of James Scott, aged 56 years - deeply regretted.

At 3 King Street Place, on the 16th inst., Margt. Sinclair, wife of James David Pettigrew, aged 36 years.

At 29 Thistle Street, on the 18th instant, Hope Pirie, widow of Captain John Morgan.

At 16 Jasmine Terrace, Aberdeen, on the 17th inst., Isabella Hadden Sangster, wife of George Glennie, aged 47 years.

At Blindmills, Auchterless, on the 20th inst., Jane Dunbar, in her 89th year.

At West Cairnhill, Fetteresso, on the 18th inst., Isabella White, relict of the late William Valentine, Broombrae, Daviot, aged 65 years.

At Bridge of Allan, on the 15th inst., Margaret Strachan, daughter of the late William Milne, manufacturer, Aberdeen, and sister of the Rev. Wm. Milne, Braco, Perthshire.

At London, on the 14th inst., Mr Daniel Nelson, captain of the Aberdonian of Aberdeen, aged 52 years.

At Gnelph, Canada, on the 18th ult., Mr George Bruce, Sen., architect, late of Wick, aged 73 years.

By an accident on the Toronto and Nippising Railroad, Canada, on the 26th July last, Donald Mitchell, youngest son of the late Patrick Mitchell, farmer, Dorsencilly, and grandson of the late Rev. Dr Mitchell, Kemnay.


The Aberdeen Journal, Aug 16, 1879

Births - At Fiddesbeg, Foveran, on the 14th inst., Mrs Robert Mitchell, of a son.

Marriages - At Ludquharn, Longside, Aberdeenshire, on the 13th inst., by the Rev. Robert Cushny, Longside, Mr Thomas Shaw, advocate, Edinburgh, to Elsie Steven, elder daughter of Mr George Forrest, Ludquharn.

Deaths - At 6 Constitution Street, Aberdeen, on the 15th Instant, Elizabeth Annand, wife of William Donald, painter.

At 9 Holburn Street, on the 14th inst., Susan Keith, aged 68, wife of William Hickton, late of Inland Revenue.

At Howford Cottage, Inverurie, on the 15th instant, Isabella Fenton, wife of John Bisset, formerly merchant in Inverurie, in her 76th year.

At Lundi Kotal, Afghanistan, on the 14th July, of dysentery, Major J. R. Dyce, Royal Artillery, last surviving son of the late professor Robert Dyce, M.D., Aberdeen University.

Aberdeen Sheriff Criminal Court

Assault with a Hoe - Joseph Rennie (16), farm servant, New Aberdour, was charged with having, on 1st August, assaulted George Smith, shoemaker, within the blacksmith's shop, occupied by William Wood, by striking him with the handle of a hoe on the right eye. He pleaded guilty, saying he did not intend to hurt him, and that he had received provocation. The Sheriff said that as the accused had come a long way, and as this was the first time he had been here, the sentence would be limited to a fine of 10s, or one week's imprisonment.

Thefts by a Baker - James Simpson (23), baker, was charged with having, on the 12th or 13th insts., (1) stolen from a bleaching green in High Street, Old Aberdeen, a pair of moleskin trousers, a vest, wincy petticoat, and wincy shirt, the property of James Duguid; (2) a wincey shirt, a pair of stockings, a pair of socks, and a towel, the property of Hugh Moody, carpet weaver, Old Aberdeen; and (3) a pair of boots, the property of James Campbell, slater, Newburgh. He pleaded guilty, as was sent to prison for 30 days.

Breach of the Peace at Oldmeldrum - John Barron (29), farm servant, residing at Belhelvie, parish of Meldrum, pleaded guilty to having caused a breach of the peace at Market Square, Oldmeldrum, on the 9th inst., and was fined 15s, with the option of 10 days imprisonment.

Aberdeen Police Court

A Vagrant - Jane Still (56), at present in custody, who was charged at yesterday's Court with contravening the Police Acts by having been found on the 14th inst. in an entry in Holburn Street drunk and conducting herself as a vagrant, was again brought up. As it was now stated that the woman was to be taken into the Oldmachar Poorhouse, she was dismissed.

