Historic Papers



Fisherfolk to Torryfolk
by Colin A Milne


A number of historic papers came to light in preparation for the book. Details of rents, housekeeping accounts and letters were among those sources used. Check out the documents below. Are your ancestors listed?

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Payments to Suppliers
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Accounts from
rental.jpg (45454 bytes)
Cowie Rental
rent.jpg (69093 bytes)
Cowie Rents
wages.jpg (44518 bytes)
Wages Bill for 
rent1.jpg (52136 bytes)
Rent Roll of Cowie 

More documents can be found in the book Fisherfolk to Torryfolk - see below for ordering information.

Further Details of Fisherfolk to Torryfolk  

The book is available via the Aberdeen & NE Scotland Family History Society. The ANEFHS always have the book in stock and as a further incentive allow overseas customers to purchase in their own currency. Full details at their website above.

ISBN 0-9538921-0-7, 194pp, 210 x 148mm, 338g, paperback

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