Constitution Street
St Peters

Aberdeenshire Graveyards... So many and all fascinating!


There are many lovely graveyards to be found in Aberdeenshire. The exact number I do not know - I'm not even sure there is an official record. What is clear however is that there are many dozens of them out there for you to enjoy.

In this section I will from time to time be visiting one of these graveyards and I hope to give you an impression of what I found and my personal thoughts. Hopefully if you find any of them of interest you may have the chance to visit them yourself. On a nice sunny summer day it is a lovely way to soak in history and remember our ancestors.

If you require an inscription and/or photo from any of the above graveyards send me your relevant details and I'll e-mail you what I have. Note I cannot undertake 'blanket' requests (see my Terms & Conditions on my Contents page).  Please supply as much information as you can to narrow the search. Be patient - I do this in my spare time and this feature is very popular!  

Meanwhile sit back and enjoy the trip!


Second World War Memorial at
St Peters Graveyard, Peterhead