Elgin - Serious Accident - An accident of a rather serious nature occurred at Newmill yesterday morning. William Yeats, an apprentice engineer, was engaged adjusting a belt in the engineering room while the machinery was in motion, and, in doing so, his clothes were caught by a pin on the shaft. The lad was swung several times round the shaft before the machinery could be stopped. His arm was very severely bruised, but no bones were broken. Drs Mackay and Adam were immediately summoned, and attended to his injuries. Yeats was able to be removed home to New Elgin, where he resides, in the course of the forenoon.


The Aberdeen Journal, May 23, 1900

Births - Bain - At Labass, Fiji, on 31st March, the wife of David G Bain, chief engineer, of a son.

Burgess - At Drumnagesk; Aboyne, on 19th inst., the wife of John Burgess, of a son

Crombie - At 202 Victoria Road, Torry, on the 15th inst., the wife of David L Crombie, of a son.

Dunn - At Kirkhill, Nigg, on the 15th inst., the wife of James Dunn, blacksmith, of a daughter.

Duthie - At 33 Bonnymuir Place, Aberdeen, on the 20th inst., the wife of Robert G Duthie, of a son.

Forbes - At Glen Bulig, Ballater, on the 15th inst., the wife of Charles Forbes, of a son.

Gorman - At 38 Holburn Road, Aberdeen, on the 21st inst., Mrs William Johnston, of a daughter

Johnston - At 40 Burns Road, Aberdeen, on the 21st inst., Mrs William Johnston, of a daughter.

Leith - At 1 Forbesfield Road, Aberdeen, on the 18th inst., Mrs J P Leith, of a son.

Lumsden - At 20 Bon-Accord Square, Aberdeen, on the 19th inst., the wife of Charles Downie Lumsden, advocate in Aberdeen, of a son.

Maitland - At 66 Nelson Street, Aberdeen, on the 18th inst., the wife of John Alexander Maitland, of a son.

Urquhart - at 11 Thistle Street, Peterhead, on the 21st inst., Mrs James Urquhart, of a daughter.

Wyness - At Elmbank, Ashgrove Road, Aberdeen, on the 20th inst., the wife of J C Wyness, of a son.

Still - At Free Church Manse, Banchory-Devenick, on the 18th inst., Mrs Still, of a daughter.

Marriages  Reid-Watt - At Drumnahive, Kildrummy, on the 17th inst., by the Rev A Christie, Kildrummy, assisted by the Rev G H Grassick, Leochel-Cushnie, cousin of the bridegroom, Maggie Cruickshank, eldest daughter of John Watt, Esq., farmer, to John Reid, farmer, Auchmillan, Auchindoir.

Deaths  Aberdein - At Taunton Hospital, USA., on the 5th inst., Annie, beloved wife of Alexander Aberdein, stonecutter, Quincy, Mass., and eldest daughter of the late William Davidson, flesher, Mounthooly, and of Mrs Davidson, 10 Union Grove, Aberdeen, aged 34 years - deeply mourned.

Alexander - At Ardfork, Meldrum, on the 15th inst., Isabella Philip, aged 95 years, relict of the late James Alexander

Anderson - At Mains of Coynach, Migvie, on the 15th inst., Jessie Anderson, aged 61 years

Bowman - At Springbank, Huntly, on the 16th inst., James Bowman, aged 77 years. Funeral on Monday, at One o' clock, to Dunbennan Churchyard.

Burnett - At 7 Crimon Place, Aberdeen, on the 16th inst., May Ewan, wife of James Burnett.

Carnie - At Bloemfontein, on the 11th inst., of enteric fever, Private John C Carnie (of Colonach, Strachan), volunteer, Gordon Highlander, aged 22 years - much and deeply regretted.

Center - At Ardlaw, 7 Carlton Road, Ealing, on the 16th inst., Surgeon-Colonel William Center, Indian Medical Service.

