Catterline Graveyard


The church has been established here since 1178. Though nothing of substance remains of the original kirk the graveyard can still be visited. There are approximately 70 gravestones ranging from 17th to 20th century. Also to be found here is the 18th century enclosure of the Grant-Hamilton family of Tulloch.

Catterline graveyard lies just outside the village. Access is a little strange. Just outside the gate there is a large dwelling house and to enter the graveyard you must walk along their driveway. If however you are walking from the village there is a gravel path running along the graveyard boundary wall which runs behind this house. That is how I arrived. Unfortunately the gravel path stops short of the gates and you land up walking over what appears to be the householders back lawn. All a bit embarrassing. If the gravel path is indeed meant for access why does it stop short?

Parking too is difficult. The road to Catterline is narrow and I do not suggest you stop anywhere on this as it is little more than a track. Neither do I recommend you stop at the above mentioned householders drive. That is most definitely private property. I would recommend you park in the village. Alternatively park a few hundred metres away at the Episcopal church of St Philips and walk back. As a bonus you can investigate St Philips when you return! A lovely little walk on a nice summer day.

The graveyard is small and thinly populated. There is little in the way of distinguishing features but the ground is in good overall condition with the grass kept short and tidy. The 18th century enclosure has obviously been used as a play area and when I visited there were bottles and various other pieces of rubbish lying on the floor. A bit disappointing, though there seemed to be no recent structural damage.  That said, the enclosure could do with some refurbishment work.

Not one of the most interesting graveyards in Kincardineshire but worth a look, more so if you have relatives from the area.

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Coped gravestone dating from the 18th century which can be found at Catterline