Fisherfolk to Torryfolk
by Colin A Milne

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While tracing the local history of the Blair family of Cowie and Stonehaven, Fisherfolk to Torryfolk gives an insight into the lives of the the fishing communities along the Kincardineshire coast. Referring to contemporary accounts from local newspapers, family and private papers plus a range of other documented sources it attempts to give a flavour of the thoughts and opinions of those who lived through those times.

Centered around the nineteenth century Fisherfolk to Torryfolk illustrates the hardships, endurance and tenacity of these fishing families. It describes their way of life, the fishing tragedies, the religious history, the relationships with the local lairds and many other aspects affecting 'ordinary' working people. The history of Torry is also described with the reasons for its success, and why this very success meant the end of a way of life forever.

Fisherfolk to Torryfolk includes numerous family history descendancy charts together with listed facts and tables about individuals, families and fishing boats.  A stimulating source of information for family historians who are investigating the coast and county of Kincardineshire.

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The book is available via the Aberdeen & NE Scotland Family History Society. The ANEFHS always have the book in stock and as a further incentive allow overseas customers to purchase in their own currency. Full details at their website above.

ISBN 0-9538921-0-7, 194pp, 210 x 148mm, 338g, paperback

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