Robt Lees Diary 2



Robert Lees, a local Stonehaven fisherman....


Robert Lees, a local fisher kept a diary between 1809 and 1829. It is an invaluable source of information for family historians. Here are some extracts exactly as written...

June 15, 1815 Andrew Craig, son to Thomas Craig, died
Sep 17, 1815 Robert Masson had a son born called John
Oct 4, 1815 Alexr. Donald had a daughter died called Christian
Nov 2, 1815 Robert Lees had a daughter born Called Margt
Nov 9, 1815 The New fishing Smak Called the Dulpin arrived at Stonehaven
Nov 16, 1815 John Dove and Janet Masson married
Dec 28, 1815 John Eflek and Ann Wilson was Maried
Feb 8, 1816 George Williamson & Isabela Masson was Maried, Cowie
Feb 11, 1816 George Lees had a son born Called James
Feb 25, 1816 A small Sloop belonging to Disert, the Margaret Andw. Graham, Master & ouner, Sat doun at sea and hir bot cam ashor on the bing of bervie with hir crew & two of them was drouned and one saved
May 4, 1817 George Adams had a daughter Born Called Isabella
June 2, 1817 Wm. Broun brought ashor a ded man out of a smack called the banf of banff
May 29, 1817 Robet Will & Isabela Lees was maried
Aug 4, 1817 John Lees had a son born by Jean Smit's called Andrew
Mar 10, 1818 Elspet Masson, Cowie, was buried
Sep 16, 1818  John Broun and his brother was Drouned going to haul their herns
Oct 17, 1818 The Sisters of Hull cam into Stonehaven from Archangel Wanting her Ruther
Apr 22, 1819 Robert Adams had a son born Called David
May 31, 1819 Ther was a child of David hindrsons Kiled with the Male Coach at the Bridg of Cowie
Jun 6, 1819 Robert Masson had a daughter called Christian by Christian Watt
Jun 28, 1819 George Lees & Ket Petrie was maried
Oct 1, 1819 George Lees husband to May Nils Died
Oct 24, 1819 The Margret Sloop, Wm Smart (Mr), brook from her morance and all Brok to pices Lod with heren, 160 barrels of cured herrings all lost
Nov 16, 1819 The Ocean Scouner of Stonehaven, George Brebner, Mr was lost at Eymouth and all hands
Nov 23, 1819 Alexander Mitchal had a son born called Andrew by Ann Hunter
Jan 23, 1820 Robert Caird was lost off the sloop called the William, Robert Lees Mr
Mar 17, 1820 James Smith, wiver, had a daughter born Called Elisabeth
Jun 11, 1820 George Lees, sailor, had a daughter born called Margret by Cat petry
Oct 13, 1820 Robert Adams had a son born Called George
Oct 29, 1820 Janet Blair spous to James Milne Joly Sailor Died
Nov 6, 1820 John Dove had a son born called William
Nov 17, 1820 George Symbrs, James Ritchie and James Grig was put into gil for striking Barclay's gam keeper
Nov 19, 1820 Robert Stephen had a daughter born called Helen
Nov 28, 1820 James Symbrs was kiled by a fal from his cart
Feb 3, 1821 Wm. Webster, torie, his bot and crew was all lost at the fishing save himself
Feb 5, 1821 George Craig & Jean Cra was maried
Feb 15, 1821 Wm. Bridgford had a son born called John
Mar 14, 1821 Nedy Smith & Christan Stephen maried

More extracts can be found in the book Fisherfolk to Torryfolk


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