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Stonehaven of 1837...


Excerpts from a series of articles published in the Stonehaven Journal of 1897 entitled Stonehaven Sixty Years Ago. It represents a unique snapshot of that time and place which I am pleased to share with you. 

Let go back in time now and learn about that market town and the people who lived there...

The following list of gentry and tradesman in Stonehaven may prove interesting.

GENTRY - Mrs Arthur, Market square;  Mrs Davidson, Ann Street;  Mr William Duthie, Ann Street;  Mrs Forrest, Robert Street;  Sherriff Fullerton, Barclay Street;  Mrs Hebron, Bameron Street;  Mrs Imrie, Carron Side;  Mrs Johnstone, Ann Street;  Mrs Thomas Kinnear, Cameron Street;  Miss Jean Low, Allardice Street;  Mrs Murray, Evan Street;  Colonel Murray, Dunnottar;  Mr John Park, Evan Street;  Mr Jas Smith, Market Square;  Miss Logie, Mill of Forest;  George Silver, Esq, Netherley.

AGENTS TO MANUFACTURERS - Alexander Charles, Allardice Street;  George Jack, High Street;  Alexander Steven, Barclay Street;  James Valentine, Allardice Street.

BAKERS - David Campbell, Barclay Street;  James Chapman, Barclay Street;  David Donaldson, High Street;  Robert Duthie, Allardice Street;  James Greig, Market Square;  David Thomson, Ann Street.

BOOKSELLERS, STATIONERS, OR BINDERS - John Beattie, Barclay Street;  John Chapman, Evan Street;  Andrew Edwards, Allardice Street;  Lewis Smith, Allardice Street.

BOOT AND SHOE MAKERS - Alexander Anderson, Back Street;  George Anderson, High Street;  George Anderson, jun., Market Square;  Thomas Davidson, Barclay Street;  Alexander Fyfe, Barclay Street;  George Hunter, Allardice Street;  John Moonlight, Barclay Street;  Alexander Paul, Cameron Street;  James Reith, Allardice Street, James Ross, Barclay Street;  James Smart, Barclay Street;  John Smart, Arduthie Street;  George Smith, Back Street;  David Strachan, Bridge End;  James Walker, Evan Street;  David Wood, High Street;  David Wood, Barclay Street;  Robert Wood, Evan Street.

BLACKSMITHS - David Beattie, Barclay Street;  William Falconer, Old Town;  George Knowles, Cameron Street;  John Main, High Street;  James Melvin, Allardice Street;  James Mitchell, Allardice Street;  George Paul, Cameron Street;  Alexander Robertson, David Street;  Alexander Shewen, Cowie;   Joseph Watt, High Street.

BUILDERS - John Forbes, Old Town;  William Fraser, Barclay Street;  James Young, Ann Street.

CABINETMAKERS - William Durham, Love Lane;  David Collie, Cameron Street;  John Cunningham, High Street;  Andrew Gibb, Ann Street;  James Gray, Cameron Street;  John Gruer, Mary Street;  John Lamb, High Street;  George Troup, Arduthie Street; John Wood, Allardice Street;  James Young, Ann Street.

CARTWRIGHTS - David Douglas, High Street;  William Fiddes, Allardice Street;  William Melvin, Ann Street;  Andrew Robertson, David Street.

CATTLE DEALERS - John Duncan, Cameron Street;  Robert Mowat, Cameron Street.

COAL AND LIME MERCHANTS - George Jack, High Street;  Thomas Barclay Armstrong, Evan Street.

CONFECTIONERS - David Campbell, Barclay Street;  Helen Hoe, Allardice Street;  James Strachan, Barclay Street.

COOPERS - Adam Masson, Allardice Street;  Robert Milne, Arbuthnott Street;  Alexander Torry, Allardice Street.

CORN MERCHANTS - James Anderson, Evan Street;  Thomas Barclay Armstrong, Evan Street;  James Napier, Mills of Stonehaven;  Thomas Smith.

DISTILLERS - Barclay, M'Donald, & Co., Glenury Distillery, George Watt, Manager;  John Bulloch, distiller; office, Market Square.

DRESSMAKERS AND MILLINERS - Mary Ann Blackhall, Evan Street;  Mrs Cadenhead, Old Town;  Catherine Crab, Allardice Street;  Catherine Crab, Allardice Street;  Catherine Greig, Cameron Street;  Helen Gorrin, Cameron Street;  Eliza Guthrie, Barclay Street;  Eliza Knox, Allardice Street;  Janet and Mary Main, Allardice Street;  Ann Milne, Arbuthnott Street;  Charlotte Paget, Ann Street;  Rebecca Thomson, Ann Street;  Isabella Suttie, Barclay Street;  Margaret Spark, Barclay Street;  Ann Stevenson, Allardice Street;  Miss Willie, Barclay Street.

DRUGGISTS - William Blackhall, Evan Street;  William Paterson, Market Square;  Archibald Ramsay, Barclay Street.

DYERS - Adam Charles, Allardice Street;  Lewis Mackie, Cameron Street.

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Market Square, Stonehaven