Aberdeen City Graveyards - Allenvale Cemetery


Opened in 1874 Allenvale is a large cemetery to the west of the city. Bounded by the Great Southern Road, Riverside Drive and Allenvale Road the main grounds cover a large acreage. A further part, with later extensions lie to the north of Allenvale Road.

A beautiful and well maintained graveyard with mature trees and bushes. Part of the graveyard overlooks the River Dee and since the grounds are on higher ground there are some splendid view of the river and the southern suburbs of Aberdeen.  There are some interesting stones from the late Victorian period, and reflecting the affluence of some of the incumbents, there are some notable examples of sculpture work to be found scattered throughout. Also of note are a small number of graves still featuring intact bell jar flower memorials - an increasingly rare find. 

The cemetery stones are in excellent condition with no evidence of vandalism.  For anyone who doubts the influence of granite from Aberdeen I invite them to look around Allenvale!  In the original site there are approximately 7000 memorials naming a little over 22,000 individuals while the northern extensions contain approximately 5400 memorials with over 13,000 named individuals. So as you can see this is a substantial resting place!

The main part of the cemetery is interestingly laid out with many mature trees and shrubs. There are roughly four quadrants with many curves and turns which leads to interesting little walks within. The northern extensions (opened 1907, 1910 and 1931) are quite different - these are laid out in strict rows and are visually less appealing, though again very well maintained.  Most paths are gravel which is hard on the feet but clean and water free.

Parking is easy on Allenvale Road where both sides of the cemetery are readily seen. 

Most definitely worth a visit, but remember this is a large graveyard.  If you are looking for a specific stone without the location you could spend the whole day there and still not locate it. If you have the date of death seek out the groundsmen as they have access to registers onsite and might be able to direct you to the correct lair. I've done this a couple of times and on each occasion the staff were very helpful. 

Highly recommended cemetery and in my opinion one of the city's very best. 

If you require a specific gravestone photo  from the above send me your relevant details and I'll e-mail you what I have. Contact me here


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