Benholm Churchyard


About a mile from the fishing village of Johnshaven the church of Benholm, dedicated to St Marnoch, was thought to have been established by at least 1242. The present building however dates from the 19th century. Benholm was in the St Andrews Commissariot.

There are a number of beautifully carved stones here displaying classic symbolism including skulls, winged angels and crossbones etc. The grounds are in good condition with the grass neat and tidy. There is little sign of deliberate damage or vandalism though inevitably time has taken its toll.

Parking is easy outside the gates of the churchyard, though it is a little difficult to find from the road as it is down the end of a lane on a bend and consequently is not immediately apparent.

Well worth the trouble and most worthy of a visit. Recommended. 

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A splendid carving to be seen
at Benholm graveyard