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Remarkable Cases of Longevity in the 18th Century


The average person in the 18th century would not have been expected to live much longer than their late forties or early fifties

Now consider the following instances of extreme longevity, pertaining to those belonging mainly to the North-Eastern counties of Scotland. These statistics were extracted from the Aberdeen Journal in the latter half of the 18th century...

Jan 12, 1775 Peter Garden, Auchterless, at the extraordinary age of 131. He retained his memory and senses till within a short time of his death. He lived under 10 rulers and sovereigns, viz., Charles I., Oliver Cromwell, Richard Cromwell, Charles II., James II., William and Mary, Anne and George I., George II, and George III.
Apr 19, 1777 Grisel Strath, Fyvie, 102. During her whole life she had enjoyed excellent health, she was most regular in her habits.
May 19, 1777 Louisa Begg, widow of Alexander Mollison, maltman, Aberdeen, 101. She retained her faculties till near the last, and her eyesight was so good that a week before her death she was able to read her Bible without the aid of spectacles.
Jan 14, 1778 George Symon, Wester Micras, in the Parish of Tullich, aged 109.
Jan 23, 1778 Janet Craig, Rothiemay, 110. She was never beyond the bounds of her native Parish, and during her whole life enjoyed the best of health.
May 4, 1778 William Volum, mason, aged 100.
Jun 17, 1778 James May, elder, near Turriff, aged 103.
Oct 25, 1778 William Duncan, Aberdeen, aged 108.
May 3, 1779 Alexander Forsyth, shoemaker, Keith, 109. He retained his vigour and health till within a few days of his death.
Apr 29, 1780 Janet Kynoch, Aberdeen, 105.
Oct 7, 1782 Charles Leslie, hawker, Old Rain, aged 105. He was well known as a ballad singer and frequenter of fairs and markets, and was able to prosecute his calling till within a week or two of his death.
Apr 14, 1783 Jean Will, Saint Fergus, 101
Nov 3, 1783 Elizabeth Clark, Troup, 104. She resided in the Parish of Slains 101 years, and did not give over working till she had passed her hundredth year.
Mar 15, 1784 Jean Craig, widow, 103.
Jul 28, 1784 John Thomson, labourer, Mundale, near Forres, 107, and was father to 45 children, grandfather to 86. He retained his senses, and was able to follow his usual employment till two days before his death. He was twice married, great-grandfather to 97, and great-great-grand father to 23, making the magnificent total of 251.
Jan 17, 1785 John Drum, Aberdeen, besom maker, aged 103.
Feb 15, 1785 Christian Gavin, about 103.
Oct 17, 1785 William Auld, Huckster, Aberdeen, 101.
Mar 8, 1787 John Greig, Cotbank, Glenbirnie, 102.
Feb 9, 1789 John Bruce, beggar, Aberdeen, aged 102.

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