Constitution Street



Constitution Street Cemetery  - Peterhead


The first burial took place here in 1869 and the cemetery is still in use. I assume it took over from the older St Peters graveyard around the same time. It is located to the west of the town centre adjoining Constitution Street and Station Road. The surrounding area consists of housing, light industrial premises and a school. In other words it is in the heart of the community. The cemetery has been extended at least once to the west on the side facing Station Road.

The cemetery is quite large for a NE town and contains approximately 2500 stones with a little over 9000 names listed on the inscriptions. The earliest date I found was 1834 but the vast majority of the stones are 20th century. Most of the gravestones are in good condition despite the harsh NE climate -  though some of the coarse local granite ones can be difficult to read. There is little sign of vandalism and the fact that the site has an occupied lodge at its main gate has probably helped to protect the grounds over the years.

Paths are mostly gravel or grass and the grounds are in excellent condition. A big well done to the council workers for such a good job - no mean feat with grounds this size. Parking is easy, either on Constitution Street itself or on the surrounding roads. Access can be obtained by one of two gates, one on Constitution Street and the other on Station Road.

A splendid example of a 'modern' resting place and though most of the monuments are plain with little adornment there are a few interesting ones. Be prepared however for a lengthy visit if you wish to discover them all. I would not recommend looking for a specific stone without directions - the chances are you will never find it as the site is simply too big.

Overall well worth a visit. Wherever possible try and visit in high summer. Peterhead is in a very exposed position and it can be extremely cold in the winter months. You have been warned!

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A splendid example of monumental
architecture to be seen at Constitution
Street cemetery