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Kincardineshire and the Rebellion of 1745-46....


On 7 May 1746 a general letter was transmitted to the various supervisors in Scotland asking them to make out a list of those who had in any way aided or abetted the Stewart Rebellion. The resulting names of those belonging to Kincardineshire are shown below. I think you will find it of great interest.

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Falconer, Alexander Farmer, Birnie; carried arms in Rebellion, was head of a Gang who violently carried off some leather that had been seized by and Excise Officer and delivered to be tanned for His Majesty's use, and since the Battle of Culloden harboured Rebels, two of which were found in his houses, for which he was apprehended and carried to Brechin; prisoner.
Finlay, James son to David Finlay, workman, Cairntoun, Fordoun; carried arms in Rebellion but has submitted to his Majesty's mercy; at home.
Forbes, John Bervie; carried arms in the Rebel Army as Volunteers, returned and lurking.
Forrest, James Smith, Stonehaven; carried arms, mounted guard and pressed horses for the Rebel Service; at home.
Fraser, David Son to Alex. Fraser, servant, West Cowlie; carried arms in Rebellion but has submitted to His Majesty's mercy; at home.
Gardner, William Servant, Brae of Balfour; carried arms in the Rebellion the whole time; at home.
Garrioch, Alexander Of Mergie; practised the highest tyranny over the whole country in general but friends of the Government in particular; acted as Governor of Stonehaven and pressed out men and horses and extorted money and arms from the Inhabitants; collected the Cess, Excise and other contributions imposed by him upon the country and at last took up arms, joined the rebel army and went north with them; lurking.
Gibbon, Alexander Ship carpenter, Stonehaven, assisted in proclaiming the Pretender at Stonehaven, and mounted guard for the Rebels; at home.
Gibbon, William


Merchant, Stonehaven; assisted in proclaiming the Pretender at Stonehaven, joined the Rebel Army, went to England, was at Falkirk Battle, and went north with them; not known.
Gilmer, William Shoemaker, Stonehaven; carried arms and went north with the Rebels; killed
Gleig, Adam Son to Robert Gleig, Drumlithie; went along with his father to assist the said French ship; at home.
Gleig, Robert Smith, Drumlithie; went in arms to Stonehaven to assist a French Ship laden with arms etc. against one of His Majesty's Ships of War that had chas's her in there, and read an Intimation at the Kirk of Glenbervie ordering the people to pay their Excise to the Rebel's Collector; at home.
Gray, James Temple, Benholm; carried arms as a Volunteer in the rebel army; lurking.
Gray, James Milton, St Cyrus.
Greig, James Son to Adam Greig, Bankhead of Ardica; carried arms in Rebellion, returned and submitted; at home.
Irvine, William Feteresso; Stonehaven, had submitted and given up his name etc., to the Minister; at home.
Keith, David Farmer, Invercarron; enlisted men for the Rebels; Prisoner.
Keith, Dr Tenant, Fetteresso; volunteer going north in arms with the Rebel Army to Culloden.
Keith, James Wright, Stonehaven; carried arms, mounted Guards and acted as Ground Officer on the Estate of Marischal for the Rebels; lurking.
Kemla, James Hyndwells, Fetteresso; carried arms as a Volunteer in the Rebel Army; lurking.
Kemlar, Alexander Son to Thomas Kemlar, Miln of Mundens, Fordoun, went in arms to Stonehaven to assist the French Ship against the British Man of War; at home.
Kemlar, Thomas Miller, Miln of Mundens, Fordoun.
Kemlay, Gideon Merchant, Stonehaven; took up arms and mounted Guards for the Rebels; at home.


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