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Fisherfolk to Torryfolk
by Colin A Milne



bulletAre you descended from the inhabitants of the Kincardineshire villages?
bulletKeen on learning more about the NE of Scotland in centuries gone by?
bulletWant to find out how fishing folk of Kincardineshire lived, loved and died?
bulletInterested in Scottish family history?

Then I recommend you read the book, Fisherfolk to Torryfolk, by Colin A Milne

Designed with the family historian in mind this book describes the lives of the fishing communities of Kincardineshire. Sources used in the preparation of this book (some of which are published here for the first time) include family and private papers, local newspapers, books and many other sources together giving a unique insight into the lives of coastal villagers from the perspective of their time - largely untainted by modern interpretation. 

Learn about the lives of the local people, their religious beliefs, local traditions, superstitions, their struggle to prevent starvation, relationships with the local lairds and of course the desperate fight against the cruel, harsh and unforgiving North Sea.

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Further Details of Fisherfolk to Torryfolk  

The book is available via the Aberdeen & NE Scotland Family History Society. The ANEFHS always have the book in stock and as a further incentive allow overseas customers to purchase in their own currency. Full details at their website above.

ISBN 0-9538921-0-7, 194pp, 210 x 148mm, 338g, paperback.

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