Fisherfolk to Torryfolk
By Colin A Milne


Book Excerpt

The town of Stonehaven was forfeited in 1715. Feuars had to prove possession of their properties over the previous 40 years....

George Taylor, white fisher in Stonehaven, aged 65 years, depones, that there are at present three boats employed in white fishing about Stonehaven, and that he remembers there were five boats at said fishing in the late Earl Marischall's lifetime, as he has been informed by his father, who is a white fisher in Stonehaven; but there are at present only three boats employed in said fishing; That the deponent has been informed that in the lifetime of the Earl Marischall the tiend of the boats were set at 10 Scots, for each boat, and the tacksman drew the tiend from the boatmen in kind:  That since the year 1718, this teind was drawn from the fishers for serveral years, and the deponent paid it himself for three years to one John Falconer, as tacksman of these fishings; but for many years past no person has claimed, or drawn the above teind, though the fishers were always ready to have paid, had it been demanded; and the deponent cannot say whether the teind would be worth 10 Scots at present for each boat.

John Ritchie, white fisher in Stonehaven, aged about 70 years, depones, that the deponement remembers there were five fishing boats employed in white fishing about the town of Stonehaven, before the year 1715: That this tiend was generally let to a tacksman, who drew the same, but the deponent does not know what the rent the tacksman paid: That after the year 1715, the tiend fish for many years continued to be drawn down to the year 1740, or thereabout, but since that time no person has claimed them: That there are only three boats now employed in that fishing; and the deponent thinks, that rather than pay the tiend fish, they would give 10 Scots, for each boat.

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ISBN 0-9538921-0-7, 194pp, 210 x 148mm, 338g, paperback

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