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Remarkable Cases of Longevity in the 18th Century


The average person in the 18th century would not have been expected to live much longer than their late forties or early fifties

Now consider the following instances of extreme longevity, pertaining to those belonging mainly to the North-Eastern counties of Scotland. These statistics were extracted from the Aberdeen Journal in the latter half of the 18th century...

May 3, 1762 Agnes Christie, Midmar, 104 years. She was hale and vigorous to the last, as evidenced by her walking 16 miles in one day about 2 months before her death.
Dec 27, 1762 James Robertson, farmer, Mill of Drumnahoy, Cluny, aged upwards of 100.
Mar 7, 1763 John Connon, labourer, Quin, 105. He retained all his faculties and was quite able to walk about till within 48 hours of his decease.
Apr 25, 1764 Margaret Cooper, Deshir, in the Parish of Auchindoir, 105
Apr 30, 1764 Robert Williamson, Wardhead of Countesswells, 98. He was married 74 years ago to Isobel Watt, who is now left a widow in the 100th year of her age. This remarkable woman was in such excellent health at the time as to be able to attend the Market in Aberdeen selling her poultry and eggs.
Nov 2, 1767 Isobel Watt, Belhelvie, 105.
Feb 22, 1768 Alexander Barron, slater, Aberdeen, 102 years. He wrought at his business till within a few months of his death.
Dec 1, 1770 Margaret Morice, Cove, 105.
Dec 24, 1770 John Dinnes, Mains of Crimond, 102. He was present at the battle of Killiecrankie in 1689, and was able to do manual labour till within 14 days of his death.
Mar 11, 1771 James Frost, Newhills, 104. He retained all his faculties and health till within a few weeks of his death
Apr 1, 1771 George Keith, Banchory-Devenick, 100. 38 of his children and grand-children followed his remains to the grave.
Apr 8, 1771 James Dickie, Slains Castle, 109.
Aug 18, 1771 Elizabeth Gordon, Lady Leuchars, Glasgow, 111. She was a relation of the Duke of Gordon, and grand aunt to the Earl of Fife.
Jan 15, 1772 Peter Hay, weaver, Old Aberdeen, 100
Mar 2, 1772 Michael Yule, Skelmuir, Old Deer, aged 105
Jun 17, 1772 Alexander Gordon, Invertrommie in Badenoch, aged 108. He did not know what it was to be ill or sick till within a month of his death.
Nov 23, 1772 Isobel King, widow, Fochabers, 108. Her husband who predeceased her reached the age of 98 years. They had lived together, in the married state upwards of 66 years. 
Feb 11, 1773 Mrs Cadenhead, Aberdeen, aged 103.
May 24, 1773 Robert Guthrie, Drumoak, 103.
Nov 2, 1774 Isobel Walker, Daviot, 110.

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