Donald - At 7 North Street, Inverurie, on the 20th inst., Robert Donald, aged 70 years. Funeral on Wednesday, 23rd inst.

Duncan - Suddenly at 402 King Street, Aberdeen, on the 19th inst., Sergeant James Duncan, late of the 91st Argyle and Sutherland Highlanders.

Farquharson - At Crigiehatta, Banchory, on the 19th inst., John Farquharson, late collector, Inland Revenue, Maidstone.

Fraser - At Royal Infirmary, Aberdeen, on May 20th 1900, Thomas Fraser, shoemaker (New Cottage, Shoe Lane), aged 58. The funeral will take place on Wednesday first, at Three p.m., from the House; to St Peter's Cemetery.

Forbes - At Rosehall, Newmachar, on the 17th inst., Gordon Forbes, grieve, aged 47 years.

Gordon - At Town and County Bank House, Banchory, on 18th instant, Jemima Blackie, wife of John Gordon, bank agent.

Grant - At Kirkton, Durris, on 20th instant, Peter Grant, late Colour-Sergeant, 92nd Gordon Highlanders, aged 63.

Guthrie - At the residence of his son-in-law, Mr Peter S Badenoch, 57 Loanhead Terrace, Aberdeen, on the 20th inst., David Guthrie, aged 80 years.

Hall - At 74 Hutcheon Street, Aberdeen, on the 18th inst., Alexander Hall, painter, aged 78 years.

Leslie - At Denver, Colorado, USA., Charles Fraser, second son of the late Rev Alexander Leslie, Folla-Rule, aged 31 years.

Low - At the Royal Infirmary, Aberdeen, on the 19th inst., Elizabeth Lumsden Walker Low ("Nurse Lizzie"), Sick Children's Hospital, aged 27 years, second daughter of George Low, Dambrae, Belhelvie.

M'Gee - At the Royal Asylum, Aberdeen, on the 15th inst., Graham M'Gee, plasterer, of 111 Gerrard Street, aged 38 years.

Milne - At Royal Infirmary, Aberdeen, on the 18th inst., Alexander Milne, of 5 Nelson Lane, aged 70 years.

Milne - At 22 Summerfield Terrace, Aberdeen, on the 15th inst., Alexander Milne, aged 59, late of Auchterless.

Minty - At Tillysnaught Cottage, on the 16th inst., Isabella Todd, widow of the late James Minty, late of Toddlehills, aged 84 years.

Moir - At Bombay, suddenly, on the 19th inst., James Rankine Moir, of J and J Moir, ice manufacturers, Bombay, late of Hilldowntrie and Ceylon.

Moir - At 404 King Street, Aberdeen, on the 16th inst., Elsie Moir, aged 20 years.

Morrison - At Morningfield Hospital, Aberdeen, on the 15th inst., Margaret Morrison, youngest daughter of the late William Morrison, mason in Aberdeen, and late of Bahid, Brazil.

Nornable - At Mount Pleasant, 1 Canal Street, Aberdeen, on the 15th inst., Alfred Nornable, aged 75 years.

Park - At 65 Loch Street, Aberdeen, on the 18th inst., Maggie, second daughter of James and Maggie Park, aged 16 years.

Paterson - at Inverness, on the 14th inst., "Little Willie," only son of Inspector Paterson, SPCA, 95 Elmbank Terrace, Aberdeen.

Porter - At 67 Bon-Accord Street, Aberdeen, on the 21st inst., Maria Hammond, wife of James Porter.

Ramsay - At the Royal Infirmary, Aberdeen, on the 21st inst., after a short illness, Annie, younger daughter of the late W. Ramsay, merchant, Fraserburgh.

Simpson - At 37 Urquhart Road, Aberdeen, on the 17th inst., Mary Ann Melvin, wife of James Simpson, aged 61 years.

Slessor - At West Street, Strichen, on the 20th inst., Margaret Stott, wife of William Slessor, late of Nethermill, Pennan, in her 81st year.

Stratton - At Woodbine Cottage, Bucksburn, on the 15th inst., James Stratton, papermaker, aged 69 years.

