Robt Lees Diary 4



Robert Lees, a local Stonehaven fisherman....


Robert Lees, a local fisher kept a diary between 1809 and 1829. It is an invaluable source of information for family historians. Here are some extracts exactly as written...

Nov 16, 1823 James Masson, Cowie, & Isabela Christy was maried
Dec 5, 1823 Alexr. Lees, sailor, had a daughter born by Jannet Milne, called Jannet
Dec 22, 1823 Jas. Lighton, sailor, had a son Born by Isabela Roust called James
Mar 7, 1824 There was a boy of two years of age Drouned in the water of Carron called Donald and that morning Mrs Knear was brought to bed of a daughter called Christiaan
Mar 21, 1824 Robert dorat was kild with a stone hove by one of his comrads at the hugh belo Brackhils, Nr Muchalls
Apr 11, 1824 James Blair & Andrew Adams both whit fishers in Cowie had a daughter baptised in the Chapel by Mr Gern Jean B & Helen Adams
May 27, 1824 Wm. Bridgford, wiver, had a son born by Hellan Dallas, Called Alexander
June 15, 1824 There was a boy of Jean Reith's Called James Walker Drouned at the Water Yet
July 28, 1824 James troup, gun Smith, Died
Aug 10, 1824 Alexr. Donald, sailor, was Maried with Elisabeth Gregory
Oct 3, 1824 James Mitchell had a daughter born by Mary Scot Called Christan
Nov 6, 1824 The New bot called the May Spink of Cowie was Launched Belonging to Alexr. Brody, Robert Masson, &c
Dec 19, 1824 Robert Lees, whit fisher, Cowie, & Ketran Mctosh was Maried
Jan 2, 1825 Alexr. Mar Went away Master of The Isabela, Geo. Lees, mate, David Adams, John Dove, hands, George Colly, Boy
Jan, 1825 The Lad Frances Shipert was Lost of the Nymph Brig in Shilds River, Charls Mitchal, Mr
Feb 2, 1825 James Masson, seaman in Cowie, and Husband to Isabela Christy, Died
Feb 5, 1825 Camran Carnigy was maried with a lad from Aberdeen Called Robert Cnouls, a sop maker to trade
March 3, 1825 Alexr. Lees, sailor, had a son born by Jannet Milne, Called James
March 6, 1825 David Adams had a son born by Jean Masson, Called David
Apr 16, 1825 The Kil and barn of the Destil at Cowie was Brunt
Apr 23, 1825 The New bot of Cowie Called the Speedwell was Launched, George Wilmson, skiper
Apr 27, 1825 Aurther Stephen went to Aberdeen's Lunatick
May 4, 1825 Alexr Dolas, Wiver, had two Daughters born by Christian Murray at one birth Called Margret & Ann
May 7, 1825 James Clark fel into one of the boilers at the Glen Ury Destil at Cowie & died within a few ours after
June 11, 1825 Robert Adams, whit fisher, had a daughter born by Isabela Lees, called Christan
June 26, 1825 George Lighton, labrour, & Elspet Murray was Maried
Oct 7, 1825 The Isabela Scounar John Mcferson cam from Aberdeen after being repaired with a stoving bolspreet
Oct 10, 1825 Geo. Craig, portlethen and his son was Lost at ther partn Creels
Sep 2, 1825 David Lounie, sailor, & May Wat was Maried
Nov 15, 1825 John Smith, Wiver, had a son born by Mary England, called John
Dec 21, 1825 Wm. Duncan, sailor had a son born by Christan Duncan, called Alexr.
Jan 25, 1826 James Ofisher, shoomaker & Elspet Taylor died
Feb 4, 1826 Geo. Kemlow, miller, and Margret troop was Maried
Feb24, 1826 George Craig, Wiver, had a son born by Jean Cra called William
Mar 6, 1826 Robert Will shiped bourd skiper of the Jas and Mary
Mar 19, 1826 John Duglas, Catrlin & Ann Masson, Cowie, was Maried
Mar 25, 1826 John Morgan, Carter, Stonehaven & Bt Tindal was maried
Apr 5, 1826 The new Scouner Called the Malvina, Knox & Taylor, ouners, Chas Mitchal Mr, Cam to Stonehaven hir first voage

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