Bervie Cemetery



Bervie Cemetery


Bervie cemetery lies approximately 1 mile south of Inverbervie, nestling just above the village of Gourdon. The grounds consists of two parts, the original site and an almost equal sized extension to the south. Official records for this resting place range from 1899 to the present day. I estimate there are just over 1000 stones with approx 550 in the original ground and the remainder in the later extension. The cemetery is still in use.

As you would expect of a cemetery lying on the coast between two fishing villages, many of the stones relate the tragic loss of local fishermen. Similarly, the World Wars claimed a number of local men - many of them as you would expect on naval duty. There is one very common name to be found - Gove. I lost count of how many, but certainly dozens - a real haven for anyone researching this one! Other common names to be found include Christie, Craig, Criggie, Gowans, Lownie, Milne, Moncur, Mowat(t), Ritchie and Taylor.

Though largely lacking in ornamentation there are some interesting gravestone designs stemming from the late Victorian period through to the 1930's. Most stones are granite, with a smattering of marble and sandstone, along with later darker imported granites in the newer extension. Other features of note include an iron grave marker (photo below) and an immortelle (china replica of flowers with a glass bowl cover) which is intact.

The grounds were in excellent shape on my visit with the grass short and well tended. The gravel paths were excellent, level, clean and bright. All credit to the local council workers who work away in the background with little or no recognition of their efforts. Mercifully there was little sign of any deliberate damage to the grounds or stones.

To reach the cemetery by road follow the A92 to the village of Gourdon. It's on the left just before you reach the village and is easily seen. Park just outside the main gate. I visited on a beautiful scorching hot day. However the site is exposed and I imagine it would normally be quite chilly - dress accordingly!

An interesting and well tended resting place. Especially recommended to those with fisher backgrounds.

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One of the interesting gravestones
to be found at Bervie cemetery