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Stonehaven of 1837...


Excerpts from a series of articles published in the Stonehaven Journal of 1897 entitled Stonehaven Sixty Years Ago. It represents a unique snapshot of that time and place which I am pleased to share with you. 

Let go back in time now and learn about that market town and the people who lived there...

EARTHENWARE DEALERS - William Milne, Allardice Street;  William Ogilivie, High Street.

FLAX SPINNERS AND DRESSERS - David Burness, Love Lane;  Joseph Craig, Carron Mill.

FLESHERS - George Barrie, Market Square;  John Bell, Allardice Street;  John Duncan, Allardice Street;  Alexander Morgan, Shore.

GROCERS AND SPIRIT DEALERS - William Fotheringham, Evan Street;   David Hunter, Barclay Street;  George Machar, Ann Street;  William Mackie, Barclay Street;  George Napier, Evan Street'  John Napier, Barclay Street;  Alexander Robertson, Bridge End;  James Ross, Market Square;  Alexander Sheret, Barclay Street.

GENERAL DEALERS AND SHOPKEEPERS - George Beverley, Market Square;  William Bowman, High Street;  Robert Bruce, Barclay Street;  David Campbell, Barclay Street;  Cameron Duguid, High Street;  Robert Duncan, High Street;  John Forbes, High Street;  James Goodfellow, High Street;  Thomas Leger, Allardice Street;  James Mathieson, Barclay Street;  Elspeth Melven, Back Street;  George Melvin, Evan Street;  William Milne, Allardice Street;  Janet Mitchell, High Street;  William Moncur, Allardice Street;  Thomas Monro, Allardice Street;  Isabella Robertson, Barclay Street;  Joseph Scorgie, Barclay Street;  John Sheret, Allardice Street;  William Shinnie, High Street;  Elizabeth Simpson, Barclay Street;  James Valentine, Barclay Street;  Christian Wood, Back Wynd.

GUNMAKERS - James Troup, High Street;  Andrew Wood, Ann Street.

HAIRCUTTERS - George Findlay, Market Square;  Robert M'Ewen, Market Square;  John Willox, Allardice Street.

INNS AND POSTING HOUSES - Mill Inn, John Collins;  New Inn, William Cruikshank;  Union Inn, George Falconer.

IRONMONGERS - Alexander Brebner, Allardice Street;  Robert Glegg, Allardice Street;  James Law, Evan Street.

LINEN AND WOOLLEN DRAPERS - John Chapman, Evan Street;  George Burnett, Market Square;  James Hogg, Barclay Street;  Alexander Officer, Market Square;  Peter Robertson, Evan Street;  John Thomson, Market Square;  Robert Yule, Allardice Street.

PAINTERS - Thomas Barron, Barclay Street;  Edward Green, Cameron Street;  Robert Tindal, High Street.

PORK CURERS - John Bell, Allardice Street;  James Shever, David Street;  Thomas Smith, Robert Street.

SADDLERS - John Davidson, Allardice Street;  James Knox, Allardice Street.

SHIP OWNERS - Thomas Barclay Armstrong, Evan Street;  James Greig, Market Square;  George Jack, High Street;  Mearns Shipping Coy., Thomas Smith, Manager.

TAILORS - Alexander Burley, Love Lane;  David Forbes, Evan Street;  William Forbes, jun., Allardice Street;  John Hunter, Evan Street;  Andrew Melville, Barclay Street;  William Napier, Ann Street;  David Shepherd, Market Square;  George Youngson, Allardice Street;  Alexander Forbes, Barclay Street.

TINSMITHS - Peter Glegg, Allardice Street;  Robert Murray, Barclay Street.

VINTNERS - James Burnett, Cameron Street;  John Charles, David Street;  James Collie, Ship Inn;  Christian Donaldson, Back Wynd;  Andrew Duthie, Market Square;  Ann Fullerton, Allardice Street;  Alexander Glennie, George Inn;  David Knight, Star Inn;  George Mackie, Allardice Street;  Andrew Massie, Allardice Street;  Alexander Moir, New Ship Inn;  Alexander Morgan, Britannia Inn;  William Mowat, Crown Inn;  Alexander Murray, Plough Inn;  Christiana Robertson, Arbuthnot Street;  James Souttar, Market Square;  Sarah Thomson, High Street;  Alexander Torry, Allardice Street;  George Turner, Back Wynd;  John Walker, David Street.

WATCH AND CLOCK MAKERS - Alexander Collison, Market Square;  David Greig, Allardice Street;  Alexander Glennie (jeweller) Old Town;

WOOLLEN AND WORSTED MANUFACTURERS - Henry France, Mill of Cowie;  John Thomson, Market Square.

WRITERS - Brand & Burnett, Cameron Street;  Alexander Brown, Barclay Street;  Burness and Kinnear, Barclay Street;  Peter Christian (chief Magistrate) High Street;  John Falconer, Barclay Street;  John Humphreys, Arbuthnot Street;  Arthur Wellesley Kinnear, Barclay Street;  Charles Monro & son, Allardice Street;  Alex and John Smart, Market Square;  James Tindal, Arbuthnot Street;  George Tindal, Arbuthnot Street;  William Stewart (Sherriff Clerk) High Street.

MISCELLANEOUS - James Allan, millwright, Barclay Street;  Peter Christie, rope-maker, David Street;  Charles Duncan, Bookbinder, High Street;  Alexander Glegg, trumpmaker, David Street;  Nicholas Gregory, wood turner, Allardice Street;  David Knight, auctioneer, Allardice Street;  James M'Donald, messenger-at-arms, Barclay Street;  Wm. Murray, linen manufacturer, Rodney Street;  David Robertson, nailmaker, Mary Street;  James Sherriffs, fishcurer, David Street;  William Thomson, slater, Old Town;  Stamp Office, Cameron Street;  News Room, Barclay Street;  Dispensary, Market House;  Bellman, William Bowman;  County Jail, High Street.

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Market Square, Stonehaven