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Remarkable Cases of Longevity in the 18th Century


The average person in the 18th century would not have been expected to live much longer than their late forties or early fifties

Now consider the following instances of extreme longevity, pertaining to those belonging mainly to the North-Eastern counties of Scotland. These statistics were extracted from the Aberdeen Journal in the latter half of the 18th century...

Dec 13, 1790 Anne Bannerman, Aberdeen, aged 105.
Jan 3, 1791 Margaret Cormack, Oldmeldrum, aged 108.
Dec 17, 1791 Alexander Dickie, Auchleuchries, Cruden, 101. His first wife Christian Boghouse, died about 15 years ago in the 105th year of her age. When he married his second wife he was in his 85th year, but was hale and active till the last.
Sep 23, 1794 Agnes Melvin, New Machar, aged 104.
Nov 11, 1794 Jean Fyfe, Auchinoir, 101.
Feb 15, 1796 Donald Cameron, Abernethy, Strathspey, 102.
Mar 6, 1797 Catherine Ogston, Old Deer, 102.
Mar 23, 1797 Janet Stronach, Mill of Birnie, near Elgin, 101. She was mother to 5 children, grandmother to 24, and great-grand-mother to 28. 
Feb 6, 1798 George Angus, labourer, Aberdeen, 106. He was able to work till within a brief period of his decease.
Jun 7, 1798 Jean Petrie, Peterhead, 113. This remarkable woman followed the calling of a beggar, and was able to wander through, the country, till within a few days of her death. Her father was believed to have died at the age of 114.
Apr 6, 1799 James Dyce, Kirktown of Daviot, 107. He retained his senses to the last, and was ill only for 3 days before his death. His mother died at the age of 112.
Jun 10, 1799 Agnes Boyne, Bailliesward, near Huntly, 106.

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