Auchenblae Cemetery


Auchenblae cemetery lies deep in the Mearns countryside a little to the west of Auchenblae village. There are some lovely views from this resting place with the Black Hill and Drumelzie Wood easily spotted to the west.

Burial records range from December 1929 to date. Auchenblae cemetery is still currently open with quite a few plots still unused. The earliest inscription that I noted on my visit was 1850. There are approximately 300 stones here, nearly all of which are fairly standard 20th century designs. Of course there are always exceptions with perhaps the memorial shown on the right being the most unusual.

The grounds are in excellent condition with the grass well kept and the gravel paths clean and weed free. Yet another tribute to the dedicated band of council workers who go about their work, largely unseen and uncredited.

The day of my visit was one of the hottest on record for that area. Touring the cemetery was a real delight with great views in almost every direction. However I could well imagine it would be very cold indeed in more typical weather as it is a very exposed site.

Well worth a visit. While you're there take some time to look at the village as there are some very interesting architectural styles to be seen.

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An unusual shaped memorial at
Auchenblae Cemetery