Robt Lees Diary 5



Robert Lees, a local Stonehaven fisherman....


Robert Lees, a local fisher kept a diary between 1809 and 1829. It is an invaluable source of information for family historians. Here are some extracts exactly as written...

Apr 17, 1826 James Brody fel into the Peggy & Elisabeth hould & was very sor hurt in the head
May 22, 1826 Mary Scot, spous to James Mitchal, died
June 24, 1826 Geo. Lees, sailor, had a daughter born in Aberdeen by Ketren petrie, called Mary
July 5, 1826 Robert Taylor, farmer, Black hils had a boy fel over the hugh & was kiled ded
July 5, 1826 Wm. Duncan, sailor, husband to Christan Duncan, died at Sunderland
Sep 10, 1826 Margret Strachan, daughter of Alexr Strachan, sailor in Aberdeen, was buried in Cowie, and died in Mrs Lawson's
Oct 6, 1826 Jas Ramsay & Mary Craig was Maried
Oct 15, 1826 The sloop Called the Dadalus Cam to Stonehaven hir first voag Lod with Coals, Robert Ritchie Mr & Mr Monro Ouner
Nov 17, 1826 Wm. Symbis, sailor, & Margret Broun was Maried
Dec 10, 1826 Robert Longmoor & Mary Duncan was maried & that day Wm. Glass went to Aberdeen to the Ospitle with a very sore disorder & 13th He was buried in Fetressou
Dec 31, 1826 Hugh Longmoor, Abdn, was put into Gile for the awful murder of his own wife Bt Young
Jan 19, 1827 Robert Wyllie, farmer, toun head of Cowie, Crosing the fery at Kingorn lost his hold and was no more seen
Jan 27, 1827 Mary Mitchel daughter of Alex. Mitchel, seaman in Stonehaven, died
Feb 13, 1827 John Malcom, Mason, Died
Feb 17, 1827 We had a very severe gal of wind & sno from the S.E. & a great Deal of Ships & Sma bots was Lost with it and a good part of their Crews
Feb 25, 1827 David Taylor, seaman, Catrlan and Margret Stephen was Maried
Mar 18, 1827 Geo. Colleyson, shoomaker, Died
Apr 9, 1827 The New Bot from Sketraw to Robert Adams, Geo. Lees, &c called the Two Brothers
Apr 23, 1827 Robert Masson, whit fisher, Stonehaven died
Jun 10, 1827 George Adams, Cowie, and Elspet Christy was Maried
Sep 16, 1827 Robert Masson, Cowie, Died Bathing in a large pool on the Garran
Oct 20, 1827 Jas. Ramsay had a son born by Mary Craig Called thomas Goldy
Oct 28, 1827 John Stephen in Catrlin and Isabel brody, Cowie, was Maried
Nov 10, 1827 Malcom Gilespie was executed at Abdn
Oct 31, 1830 The Isabela scounar of Stonehaven Jas. Milne, Mr and part ouner Was Run Doun by the Sitton scounar of Abdn. coming from Sunderland
Dec 2, 1830 David Adam had a son born by Jean Masson called Wm. Masson
Feb 2, 1831 John Lees & Margret Stephen was Maried
Mar 8, 1831 The bot Belonging Cowie Was Lost Coming from the fishing. All hands drowned save one that was taken of her bathen by another Bot. Jas. Adam, Wm. Christy, Alexr Taylor, & two young Boys taylor and Masson all Drouned, Young Jas. Adam saved
Aug 7, 1831 The lad Taylor was Drouned
Aug 14, 1831 John Mcferson, Ship Mr, had a son born by Isabel Stephen Called David

More extracts can be found in the book Fisherfolk to Torryfolk


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