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Kincardineshire and the Rebellion of 1745-46....


On 7 May 1746 a general letter was transmitted to the various supervisors in Scotland asking them to make out a list of those who had in any way aided or abetted the Stewart Rebellion. The resulting names of those belonging to Kincardineshire are shown below. I think you will find it of great interest.

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Lamb, William Stocking Weaver, Stonehaven, took up arms and mounted Guards for the Rebels; at home.
Laurance, James Piper, Clochnahill; voluntarily served the Rebels with his Musick and went with them; lurking.
Lawson, John Junr., no designation, Stonehaven.
Leslie, John Merchant and farmer, Mill Morphy, St Cyrus; was aiding and assisting in Livering the French ships at Montrose and Stonehaven, was at spalzing the Hazard Sloop and carried off some things of value from thence; he broke Mr Freebairn, Schoolmaster at St Cyrus his doors and assisted the Rebel M'Grigors in plundering his house, he has a house, horses, cows, and effects and none of them are yet touched.
Ley, Thomas Drumlithie; compelled James Eddie to drink treasonable healths and publickly cursed his Majesty; at home.
Lindsay, Thomas Subtenant, Pennywells; deserted from the Dutch, carried arms in the Rebel Army and was very rigid; lurking.
Main, Alexander Servant, Barnyards of Dunottre; served as a Volunteer in the Rebel Army, lurking.
Main, George Servant, Fetteresso; served as a Volunteer in the Rebel Army, Achortes.
Mair, William Factor to Elsick; was Ensign in the Rebel Army and went north with them; killed.
Mansie, James Younger of Bellfield of Drumlithie.
Martin, John Stocking Weaver, Stonehaven; carried arms, was at Stirling, and went north with the Rebels; prisoner.
Mason, James


In Drumlithie; was Quarter-Master for the Rebels at Drumlithie and bought of His Majesty's Arms from a Deserter; was concerned in publishing the Pretender's Manifesto at Fordoun Cross and in a mob at Drumlithie where treasonable Healths were imposed upon the well affected and enforced by naked arms and thereatenings; at home.
Mason, John Subtenent, Powbare; carried arms as a Volunteer in the Rebel Army and was very rigid; lurking.
Maul, John Writer, Stonehaven; Ensign in the Rebel Army, enlisted men, proclaimed the Pretender and went north; dead.
Maul, Peter Workman, Stonehaven; carried arms and went north with the Rebels; lurking.
Middleton, William Baxter, Stonehaven, took up Arms and Mounted Guards for the Rebels; at home.
Miln, John Miln Wright, Stonehaven.
Milne, John Son to David Milne, Cotbank; carried arms in Rebellion, has now submitted himself; at home.
Mitchell, John Came from Fetternear in Aberdeenshire, Johnshaven; this Ruffian is brother to Robert Mitchell, John engaged with the first rise of Rebels in this country and was one of their Lieutenants. He spulzied the whole country aof arms and took several ministers and country gentlemen's horses which he rode to death. The most of his command was forced by himself and he carried arms at Inverury skirmish and Battles of Falkirk and Culloden, is now supposed to be about Fetternear; lurking.
Mitchell, Robert Brewer and Maltster, Johnshaven; was assisting in livering the French ships of arms etc., at Stonehaven and active in serving the French Officers with Express Horses of his own and others, he caused press for that purpose and in searching all passengers for Letters, etc., was at Montrose assisting to spulzie the Hazard Sloop of War and carried home some things of consequence. He was the man who had command of the Party of Rebels that took Mr Thomas Tulloch of Brighton, Collector of the Cess in the Mearns and carried him with his booksetc., to the Rebels' Lord Lieutenant, then Governor of Stonehaven. 'Twas he who force out and headed a body of Fishermen whom he apprehended Messrs Gray and Bisset, merchants in Montrose and Perth as they landed from a War Ship in order to get Intelligence of the Rebels' situation in Montrose and put them in the hands of the clan McGrigor which had the Government of that town. He was principal Director at landing 14 boats full of Arms and Ammunition at Johnshaven in the nigh time and caused a great fire to be made upon the shore for their direction, he made upon the shore for their direction, also commanded a party which took two officers of the Excise and delivered them into the hands of the Rebel Hussars. Being asked by some of the neighbourhood as he went off from Johnshaven in arms (in which he always was) what his design was, he answered he was going to shoot the D. of Cumberland with the gun then had in his hand. Since the 20th of February, 1745-46 he has been in Sir Alexander Bannerman's company, lay with them some time at Finstorn and carried Arms at the Battle of Culloden. The Excise Officer with a party took him from behind a bed and carried him prisoner to Montrose; Prisoner.
Mollison, Robert Barber, Stonehaven; took up arms and mounted Guards for the Rebels.
Moncur, John Servant, Feathers; served as a Volunteer in the Rebel army and much oppress'd the country; lurking.
Morgan, John Tailor, Stonehaven.
Morgan, William Glover, Stonehaven.
Murray, James Cooper, Stonehaven; took up arms and mounted Guards for the Rebels; at home.
Murray, William Weaver, Stonehaven;  took up arms and mounted Guards for the Rebels.


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