Banchory-Ternan Churchyard


The churchyard of Banchory-Ternan lies on the north bank of the River Dee, to the east of the present day town of Banchory. It is a site of great antiquity and is known to have been inhabited over 8000 years ago. The church associated with the graveyard has long since gone from these grounds but its replacement, built in 1824, can be found situated to the north of the main road. Between the original graveyard and the church lies a large modern cemetery which is still in use.

There are a number of features of interest besides the gravestones themselves. Note the restored watchtower which was used to guard the graveyard at night at a time when grave robbing was a serious possibility. Its construction allowed 360 degrees views. Also of note are the two aisles. The first belonging to the Douglas family of Tilquhillie and the second that of Burnett family of Crathes.

This is a lovely location marred only slightly by the noise of heavy traffic running along the main road. The grounds are in good condition both within the old original churchyard and the later extensions. It can be a real sun-trap in the summer and temperatures can get very high if the air is still. Parking is quite restricted and there is only room for a few cars at the northern entrance. Thankfully though this entrance is off a slip road from the main thoroughfare..

Besides the churchyard there is a walk that runs along the river and if you are energetic enough will eventually lead you to the town of Banchory. Allow 20-30 minutes each way if you tackle this.

A very historic site with some interesting stones. Recommended.

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Restored watchtower at