Aberdeen City
Lost Stones

Graveyard Inscriptions and Photos... An Invaluable Source of Information for the Genealogist


We are very lucky in the North-East of Scotland to have many fine and well maintained graveyards. Featured here are details of a number of those that can be seen within Aberdeen City, Kincardineshire and Aberdeenshire.

My family research involved a lot of work on the graveyards of Kincardineshire. Consequently I have some general information on them along with a complete set of digital photos and inscriptions for those specifically listed. See Kincardineshire for more details.

Also featured are the graveyards and cemeteries of Aberdeen City. Photographs of these along with brief details are included. Further details at Aberdeen City

Just occasionally I visit other graveyards within Aberdeenshire. It is my pleasure to present them to you. Every graveyard has its own features and atmosphere and I share my personal thoughts with you. See them now at Aberdeenshire  

I hope that you too will visit some of these graveyards and cemeteries. Many are havens of peace and quiet in an increasingly bustling world. Please remember however that they are not public parks and that you should obey any specific instructions posted at the gates and behave with due deference and respect.

Meantime sit back and enjoy the following pages, many of which feature blue skies and sunshine!  What more could you ask for?