Taylor - At 10 Jasmine Terrace, Aberdeen, on the 16th inst., Margaret Wallace, aged 7½ months, youngest daughter of the late Alexander C Taylor, compositor, "Aberdeen Journal."

Watson - At the Royal Asylum, Aberdeen, on the 19th inst., Margaret Main, wife of Robert Watson, jun., shipwright, aged 32 years.

Westland - At 15 Spa Street, Aberdeen, on the 16th inst., Peter Muckle, second son of James Westland, mason, aged 3 years and 9 months.

Wilson - At Bicemfontein, on the 14th inst., of dysentry, Private Richard Wilson, 1st Oxfordshire Light Infantry, aged 34 years, beloved husband of Rose Prudden, Battersea, London, and third surviving son of William Wilson, 51 Watson Street, Aberdeen.

Younie - At the Schoolhouse, Kinmundy, Longside, on the 19th inst., Janet Taylor Ross, youngest daughter of the late William B Ross, Aberdeen and wife of Alexander M'D Younie, schoolmaster, aged 31 years. Funeral from Aberdeen Joint Station to St Peter's Cemetery, on Wednesday, 23rd instant, on arrival of 3.20 pm train.

Death of an Aberdeen Engineer in Table Bay

Sapper Mulholland

Corporal J Catto, of the Service Detachment 1st Aberdeenshire Royal Engineers (Volunteers), in a letter home to his father, Deacon Catto, which was written some days before the transport Devon arrived in Table Bay, gives an interesting description of life onboard the vessel, mentioning the amusements and the routine of duty on board ship, and the variety of food, which he said was ample and of the best quality; in fact, the supply for eight men whold have done for twenty. Corporal Catto also describes the process of vaccinating the troops, and adds that, after the operation is performed it is necessary to remain in bed for forty-eight hours, and to take great care for some days afterwards as long as the fever lasts, as the patients are very liable to take other diseases at this period. He states, as an instance of this danger, that one of his comrades from Aberdeen - Sapper W Mulholland - had neglected to take due precaution. He jumped into a cold bath the third day after being vaccinated, the temperature at the time being a hundred degrees in the shade. The vessel was then in the neighbourhood of the Equator. The result was that the unfortunate young man got a chill, was seized with inflamation of the lungs, along with pneumonia, and was very ill for some days before the vessel reached Table Bay. In a subsequent note written after the arrival of the vessel, Corporal Catto records the fact that Sapper Mulholland died on the 30th April while the Devon was in the bay. Corporal Catto states that he saw him about an hour before his death occurred, and he was then gasping for breath. He says further that the occurrence had cast a gloom over his comrades, as the deceased was very much liked by all. In conclusion Corporal Catto mentions that the detachment would leave for Bethanie, Orange Free State, and he therefore expected they would have plenty of fighting.

Sapper Mulholland belonged to D Company of the Aberdeen Engineers; he was a mason to trade, and resided at Rosemount Viaduct. His relatives had received no information of his death, and when they learned the sad news from one of the representatives on Sunday they were terribly upset.

Sapper Mulholland joined the Aberdeen Engineers four years ago, and soon showed himself an enthusiastic volunteer, being a regular attender at drills and most attentive to his duties. The first year he won the recruit's cup for shooting, and has taken several prizes since. He was a stonecutter to trade, and was employed with Mr Alexander Milne, St Clair Street. His father is Colour-Sergeant Mulholland, retired sergeant-instructor of the Cruden Company of the 3rd V.B. Gordon Highlanders.

