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Robert Lees, a local Stonehaven fisherman....


Robert Lees, a local fisher kept a diary between 1809 and 1829. It is an invaluable source of information for family historians. Here are some extracts exactly as written...

Dec 6, 1809 Andrew Masson and Kristan Miln was married
Dec 15, 1810 Mery Blair died
Apr 18, 1811 There was a larg ship put ashoar at Port Lethan and another at Shildhill - all hand drouned save two1
Feb 9, 1812  The Nymph brig Alex Strachan Mr (master) cam to Stonehaven
Apr 4, 1812 Robert Nilson died
May 3, 1812 Alexr. Michal had a son baptised called James
May 28, 1812 James Blair cam to the Bay with his Brig called the Glenor
Sep 27, 1812 James Craig and Christan Brand was maried
Dec 4, 1812 James McBain fel over his ster and was kiled ded
Dec 17, 1812 There was a lad drouned at Stranathra called G Main
Feb 17, 1813

Robert Masson had a son born called Robert

Mar 1, 1813 The William of Dunbar cam to Stonehaven
Apr 1, 1813 The Oskar Greenlandman of Aberdeen was wracked and all hand drouned
May 11, 1813 James Lees died bourd the Saint Andres Greenlandman of Aberdeen
Aug 28, 1813 James Milne had a boy died called John
Oct 12, 1813 Alexr. Lees was lost off the Jolly Sailor
Nov 8, 1813 Ther was great rejoicing for the victory. &c
Nov 26, 1813 The Revrant Mr Walcor died
Jan 28, 1814 Reseved from Alexr. Troup six bushls of Salt and from Andr. Masson 1 bol of Cols
Jan 29, 1814 George Wood, Wiver, died
Feb 5, 1814 James Blair, George Lees, & Alexander went away with the Seres Sloop for the New Sloop called the James & Margret
Feb 12, 1814 Alexr. Brebner & Mery Masson was maried
Feb 13, 1814 Alexr. Lees & Christan Christy /sketraw, was maried
Mar 11, 1814 Alexr. Watt, Cowie died taking up a pit of tateses
Apr 17, 1814 The Nymph Brig Alexr Strachan saied from Ston: Bound for Raigo & that day John Alexander and Jean Mouat was maried
May 1, 1814 Lord Keniedy & Miss Alrdyce was maried
June 2, 1814 James Blair and Margret Lees was maried
June 8, 1814 John Cormack died aged 100
July 12, 1814 The Cowie bots went to the hern fishry
Aug 2, 1814 James Brebner & Robert Ritchie cam hom from french prison
Sep 29, 1814 Wm Kinoth, bucher, died
Jan 9, 1815 Alexr. Wat. James Miln, Andr Chesar, &c belonging to Gurdon was lost
Jan 27, 1815 The thems Smack A brig and a Scouner belonging to Aberdeen was all lost and all hands2
Feb 26, 1815 Robet Wilmson & Nell Huchison was maried
Apr 2, 1815 John Taylor and Mary Lees was maried
April 14, 1815 We have account of a great deal of Los of ships and nine of them belonging to Good Child, Sunderland
June 4, 1815 David Strchan, shoomaker, was maried
June 5, 1815 The Friends Scouner, Wm Dikson, Master, arived at Stonehaven lod with lime
  1 Vessel Catharina wrecked Portlethen, Richmond lost Shieldhill 
  2 Vessels Thames, Caledonia(brig) and Providence(schooner)

(Thanks to Ian Whittaker for the above supplementary information)

More extracts can be found in the book Fisherfolk to Torryfolk


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