Fisherfolk to Torryfolk
by Colin A Milne


Ten years part-time research, five years to write - that is the effort required to produce the book Fisherfolk to Torryfolk. Many new facts were brought to light, and many more which had long been forgotten were brought back to life for the present generation and generations to come to savour and enjoy. Wonder at how people lived long ago and the real dangers and hardships they endured. A way of life that has long since disappeared into the mists of time is brought back into sharp focus with the production of this book.

If you care for your heritage, or are just keen to see how ordinary people lived in the NE of Scotland then you should buy this book. You owe it to yourself and your descendents to come. Note that Fisherfolk to Torryfolk has a very limited production run. When it's gone it will be gone for good, so I suggest you purchase while there are still copies. It is a unique chance to possess what will always be a very rare publication.

The picture shows the author approving the draft of the front cover, proofs of which were returned to the printers three times, until just the right colours, tints and shading were accomplished for you to enjoy - just as the author intended.

Further Details of Fisherfolk to Torryfolk  

The book is available via the Aberdeen & NE Scotland Family History Society. The ANEFHS always have the book in stock and as a further incentive allow overseas customers to purchase in their own currency. Full details at their website above.

ISBN 0-9538921-0-7, 194pp, 210 x 148mm, 338g, paperback.

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Colin A Milne