Fire in Aberdeen - Narrow Escape of an Old Man

On Friday fire broke out in the dwelling-house 5 John Street, occupied by James Robertson, cabinetmaker, who was lying ill in bed at the time, and had a narrow escape. It appears that during the temporary absence of his wife and daughter a spark from the fire ignited the tablecloth, and the flames spread to the bed on which the old man was lying. Robertson with difficulty got out of bed, but he was unable to walk he fell and slightly injured his knee. He managed, however, to crawl into the adjoining kitchen, and the neighbours below, hearing his shouts, rushed up and succeeded in putting out the flames. Superintendent Morren and Inspector Buchan were early on the scene, and saw that Robertson was safely removed to another bed. The brigade, under Firemaster Inkster, was also promptly on the spot, but its services were not required. It was the first occasion on which the new horsed escape had been turned out, and it travelled splendidly, taking the corners of the streets without the slightest difficulty. The fire being in the attic floor, it was an occasion where the escape might have been very serviceable. The bedding material was destroyed and the damage amounted to about £1 10s, which was not insured.


The Aberdeen Journal, June 18, 1856

Births – At Rubislaw Terrace, on the 17th inst., Mrs Matthews, of a daughter.

At 126, King Street, on the 15th inst., Mrs Fraser L Johnston, of a son.

At 5 Prospect Terrace, on the 11th inst., Mrs Alexander Milne, of a daughter

At 2 Carmelite Street, on the 14th curt., the wife of William Speid, advocate, Aberdeen, of a daughter

At Manse of Brechin, on the 11th current, Mrs Halkett, of a daughter

Marriages  At Aberdeen, on the 10th current, by the Rev. Mr Wood, Old Machar, Mr William Farquharson Ross, Dorsincilly, by Ballater, to Catherine, eldest daughter of William Robertson, Hillhead, Blairs

Here, on the 16th inst., by the Rev George Henry, Mr Alexander Duncan, chief officer of the ship Maria Hay, of Sunderland, to Margaret, youngest daughter of the late Mr David Mollison, merchant, Aberdeen

At Leys of Auchmacoy, on the 12th instant, by the Rev. Andrew Gordon Logie, Mr Thomas Ruxton, farmer, Kirkton, Logie-Buchan, to Elizabeth, youngest daughter of George Roberston., late of Balmacassie.

At St Columba’s Edinburgh, on the 10th inst., by the Right Rev. the Bishop of Brechin, Christopher Webster Kerr, Dundee, to Marion Barclay, second daughter of B. Grahame, Esq. of Morphie.

Deaths  At Spring Bank, Dee Street, on the 14th inst., Margaret Simpson, aged 81, relict of the late Rev. Dr Alexander Smith, minister of the Parish of Chapel of Garioch.

At 26, Skene Square, on the 15th inst., Mr George Shepherd, Commercial Traveller, aged 25.

At Craigo, on the 12th current, Thomas Carnegy, Esq., of Craigo

At Harlaw, on the 7th inst., George Cay, farmer, aged 57.

At Dumpston, on the 6th inst., Elizabeth Lillie, relict of the late James Smith, farmer there, aged 73 years.

At Old Rain, on the 9th inst., of croup, Frances Mary, infant daughter of Mr A. Shaw, baker, there, aged 8 months.

At Hazel Grove, Illinois, U.S. America, on the 18th of May last, Margaret, wife of Mr Samuel Vial, and elder daughter of the late Mr George Machaughten, Woodside, in the 41st year of her age.

Sudden Death – On Thursday morning, while Mr William Erskine, master of the schooner Mackintosh, was walking along Provost Blaikies Quay, opposite the Lime Company’s sheds, he was observed to stagger and immediately dropped down, expiring almost instantaneously. Dr Matthew was in attendance immediately, but life was found to be extinct. Mr Erskine was a young man of about twenty-nine.

Testimonial – Miss Charlotte Strachan, who, for several years past, has taught the Free Church Female school in Lumphanan, and who now leaves it for a more extensive sphere of usefulness, has been presented by her friends in Lumphanan with an elegant Silver Watch and appendages, as an expression of their esteem for her, and of their good wishes for her future welfare.

The Water Committee recommended, in reference to a petition for the erection of a public well in Shuttle Street, “that nothing be done in the matter.” The Committee, however, recommended that a new 3-inch iron water main be laid down from St Nicholas Street to the Correction Wynd Bridge – the expense being estimated by the Inspector at £34. An arrangement was made as to supplying with water a steam-engine (of 10-horse power,) belonging to Mr Brown, at Wellington Road; and an application from Mr R Smith, for a supply to his tanning shop at Steps of Gilcomston, was recommended to be acceded to, the charge to be according to the usual scale.


