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Kincardineshire and the Rebellion of 1745-46....


On 7 May 1746 a general letter was transmitted to the various supervisors in Scotland asking them to make out a list of those who had in any way aided or abetted the Stewart Rebellion. The resulting names of those belonging to Kincardineshire are shown below. I think you will find it of great interest.

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Abernethie, George Servant to Lord Halkerton, Marykirk; carried arms with the Rebels during the whole Rebellion; lurking.
Allan, John Weaver, Kincardine; carried arms as sergeant and was active in taking up horses for the Rebel Service; at home.
Anderson, Alexander Johnshaven, this man was force out, returned before the Battle of _____ and presented himself to the Minister; at home.
Anderson, William Johnshaven; carried arms in rebel army and was at the engagements of Inverury and Culloden; not known.
Andrew, James Son to David Andrew, Drumellie; carried arms with the Rebels, but deserted and has submitted himself: at home.
Bannerman, Sir Alexander Of Elsick; acted as Lord Lieutenant of the County of Mearns under the Rebels, was active in serving their interest and yet moderated to the county; lurking.
Barclay, James A farmer's son, Findlaston; carried arms as a Volunteer in the Pretender's son's Life Guards, was moderate; lurking.
Barclay, Peter Laurenckirk; went to Edinburgh to wait on the Young Pretender and on his return assumed the character of one of his Justices of the Peace, used violent means to enlist men and obliged the Brewers in Laurencekirk to pay him their Excise, which he carried to Stonehive to the Rebels' Collector, lifted arms himself and assisted in guarding the Arms and Ammunition of the Rebels; at home.
Barclay, Robert Gentleman, Balmykenan; carried arms at the Battle of Culloden and said to be killed.
Bell, Francis At Denmill of Fordoun; went to Drumlithie and in the night time forced one James Edie out of his house and compelled him to drink the Pretender's son's health as Prince of Wales; at home.
Betty, Robert Son to John Bettie in Drumellie; submitted to His Majesty's mercy; at home.
Bisset, George Mariner, Stonehaven; was singularly active in piloting in the French ship to Stonehaven and was Gunner at deforcing His Majesty's Ships; prisoner.
Brand, William Merchant, Auchinblae; contributed all in his power to the ringing of the Kirk bell, and publishing the Pretender's Manifesto at Fordoun Cross; Offered money to anybody that would read it and when one was found was a formal witness thereto himself; at home.
Brechin, Alexander Son to Alexander Brechin, has presented himself to the minister of the Parish and submitted at mercy; at home.
Brechin, George Son to James Brechin, Tailor, Muir of Auchenblae; carried arms in the rebel army; not known.
Brechin, James Son to Alexander Brechin; carried arms in said army but deserted; not known.
Bremner, Andrew Cowper, Stonehaven; was on guard at Stonehaven for the Rebels and forced Arms from the country people which he carried to them; at home.
Bremner, Robert Mariner, Stonehaven, carried arms and went north with the Rebels; lurking.
Bremner, William Square Wright, Stonehaven, carried arms and forced horses etc, from the country to carry arms to the Rebels; at home.
Buchan, John Mariner, Stonehaven, stood with a match and called to one of His Majesty's Ships in Stonehaven Bay that if she came near he would give her a warm reception; at home.
Burness, David Johnshaven; going north in arms with the Rebel Army to Culloden.
Burnoss, David Johnshaven; served as a Volunteer in the rebel army; not known.


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