Bervie Churchyard


Bervie churchyard located within the town of Inverbervie was originally a seat of the Carmelite Friars. Along with other monasteries at the time of the Reformation Bervie was suppressed. The parish of Bervie was formed in 1618. Only one part of the graveyard reminds us of those early days, the west wall of the old kirk which can still be seen in the north-west side of the graveyard.

In 1980 it was reported that this graveyard was the most neglected in Scotland, with overgrown grass full of broken glass and plastic wrappers. I'm happy to report that at the time of my visit (2003) the graveyard grounds were in much better condition. The grass had been recently cut, (though the cuttings had been left), and there was little sign of glass or other litter. Sadly of course the damage to the stones is permanent and there was ample evidence of past misdeeds. Nearly all of the sandstone monuments were damaged with broken or chipped faces. Hopefully as the public continues to realise how much of a national treasure these places are this type of damage will recede. Let's hope so anyway. Bervie has suffered enough.

The parish church is located on King Street (the main thoroughfare through Inverbervie) with the graveyard approximately 200 metres to the south-east down Kirkburn. A set of steps leads you up to the grounds which lie above street level. It would be nice if a sign or poster could be erected to inform visitors of the name and history of the grounds. At the time of my visit there was nothing. Hopefully the authorities will take this in hand sometime in the future. The more interest that is generated, the better.

This is not the most visually interesting of graveyards but there are stones that are worthy of interest. Take special note of those placed against the walls. There are some fine examples of 17th and 18th century stonework. Within those standing are some good examples of Victorian architecture.

Overall well worth a visit.

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The west wall of the old kirk of Bervie
located at Bervie churchyard