Belhelvie Churchyard


Belhelvie churchyard is located approximately 8 miles to the north of Aberdeen. The church served the parish of the same name. Sometimes known as Pettens Kirk and built east-west little remains now but the west gable containing the belfry, sadly devoid of its bell which went missing in the 1960's.

The graveyard itself contains about 350 gravestones, mostly dating from the 19th and 20th centuries. Also of note are two vaults, the smaller of which is partially underground. The exact purpose of this vault is unclear but is likely to have its origins from the time of the Resurrectionists - or body snatchers!

Visiting the site by car you should follow the A92 north of Aberdeen. The churchyard is just beyond the village of Balmedie on the right. Looking carefully and you will see the top of the old church building. An access road leads down to the site which is rather narrow but you should find space to park safely.

I was very lucky on my visit. The weather was bright and warm with the air still. However that's quite rare and there is usually a fairly cold breeze coming off the sea so be prepared to wear warm clothes!

A lovely resting place which is well worth a visit.


Interesting Snippet - While speaking about Belhelvie parish some of you may be interested in the fact that the Statistical Account of 1845 reported that the then late minister, the Rev A Forsyth, was the inventor of the percussion cap, which superseded the flint lock!

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The ruin of the old church of Belhelvie