The Aberdeen Journal, February 26, 1896

Births - At 4 Springbank Terrace, Aberdeen, on the 21st inst., the wife of J Anderson Meff of a son.

At 133 John Street, Aberdeen, on the 21st inst., the wife of John B Mather, of a daughter.

Raffan - At Knowiemoor, Fordyce, on the 21st inst., the wife of Robert Raffan, farmer, of a daughter.

At Primrose Cottage, Victoria Road, Torry, on the 21st inst., the wife of W W Fraser of a daughter.

At 45 Argyll Place, Aberdeen, on the 17th inst., the wife of William Milne of a son.

At 490 George Street, Aberdeen, on the 17th inst., the wife of Alex. Booth of a daughter.

At 37 Mount Street, Aberdeen, on the 18th inst., the wife of George Cran of a son.

At 37 Victoria Street, Aberdeen, the wife of Henry W Farquharson, compositor, of a daughter.

At 30 Bogie Street, Huntly, on the 23rd inst., the wife of J S Wood, hairdresser, of a son.

On 24th inst., at 12 Balmoral Terrace, Aberdeen, the wife of Oswald W Butler, of a son.

At 256 Union Grove, Aberdeen, on the 21st inst., the wife of Arthur W Thomson, plumber, of a son.

Deaths - At Aberdeen, on the 22nd inst., the result of an accident, Frank, youngest son of Robert M'Callum, Charleston House, Torry.

At Minew, Lumphanan, on the 21st instant, Alexander Harper, farmer, aged 84 years.

At 152 Mid Stocket Road, Aberdeen, on the 21st inst., Miss Margaret Elizabeth Emslie, daughter of the late J Emslie of Tullochvenus.

At 19 Ulysses Road, West Hampstead, London, on the 21st inst., William M'Hardy, painter, aged 26 years, son of the late William M'Hardy, mason, also of Mrs M'Hardy, 11 St Andrews Street, Aberdeen.

At 38 Charlotte Street, Aberdeen, on the 21st inst., Jessie, beloved twin daughter of Charles Wyness, Oldmeldrum Mails, aged 12 years and 2 months.

At 87 Urquhart Road, Aberdeen, on the 27th inst., Thomas Buchan, in his 82nd year.

At Stanley Cottage, Aboyne, on the 20th inst., May Milne, wife of Peter Grant, aged 58 years.

At Wellington, New Zealand, on the 23rd December last, Ann Littlejohn, wife of Peter Johnson, and youngest daughter of the late James Littlejohn, Clockhill, New Deer. Aged 60.

At 24 Prospect Terrace, Aberdeen, on the 18th inst., after a severe illness, Little Tommy, beloved son of William and Maggie Walker, aged five months.

At the Royal Infirmary, Aberdeen, on the 20th inst., Margaret Fowler, wife of William Still, painter, aged 68 years.

At 43 Victoria Street, Aberdeen, Susan Fraser, relict of Captain Matthews, aged 76.

At 61 Wales Street, Aberdeen, on the 18th inst., Lauchlin M'Pherson, slater, aged 59 years.

At 25 Hamilton Place, Aberdeen, on the 19th inst., Elizabeth Paulin, widow of James Duncan, Regent Quay, in her 82nd year.

At 32 St Peter Street, Aberdeen, on 19th February, Georgie, only child of William and Jessie Michie, aged 1 year.

At 23 Victoria Street, Aberdeen, on the 19th February, Mary, last surviving daughter of the late Rev. George Cruden, minister of Logie-Buchan, in her 83rd year.

At Mill of Pinkie, Newmachar, on the 17th inst., Catherine Emslie, wife of William Johnston, aged 51 years.

At 43 Buchan Road, Macduff, at midnight, on the 17th inst., Isabella Clark, wife of Thomas Allen, aged 74 years, after a long and painful illness, borne with great Christian patience.

