Rebellion 5



Kincardineshire and the Rebellion of 1745-46....


On 7 May 1746 a general letter was transmitted to the various supervisors in Scotland asking them to make out a list of those who had in any way aided or abetted the Stewart Rebellion. The resulting names of those belonging to Kincardineshire are shown below. I think you will find it of great interest.

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Rannie, Peter Subtenent, Mains of Dunottre; deserted from the Dutch, was serjeant in the Rebel Army and very outrageous; lurking.
Reid, George Mason, Stonehaven.
Ritchie, John Pilot, Stonehaven.
Robert, Alexander Bervie; carried arms as a Volunteer in the Rebel Army, killed.
Robertson, Alex Subtenent, Gallatown; carried arms with the Rebels and very oppressive to the country; lurking.
Robertson, William alias Bickers, Johnshaven; this man engaged with John Mitchell before mentioned, was his Sergeant and became a notorious Robber in the countries through which he went. He was at Inverury Skirmish and the Battle of Culloden; lurking.
Smith, William Pilot, Stonehaven; assisted in piloting the French ships into the Harbour and carried arms with the Rebels; at home.
Souter, James Servant, Arduthie; Auchinblae, forced out, given up himself to the Minister; at home.
Stead, Thomas Maltster, Stonehaven; carried arms and took horses for the Rebel Service; at home.
Stiven, James Apprentice to Wm Smith, Auchinblae; carried arms in the Rebellion and went with the Rebels; not known.
Stuart, James Brother to Redmyre, Auchineblae, carried arms in the Rebellion and went with the Rebels.
Taylor, William Mariner, Stonehaven; carried arms and took horses for the rebel service; at home.
Thomson, Robert Factor to Lord Arbutnot and late Sheriff Depute, Parkside, Arbutnot; Stonehaven; this Gentleman is said to have been very active in engaging Lord Arbuthnot's Tenants to pay the Levy money to the Rebels. It is said he was Quarter-Master for Lord Pitsligo's men on their march to join the Rebel Army at Edinburgh but upon his waiting upon the Young Pretender and not getting a station from him suitable to his ambition he returned home and has lived quietly ever since; at home.
Vallantine, Robert Servant, Johnstone; Fettercairn for said time; at home.
Walker, Alexander Residing in Bervie; carried arms for the Rebels as a Volunteer; lurking.
Walker, William Barber, Stonehaven; carried arms and was active in pressing horses for the Rebels; at home.
Walker, William Residenter, Auchinblae; concerned in proclaiming the Pretender, published his manifesto at Fordoun and ringing the Bell; at home.
Watson, William Son to Wm Watson, late weaver, Westown of Glenbervie; carried Arms with the Rebels, has submitted to his Majesty's mercy; at home.
Welsh, John Mason, Stonehaven; carried arms and went north with the Rebels; lurking.
Welsh, John Porter, Clochnahill; carried arms with the rebels, said to be forced; lurking.
Welsh, William Servant, Tirntule, Fetteresso; carried arms in said Army as a Volunteer; lurking.
White, John Weaver, Dallodie, Fettercairn; carried Arms during the whole Rebellion; at home.
Wishart, William Residing in Johnshaven; enlisted with Robert Mitchell and assisted in apprehending Messrs Gray and Bisset in manner before mentioned, was in arms assisting to Liver a French Ship at Stonehaven, went as a spy to Aberdeen and was taken; Prisoner.
Wylie, Alexander Dyster, Stonehaven; carried arms and acted as Depute Collector for the Rebels in the Mearns; lurking.
Wyllie, Robert Brewer and Merchant, Auchenblae; proclaimed the Pretender and read his Manifesto at Fordoun Cross; at home.


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