Arbuthnott Churchyard


Located in the heart of the Mearns the kirk of Arbuthnott is thought to have been established since the 5th century. Dedicated to St Ternan it is one of the few churches that pre-dates the Reformation of 1560. Unfortunately a fire in 1889 damaged a large part of the church and extensive restoration had to be done. Nevertheless it is still an extremely important building and one that is a pleasure to visit.

Arbuthnott churchyard is probably better known today as the last resting place of James Lewis Mitchell, known to the world as the author Lewis Grassic Gibbon. Among his works are such modern classics as Sunset Song, Cloud Howe and Grey Granite. People come from all over the world to visit the centre built in his name and of course to visit his grave.

Arbuthnott churchyard is home to a number of distinguished families including the Arbuthnott's and the Allardice's. The grounds are in extremely good condition as are the gravestones. There is no sign of vandalism though a number of broken stone parts are to be found at various places along the boundary wall and under some of the trees and bushes. This would indicate that a number of stones are now no more.

Arbuthnott churchyard can be found on a small road branching off the B967. It is well signposted and easy to find. Parking is no problem, with a large car park situated near the new cemetery. The churchyard is set in a lovely secluded area and it is one that I can highly recommend to you. Well worth the time and trouble.

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The grave of author James Leslie