At Shanghai, on the 4th ult., Thomas Deans Mollison (a native of Kintore), late chief officer I.C.S.N. Canton, aged 35 years.

At his grandfather's residence, 56 Gallowgate, on the 18th inst., David Alexander Milne, son of Mrs A Milne, aged 7 years and 5 months.

At 3 Belgrave Terrace, Aberdeen, on the 15th inst., William Alexander Smith, saddler, aged 31 years.

At her residence, No 7 Carden Place, Aberdeen, on the 17th current, Isabella Florence Harper.

At Royal Infirmary, Aberdeen, on the 17th inst., Mary Ann Findlay, second daughter of James Findlay, Kirktown, Cookney, aged 23 years.

Killed at Torry, by the Torrry bus, on the 14th inst., Wee Johnnie, son of John and Helen Cormack.

At High Street, Banchory, on the 13th inst., the infant daughter of James and Bella Gaul.

At 17 Craigie Street, Aberdeen, on the 10th inst., George M'Donald, builder, 74 Woolmanhill, aged 72 years.

At 2 Craigie Loanings, Aberdeen, on the 11th inst., Euphemnia Logan, second daughter of Neil Shaw, aged two months.

At 122 Skene Street, Aberdeen, on the 11th inst., William Rae, late of Westhills, Skene, aged 79 years.

At 22 Carden Place, Aberdeen, on the 25th inst., Charles Alexander Mollyson, secretary and superintendent of branches, North of Scotland Bank, Limited, Aberdeen, aged 62.

At 21 Great Western Road, Aberdeen, on 24th inst., James Leslie, late boot and shoemaker, Aberdeen, in his 89th year.

At 19 Main Street, Turriff, on the 9th inst., Elizabeth Anderson, aged 77, widow of the late Alexander Winton, Viewhill, Ardersier, Fort-George.

At Shorehead, Stonehaven, on the 18th inst., George Dawson, fishcurer, aged 72.

Dickson - At 7 Brighton Terrace, Craigmore, Rothesay, on the 13th inst., William Dickson, late of Aberdeen.

Accidentally drowned at Havre, France, on 30th October 1895, John Anderson, aged 34 (s.s. Buenox Ayrean, Glasgow), third son of Peter Anderson, engine driver, Oldmeldrum.

At Bridge of Don, Aberdeen, on the 23rd inst., John Clark, late postman, aged 73 years.

At 7 Bridge Street, Ellon, on the 22nd inst., James Clark Alexander, late of the Union Bank of Scotland, eldest son of the late William Alexander, aged 37 years.

At New Leslie, Insch, on the 21st inst., William Ingram, farmer and inspector of poor aged 59 years.

At 118 Brayard Road, Peckham, London, on the 22nd inst., John T Colvin, chemist, eldest son of the late John Colvin, Stonehaven.

At Bervie, Dunecht, on the 23rd inst., Alexander B Coutts, in his 75th year.

At Market Street, Strichen, the house of her brother-in-law, Alexander Sim, on Sunday, 23rd inst., Elizabeth Gall, aged 58 years, eldest daughter of the late George Gall, mason, New Aberdour.

At Downies, Inverkeithney, on the 24th inst., George, infant son of N Anderson, aged 8 months.

At 505 Springburn Road, Glasgow, on the 21st inst., Annie M Beaton, wife of John C Wilson, engineer, late of Aberdeen, aged 37 years.


Aberdeen Man Drowned at Belfast - On Monday morning the very much decomposed body of a man was fished out of the river Lagan, at Ormeau Bridge, Belfast. The features, owing to the length of time the remains had been in the water, were unrecognisable, but in the pocket of a brown tweed coat which deceased wore was found a shipping discharge bearing the name A. Bruce, Aberdeen. How deceased came to his end is a complete mystery.

