Catterline St Philips



Catterline St Philips Churchyard


Built in the mid-nineteenth century this Episcopal chapel is located very close to Catterline Graveyard. The first priest was James Stevenson who died on the 5 March 1868 at the age of 64. A granite cross in the SW corner marks his last resting place.

The graveyard surrounding the church is quite small with approximately 35 gravestones. Most of these are twentieth century though the earliest dates from 1864. The three most common surnames are Stephen, McBay and Gove. The stones are almost exclusively granite with little or no ornamentation. The Episcopal church has always had a staunch following among the fisherfolk of Kincardineshire. This chapel appears to have served that need as a number of those buried here are from fisher families.

Be sure to check out the records posted within the gated porch entrance of the church. Someone has taken the time and trouble to produce these and though there are only five cards indicating the deceased they are well worth studying. They may contain your lost relatives!

Finding the church is fairly easy. As you travel towards Catterline village from the A92 you will pass Catterline graveyard on the right. Just beyond this the road branches off in two directions. To the right is Catterline village and to the left St Philip's, just a few hundred yards up a hill. Parking is easy. In fact if you are visiting both graveyards I would suggest you park here and walk back to Catterline graveyard. It only takes a few minutes and is a lovely stroll.

This is one of the smallest graveyards in Kincardineshire and quite plain. However it is still of interest and often overlooked. If you have not yet seen it I would recommend a visit.

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St Philips Church