Death of a Veteran Shoemaker - There has just passed away at his residence, 21 Great Western Road, at the advanced age of 89 years, Mr James Leslie, who had been for almost 60 years a well-known boot and shoemaker in his native city. For several years he occupied a shop in Skene Square. He afterwards removed to Woolmanhill, and was subsequently at Schoolhill, and between 14 and 15 years ago Mr Leslie retired from active duty. Of a somewhat quiet disposition, he took no active part in public life, but he nevertheless interested himself in everything connected with the welfare of his native town. In politics he was a Liberal. Mr Leslie, who was predeceased by his wife some 17 years ago, is survived by three daughters and two sons, one of whom is an accountant in the city.

Runaway Horse in Aberdeen - Shortly after six o'clock on Monday morning an accident which, while alarming for a time, had fortunately no very serious results, occurred in Queen's Road. While a milk-cart, belonging to Mr D Anderson, Millbuie, Skene, and in charge of Wm. Hill (18), was being driven along that thoroughfare, one of the backbands of the harness broke. The horse became frightened, and bolted along the road at a terrific pace. In its career it knocked down two trees, and overturned the cart. Hill was thrown out of the vehicle, and received injuries to his left leg, necessitating his removal to the Royal Infirmary. The animal was ultimately captured in Albyn Place without further incident. The cart was very much damaged.

Shocking Fatality in Aberdeen - About noon on Saturday a distressing accident occurred at Point Law, Aberdeen, whereby Frank M'Callum (20), son of Robert M'Callum, mate of the s.s. St Ninian, residing at Charleston House, Victoria Road, Torry, received injuries which unfortunately terminated fatally. It seems that the young man, who for the past four years had been in the employment of Lord Provost Mearns, in his chandlery stores at Regent Quay, was accompanying the carter in delivering stores to the Aberdeen steam liner Morning Star, berthed at the south end of Point Law. The carter had gone aboard the vessel, leaving M'Callum in charge of the pony, a somewhat spirited animal. Suddenly the pony became frightened from an unknown cause, and bolted along the road. M'Callum, who was seated on the cart, endeavoured to draw up the animal, but in this he was unsuccessful. A large number of people were in the vicinity at the time, and they shouted to the young man to leap the vehicle. For some time he made no attempt to do this, but when the horse reached a point between the fishcuring yard of Mr P Johnstone and that of Mr Andrew Christie, about 300 yards from South Market Street, M'Callum endeavoured to get off the cart by the side. At this moment the pony suddenly swerved, and one of the wheels of the cart struck M'Callum on the head, knocking him down with considerable violence. Several people rushed to the young man's aid, as it was at once seen that M'Callum was very seriously injured. Blood was flowing from his mouth and from a deep wound on the side of his head. Dr M'Combie, who happened to be passing about the time, at once examined the injured man, and Dr Wood immediately afterwards arrived. It was found that M'Callum's skull was seriously fractured, and that he was in a very critical condition. A police ambulance was secured, and the sufferer was placed upon it for the purpose of being removed to his father's house, but before it was reached he had expired. Meantime the pony continued its mad career, and just before entering South Market Street it collided with a horse and lorry belonging to Messrs Adam & Co., coal merchants. The shaft of the cart in which the runaway animal was yoked pierced the breast of the other horse which fell to the ground. It was raised and removed to the stabling in South Market Street. Mr Dunbar, V.S., was summoned, and found, on examination, that the animal had contained such injuries that it would be advisable to kill it, and this was immediately done. The horse was valued at £70. The runaway animal, which escaped uninjured, was secured at the point where the collision occurred, and was taken to the stabling at Regent Quay. The Lord Provost was naturally much distressed at the shocking occurrence.

Gravestones of Kincardine - Near to the vanished town of Kincardine are recorded two gravestones, one of which disappeared prior to the 1980's. Could you be related? See photos and inscriptions!

1786 ET. IT. WT. / IT. MT. EE. Erected by William Taylor the younger, the only surviving son now in Jamaica.

(opposite side) WT. MA. William Taylor late in Landends of Kincardine who died 23rd Oct 1780 aged 62, sons James and David died the same year before their father, his wife Margaret Alexander died .....17??

Another stone which was located here (now lost) had the inscription, William Ross, 1739.

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